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  1. Water Pump

    Thanks, guys. Got most of the parts already so will have a look into these
  2. Water Pump

    Doing a new radiator, pullies, belts and tensioners in the next few weeks What water pumps are you guys using now? Original part number is 11517509985 (I think) but I know you can get ones with a metal impeller? Thanks
  3. Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    Got one of these the other week and it's brilliant https://www.cleanandshiny.co.uk/products/flexipads-merino-wash-mitt
  4. Drivers seat removal

    Couple of pics on the project thread will be useful, not that I'll be doing exactly the same job in a couple of weeks
  5. Battery Life?

    Been wanting to take mine out of daily life and have it as the weekend/show car for a while now so happy about it I replaced the battery back in June as a precautionary so hopefully, I'm OK
  6. Battery Life?

    How long are people leaving their cars between starting them? I've been lucky enough to get a job 10 minutes from my house so the car (530i) isn't used during the week now so just wondering what the typical life battery lifespan is, I know the variables are big on this one?
  7. 55w HID Kits

    My preference would be the standard look, I didn't actually know the OEM route was as plug and play as that so well worth the consideration, I'm assuming it'll be and hunt around on eBay for the parts unless someone knows where I might find a kit? Do we think issues are likely with the kit I added the link to then?
  8. 55w HID Kits

    Been without the car for a week, BMW has it (long story) However, to avoid the separation anxiety getting worse I'm thinking of upgrading my HID kit. Been running a 35w kit for the last 6 years with no issues but am considering a 55w kit; https://www.hids4u.co.uk/H7-HIDS4U-Stealth-55W-Xenon-HID-Conversion-Kit.html 2 issues I'm considering; Are they likely to cause issues on the stock wiring? I'm not that concerned with them running but I know they need a big draw on first light up which may cause issues? Would the added heat cause any problems? Thanks
  9. LED Markers

    Thanks for the responses, Anyone got any pictures? I'm not that bothered about how bright they are but more the colour. Looking for something to match up with the 6000k HID set. Notices a lot of the kits say a 5/6/7K but are actually all the same colour.
  10. Word Porn from BMW?

    Reading about the F90 the other day and came across this; The high-revving V8 Bi-turbo engine has two TwinScroll turbochargers with variable turbine geometry, High-Precision Injection and a fully variable Valvetronic valve control. Combined with the eight-speed Steptronic transmission and M xDrive all-wheel drive system, adrenaline-charged driving experiences are guaranteed. Might just be me but thought I'd share . . . . . .
  11. LED Markers

    I know the LED markers divide opinion a little but was wondering you could post a pic of what you're running and where you got them from? I'm after a set to match 6000k HID's, had some a few years back but can't seem to figure out which ones Thanks
  12. Front drivers side clatter sound 530

    Is it in anyway rev dependant? I had a similar sounding rattle for ages, changed all the usual suspects but all to no avail. Had a brainwave one night about the exhaust and expansion under heat and load (sad I know). Jacked the car up and the big bracket attaching the exhaust to the auto box housing had completely busted off, only 2 small bolts holding it in place to start with. Removed it and sure enough rattle gone. 'IF' that's the issue done be tempted to run without it as looking at it, and its location, I'm sure It's there to protect the main housing as well as anchor the exhaust.
  13. Which Detailing Spray?

    I can't recommend Poorboys QD+ enough, used it on a black car for 5 years and never had any issues
  14. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    Anyone know Admiral's stance on this? Been considering it but would rather Pay more and have a genuine one, Thanks
  15. Badges

    How much would the bonnet and boot BMW badge be for an E39? WX52 OKG Thank you