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  1. Yeh luckily I still have the M5 to get me around or it would be a right pain.. It's probably the most tricky task I've had to perform to date but I think it will be more a case of taking my time and labelling / taking pictures as I remove stuff.. After all this work it's a shame I'll have to sell the car but unfortunately one of the BMW's has to go for the sake of the new house and the M5 isn't up for negotiation haha.. The only bit I need to read up on is the removal/installation of the valvetronic unit, some have said just twist it out and other say it needs to be re calibrated.. I have DIS / SSS software so will probably go the calibration route if that is what's best but if anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated..
  2. Hi Phil Thanks for coming back to me so quickly, it was quite a big list of parts to work out so it's easily done + it's a great excuse to put this pig of a job of for another few days haha.. The money have been send to your paypal, Thanks again James
  3. Hi Phil I got the parts through today for the leaky timing cover, thanks for sending them out so quickly, however I appear to be missing the timing cover gaskets themselves, looks like I have just about everything else except them.. Look forward to hearing from you James
  4. Yes I am going to be DIYing it, I'll make a post about it to hopefully help others.. Looks like the valve covers will be much easier to work on if I remove the E-Box, cabin filters and water tank. Going to be doing both sides when I'm in there, may as well... Valve Stems are fine luckily, no smoke at all but mine is only low miles (86000).. Will be selling the car when it's done as we're buying a house so hoping to get the work done this week..
  5. Hi Phil Thanks for coming back to me, I've just sent payment via paypal. I've just realised it didn't ask for my address but it's the same as the registered card address, not sure if that comes up for you but if not I will send you a PM right now with my full address. Thanks again James
  6. Hi There After having a great service from you guys last time I wanted to order some more bits and bobs from you please. I have a 745i (2003) with a terrible oil leak that I believe it coming from the timing Covers, I'm looking for basically the timing cover gaskets, valve cover gaskets and any other bits and bobs I need to do the job (I believe that includes spark plug tubes, and a couple of o rings for various sensors a washer for the valvetronic motor but there may be a couple of stuff I'm missing which you might think need to be included) Thanks for your help, am ready to order ASAP so looking forward to hearing back from you Kind Regards James
  7. Hi There I am looking for a fuel breather valve for my M5 (e39) 1999. I believe the part number is 13907830766. Whats the best way of putting an order in please? Thanks very much, James
  8. haha..not quite that exciting..
  9. Does anyone have an experience with Slow Motion Camera's or able to recommend one, looking for one with at least 480fps? Me and the Mrs are launching a new product and we've been looking at buying a slow motion camera (we're building a website with video backgrounds), so just looking for any experience with any, or if anyone happens to know a product photographer/videographer we might consider just employing someone with the equipment.. Cheers in advance James
  10. Played around a lot with plasti dip over the past few years, sorry buddy but you WILL regret it one day.. Looks okayish at first but as its a rough/bumpy finish it's a pain to keep clean and doesn't wear anywhere near as well as people claim, I bet up close there's lots of little imperfections too, it's too thick to spray perfectly flat... Then worst of all is removing the damn stuff, yes it comes of easily if peeled off after a week but try removing it in a year and it won't be easy. IMO Plasti dip has it's uses i.e trims etc.. That being said it's a £500 car so no harm done really as long as you like it dude..
  11. 1. Mr Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 M Sport 2. RumRunner E34 525iSE as long as it is ready by then 3. 711JRP (Pete) E39 m5 4. Simonc E60 M5 5. Jut 535i e28 m535i 6. Maca E39 M5 7. Steve T E39 M5 (send to maca) 8. Dan E39 M5 (send to maca) 9. Phil E39 M5 (send to maca) 10. Stuclark E39 530i M Sport 11. Mikem. E39 M5 113 12. Pritesh E39 530d 13. onks e39 m5 14. Micky dmw e39 540 15. Bungles e28 m535i x2 16. BRussell87 E39 530i 17. Jam172 E28 528i 18. Jamworth E39 530i Sport 19.M3 Matt - e39 525se 20. Rado16v e34 535i sport 21. Splondike - E28 M535i 22. jholzherr - e39 m5 (james)
  12. I've recently acquired a 745i as my daily driver and so far I've been pretty impressed with it. Just one issue that's really bugging me, when I turn the volume up the sound distorts. It sounds really nice then becomes very ddistorted as you turn the volume up. It's not got logic 7 as it's 2003.. any ideas where to start? Cheers James
  13. Haha, yeh he took the photo's for me :0) Sainsbury's in Maidenhead.. :0)
  14. Haven't posted in a while so thought I'd post some updates.. Changed the Thermostat, oil separators and all hoses and did a coolant change but that's about it since the last post.. A few photo's taken today after a clean;
  15. It's a nice idea but I have the feeling we won't be able to edit the core software / drivers without Phil's input, in fact I don't think Phil could even edit the software which is why the business has gone pop.. I think for a product like Andrive to be successful they'd need to have someone here who does the programming.. Fair enough if you want to have the units assembled / made in China, I think for it to work properly the core programming of the unit needs to be done in the UK with someone this side of the water to do bug fixes, I believe it was a case of telling China and hoping they bring out an update from what I gather, whats the point of having a UK company if they can't help if something goes wrong? may as well order from China and speak to the manufactures who sell on ebay themselves with any issues. If only someone like Richard P could be running Andrive who has the knowledge to fix bugs on the fly (only guessing but I'd put money on it he could do it after the complexity of the intravee).. There's a thought, he could combine the intravee with a new head unit COME ON RICHARD! :0) To get the list started though in case I'm wrong here's a few of my bugs; Balance / fader doesn't work properly, if I pan forward or backwards the music only comes out of the front right speaker (running through an external amp)Level control for treble etc doesn't always workrandom freezes, unit will not turn off just black screenturns off music and screen when in reverse, even though I don't have a cameraradio signal - well don't get me startedloud BANG from speakers when you turn of the car - luckily I have amp on/off switches where the ashtray used to be so I can switch them off before the radio turns offGoogle music doesn't work, does not detect any memory, even though I have 2 16gb cards insertedWifi signal is ridiculous - put an extra wireless router in the kitchen 6 meters away from car and it doesn't detect it, even though my phone has full strength, have to literately move the router into the car to get a signaltorque no longer works as the Bluetooth isn't part of the android section Brackets made in the wrong size AGAINLights don't go on and off with the car lightsSteering wheel controls are the wrong way round and don't support the main streaming app Spotify (though they do work with Rara) I've probably missed a few things but I'd say our chances of ever seeing a fix are pretty much gone now and to be honest, (delete my post if you must) I partially blame the admins, I mean there was dozens and dozens of complains about issues with the unit, posts being deleted, customers ignored and even Court action and they still took their money and let them have pride of place at the top of the sponsored section. They finally vanish from the sponsored section and I though it's about bloody time they got kicked off, only to find that it was Andrive that removed their sponsorship not the forum admin. I mean what do we pay our money towards if they can't even keep an eye on the companies at the top of our home page. Rant over but I hope that this doesn't happen again, many people have basically lost £500 / £600 over and over again and it needs to be watched more closely from now on I think.