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  1. 1. alpinaman 2. Raymond 3. Yokozuna 4. avinalaugh 5. Digidick 6. Kenny 7. Mick 8. Adeblue 9. E39mad 10. Sean
  2. Aspen silver I believe
  3. PM'd
  4. I will have it off you mate but paypal is an issue or me at the min lol thats why I said cash Let me try figure something out I WILL have it off you just need to get £ to you
  5. Dan where abouts are you mate I live Wigan got £40 cash for ccv kit if your near can collect
  6. Thanks will get back to you as soon as I need it if that's the pipe split Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Price please for 11 53 1 438 632 Thanks
  8. Same as mate but the add said it would start a dead battery so I thought I'd better read them lol good job as it was going back as defective ha ha ha
  9. On mine it has the option to depress the "ON" button for 5 seconds to turn it up for boost for dead batteries ...Have a read of the destructions Tim it might have the same function. I first thought the same thing before I found it lol
  10. Ordered this Phil thro paypal Thanks
  11. This one mate On iPhone with predictive on
  12. I am really impressed with mine Tim nice and compact and it will recharge 12v as well as 240v if needed comes in a handy little case On iPhone with predictive on
  13. I have one of these and I recently jumped my son in laws Renault 182 clio sport been sat for 4 weeks completely dead battery pressed it for boost and it fired straight away with NO effort I have charged my iphone 6 with it after this and still not recharged the pack and its still showing 3/4 full on the charge indicator
  14. will order this Friday Phil Thanks