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  1. Frozen washer jets?

    Well i've upped the screenwash concentration and run the jets for a while so i'll see what happens in the morning. Thanks all for the input.
  2. Frozen washer jets?

    See I wondered that but the headlamp washers worked fine immediately. Same reservoir so same fluid.
  3. Frozen washer jets?

    I drove for about 25 minutes and nothing out of them
  4. Frozen washer jets?

    Got in the car this morning after a pretty cold night (ice but no snow), pulled the washer stalk and heard the motor but no screenwash. Turned headlamps on and tried again and the lights washed themselves so screenwash wasn't frozen. Getting in the car later with a warm engine and they worked. Guessing washer jets had frozen but they're heated. Anybody know fuse number or if there's likely to be a different problem? Still under manufacturers warranty so dealer can sort it if there is an issue.
  5. How secure is your car...

    His downfall was shooting the perp as he was fleeing. If I was in genuine fear of my life I would use "reasonable force" after issuing a suitable warning.
  6. Thank you very much. Been meaning to order the map updates for a while now and that 20% just spurred me on! Have downloaded the 32GB and will be updating car shortly. If anybody is going to use the discount code and is hunting for where you put it it's right at the very end after you've entered card details and confirmed them.
  7. When I ditched the runflats on my E60 I relied on BMW emergency service. Only had one puncture that was a pretty much instant flat. Rang them and they sent out a very nice man with a recovery truck who took me to local tyre place
  8. Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    Really daft situation that you can't move the car with the engine off without this ridiculous process IMHO.
  9. Tyre pressure warning

    Friends have a Mercedes B Class on mobility whose near side front tyre needs reinflating every 2-3 days. Been to Kwik Fit countless times as they handle the mobility cars - "nowt wrong with it mate." Bet if it was a private car it would have needed 4 new tyres, discs and pads all round and an exhaust system.
  10. 1) Agree 2) Its hopeless. Number of times it's told me the road is blocked and it's completely clear is ridiculous. 3) Used it once. Didn't find them particularly helpful at all. 4) Very useful. Glad it's free. 5) Apparently even the "new" maps aren't particularly accurate. A couple of years down the line I might drop the £70 on it.
  11. I have seen the genuine BMW ones but they're a bit HFM. Using a bog standard Asda one at the moment but it fits where it touches and the pup is getting to be a bit of a big lad so would like to get something that's going to sit nicely and save my leather etc. Any recommendations? Ta in advance
  12. Amazed by my car

    Came back from France earlier this month. Filled up near Millau, 600 miles at motorway speed up to Calais (with some snarl up around the peripherique), then another 60 miles up to Purfleet and filled up with 60 miles still showing on range. Happy with that.
  13. Car won't drive with the door open

    It was - 2008 model. Tell me about it. Driven to south of France this week and really badly kerbed the nearside alloy going through the toll booths. Twice.
  14. Car won't drive with the door open

    My E60 did it as well. I understand why but would be nice to be able to disable it.
  15. Sorry no - only got the front camera at the moment