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  1. shauney

    First world F10-series problems

    Lol - and I thought it was just me.
  2. shauney

    F10 door corrosion

    15 Plate F10 (3 years and 3 months since registration) and am seeing the first signs of it on my drivers door :/
  3. shauney

    Drivng in France

    @Matthew Ashton as I understand the law it is still a legal requirement to carry one but there is no fine can be levied if you are found not to have one?
  4. shauney

    Drivng in France

    There is also a document to print out that should be carried with you in case you have an accident - it's called a Constat Amiable in France. We did France last year and I wasn't looking forward to it at all but it was an absolute breeze (including the Peripherique) heading all the way down to Millau. Unfortunately managed to scrape the NSF alloy really badly on one of the many toll plazas
  5. shauney

    Clicking off when filling up?

    I had a problem at a local Tesco a couple of months ago. It wasn't just BMW though and they were waiting for the pump manufacturer to fit a replacement part to all of their diesel pumps.
  6. shauney

    Erratic RTTI

    I have lost all local RTTI barring one road but it works great in other areas. I've also done the series of photos, sent on the 17th April (SRNUMBER= 1-60505874962) and have heard jack back, other than them telling me my RTTI subscription is running out and inviting me to renew it. I wonder if they'll give me the 2 months that i've been without it back?
  7. shauney

    Wing Mirror Tilt On Reverse

    Only the passenger side drops. And only if the mirror switch is set to the drivers side (ie if you want it to not drop then set the mirror switch to passenger side).
  8. shauney

    Pro Navigation Slow

    Ah but i'm not on 2018-1 but getting weirdnesses with 2017-2
  9. shauney

    Pro Navigation Slow

    Well i've rung them. First line can't fix it ("never seen that happen") so it's been escalated to the bods in Germany along with photos of my nav showing the problem.
  10. shauney

    Pro Navigation Slow

    What number did you call? I have no RTTI locally but went in to Netherlands last week and it was perfect.
  11. shauney

    Pro Navigation Slow

    I haven't updated to 2018-1 yet but my RTTI has stopped working on my local roads even though according to BMW it's valid until May.
  12. shauney

    Registering my car with BMW.

    It was when I bought the car at 2yo and I wanted to do the remote unlock / tracking stuff. It's a 15 reg F10 with widescreen nav.
  13. shauney

    Registering my car with BMW.

    I never had forms to fill in. Registered an account online and the car got a message and that was it. This was a year ago.
  14. shauney

    Upcoming Service

    Indeed - I cannot believe that the supplying dealer never even mentioned it. Has to be getting on for £1000 worth of servicing just for the two oil and one brake fluid services without even thinking about the three MOT Protect services.