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  1. In the 3 months i've had the car i've found the real time traffic info to be absolute pish. The same urban roads showing red at the same time every day even when they're completely clear and I often get stuck in traffic when the roads are flagged green. RTTI is enabled and subscription is valid until the end of May next year.
  2. £570 doesn't buy you very much at all if something does go wrong.
  3. Is this the one that costs a fortune if it does go off for whatever reason?
  4. Scraped my nearside alloy in a parking mishap
  5. Agree with E39touring. It would need a lot more boxes ticked to be worth that - like all of them.
  6. £16k does sound a bit rich for a 2010 530d unless it has a proper stellar spec (like every option available).
  7. See the two bolts at the bottom of the fusebox? Just above and inside of the two bolts you'll see the little plastic clips that the leaflet sits in (it's not showing the leaflet on oilburners image)
  8. It does backup your music but in BMWs own format - doesn't just dump the mp3 files back to USB
  9. If I click the link I get this:
  10. I get it here:
  11. When my E60 535d was in for fettling the dealer loan car was a 520d M Sport and I was hooked. A couple of weeks of hunting around and up popped a 530d that was over budget but I just couldn't resist. Probably getting 6mpg less than the 520 but the smile factor makes up for it. Pro Nav, HK sound, adaptive xenon. Would have liked more toys but they were the main ones I wanted.
  12. Why would you spend that much dosh and not have it serviced? The mind boggles.
  13. Can anybody confirm if 2017-2 is released yet?
  14. I suggest a large serving of NO.