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  1. Hi chaps,thanks for the reply's the reason for 19" is i just think they fill the arches perfectly,but saying that i had a set of my mates 18" fitted just to see what they look like,and tbh they looked perfect,so think i'm going to with the 18",the wheels i was looking at are called axe10's which are pretty near enough looking to style 5's,so tyre wise fronts 235-40-18 and rears 265-35-18 does that sound correct chaps?thanks.
  2. Hey up chaps need your wisdom again,basically got a chance to purchase new rims,the wheel size's are 19-8/5 fronts and 19-9/5 rears,so what would the correct tyre sizes need to be without messing about with arches.the car is a 95,525i sport,with h&r front lowering spring and std rear's.thx in advance chaps.
  3. Very nice.
  4. Right chap's bit of a update rang dealer's about the oil,and all they could tell me is,that the oil required spec is atf4,so rang up ecp and they have some triple qx plus which is the right spec,but when i saw a pic of the oil on the label it does not list bmw.what do you guys think?
  5. Chaps thanks for all the reply's i've ordered the gasket and filter just trying to figure out what oil,the gearbox i have is the zf 5hp19 but the oil that is in it is pink/red colour,so any advice on that would be great before i put the wrong oil in and ruin my gearbox.thanks chaps
  6. Your a legend thankyou
  7. Thanks for the reply chaps.i do remember that it had a green sticker on the does that mean all green sticker boxes use the same oil?
  8. Hi chaps,need some advice again,does anyone know what type of gearbox oil and how much i need to do a flush and refill,basically had the car mot'd and noticed it was leaking,so decided to do the above plus new filter and gasket for the just lately the gearbox has been hunting for gears.the car is a 2003 530i auto sport petrol with 87k.thx guys.
  9. Thanks for the reply chaps.have been looking at the repair kit's,will take disa of the car at the weekend and see what's up with it.thanks again chaps.
  10. Hey up chaps need some advice last week i heard a ticking noise coming from the engine and i think it's coming from the disa,so I've unplugged it for now until i can get it of the car to my question is having the disa unplugged will it damage anything further because i'm still using the car.thx in advance.
  11. Epic looking car bro.
  12. Thanks for the reply chaps,it had a full service in may last year,but coils were not replaced,will get coils and maf checked.thanks again.
  13. E34

    Ok buddy,thanks for the quick reply.
  14. E34

    Hello chaps,got a little misfire problem on my 95 525 i sport,i've got the inpa software and cable for both e34 and e39,problem is i cannot get the software to run on my e34 does anyone know what engine code i need to choose when it's asking for engine.thanks.
  15. Hello chap's need some help again,i've got a 95 525 i sport manual,67k,noticed yesterday it had a misfire when i started her up from cold,as soon as it got warm it went away.does anyone know what would cause this.thanks.