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  1. If I click the link I get this:
  2. I get it here:
  3. When my E60 535d was in for fettling the dealer loan car was a 520d M Sport and I was hooked. A couple of weeks of hunting around and up popped a 530d that was over budget but I just couldn't resist. Probably getting 6mpg less than the 520 but the smile factor makes up for it. Pro Nav, HK sound, adaptive xenon. Would have liked more toys but they were the main ones I wanted.
  4. Why would you spend that much dosh and not have it serviced? The mind boggles.
  5. Can anybody confirm if 2017-2 is released yet?
  6. I suggest a large serving of NO.
  7. That's CHF - Central Hydraulic Fluid. OPs car looks like it needs standard ATF.
  8. I'm still getting used to the various gadgets but have found when i'm using high beam assist I seem to be getting flashed occasionally by oncoming vehicles. On country roads I can see the headlight beams moving around with the blackout box tracking tail lights and headlights correctly but when there's headlights and tail lights it all seems to go a bit wrong with the offside high beam not really knowing what to do. I've checked the VIN and it does have S524 Adaptive Headlights and S5AC High-beam assistant installed. Is it something the dealer can / needs to adjust? Thanks for any help.
  9. I was tempted to go the Ebay way but noticed the £69.95 in the BMW shop and would rather go that way for 2 years of updates.
  10. I think when I had mine done the dealer mentioned that the new part and old part weren't compatible and if one went both needed replacing. How true I wouldn't like to say but this was main dealer.
  11. Thank you It wasn't easy at first but was it a warm day on Sunday when I did it. I originally couldn't get it in to the gap but once a bit of heat got in to the cable and it got a bit more supple I managed to persuade it in to the gap with use of a blunt piece of plastic.
  12. I've stuck it up as a separate thread as there's a load of pictures.
  13. So after a post in the "What have you done to your car today?" thread a couple of people wanted to see dashcam install. Transcend 220 with permanent mount from Amazon and Nextbase wiring kit from Maplin: Power wire goes up in to the gap between trim and windscreen: Runs to the nearside A pillar and crosses over in the gap between the two pieces of trim (red line to show): Wire then goes under the rubber door seal: And runs down the door seal to the little panel where the passenger airbag switch is: The switch panel is removed by pulling: And working your way round: When you get all the way the panel just pops off: You can then push the trim to get the wire in to the area behind the glovebox: Piggyback goes to fuse 54. I needed to trim the piggyback slightly for it to fit: Metal framework behind the glovebox gives you a good place for the camera ground: And that's it. Took about 20 minutes to do.
  14. No - it's regular blade AFAIK.
  15. Yes - very. Fingers under the bottom of the panel and give it a gentle pull, working your way round it towards the front of the dash - it's just clipped in with about 4 or 5 clips. The most difficult bit was getting the cable in the little gap at the top of the A pillar to go from the windscreen to the door rubber seal. Piggyback came in the hard wire cable kit from Maplin and is pretty similar to the one in JDR's image. Amazon have the wiring kits cheaper but they have rotten feedback and look to have a reputation for frying the attached dashcam. When you take the airbag switch panel out there's a bit of metal framework behind there that's good to use for the wiring ground. I'll try and get some pictures of the install tomorrow if there's interest.