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  1. 1) Agree 2) Its hopeless. Number of times it's told me the road is blocked and it's completely clear is ridiculous. 3) Used it once. Didn't find them particularly helpful at all. 4) Very useful. Glad it's free. 5) Apparently even the "new" maps aren't particularly accurate. A couple of years down the line I might drop the £70 on it.
  2. I have seen the genuine BMW ones but they're a bit HFM. Using a bog standard Asda one at the moment but it fits where it touches and the pup is getting to be a bit of a big lad so would like to get something that's going to sit nicely and save my leather etc. Any recommendations? Ta in advance
  3. Amazed by my car

    Came back from France earlier this month. Filled up near Millau, 600 miles at motorway speed up to Calais (with some snarl up around the peripherique), then another 60 miles up to Purfleet and filled up with 60 miles still showing on range. Happy with that.
  4. Car won't drive with the door open

    It was - 2008 model. Tell me about it. Driven to south of France this week and really badly kerbed the nearside alloy going through the toll booths. Twice.
  5. Car won't drive with the door open

    My E60 did it as well. I understand why but would be nice to be able to disable it.
  6. Sorry no - only got the front camera at the moment
  7. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    According to vin decoder it's 9th February 2015
  8. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    Yep - I have been warned. 50k in towns (unless otherwise posted), 130k on the motorway, 20k off if it's raining. I'm meeting a friend who has property down there so will be getting the low down off him on the route.
  9. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    My F10 has S524 adaptive headlights and S5AC high beam assist. My iDrive has the "headlight adaption" setting and when I select it the left hand side of the beam drops. I'll be using it in France next week.
  10. Karcher washers

    Another one who just runs it for a little while with no hose connected. Doesn't seem to have done any harm so far.
  11. Karcher washers

    K5 here and it's very good.
  12. Automatic relock

    I can never remember if I locked mine so make a point of holding down the lock button so the mirrors fold in. Kind of helps me remember. As MA says above though the relock is only if you unlock but do nothing. As soon as you open a door the relock won't happen.
  13. Speed camera detector

    Oh I certainly slow down if I get one of those. Maybe even to the point of taking the piss...
  14. E60 Boot light (pre LCI)

    Ummm - from memory it was remove the boot side trim and there's kind of a rubber bung that fits in the hinge. Pull the bung out and unwrap the loom tape and you'll see the cracked wires there. Go over the ones that look ok as well. NB - this wasn't on my car it was on a mate's 530.