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  1. I used same fuse but had to trim the plastic to get it to seat properly.
  2. It's just the Transcend 220 out of my E60. Used a Nextbase wiring kit from Maplin this time rather than having it plugged in the cig lighter and a Transcend permanent mount from Amazon rather than the suction cup. Had to slightly modify the piggyback fuse as it wouldn't sit correctly in the fuse box.
  3. Installed my dashcam. Wiring across top of windscreen, down the passenger side door rubber and in to the dashboard through the little panel that has the airbag keyswitch in it. Piggybacked on to the cig lighter fuse. No wires to see apart from the last few cm that goes to the dashcam itself.
  4. So, after 6 years of ownership the time has come to take a sideways step - I pick up my F10 530D on Friday morning. Not a bad spec with Media Package, M Sport Plus, adaptive headlights and some other odds and ends. The 535 has been the best car i've ever owned and has been mega reliable apart from when it shat itself a few weeks ago (vacuum pipes and a couple of valves on the turbos) but at least the warranty came good! Three weeks now to get it sold before the insurance runs out. Now to head over to the other part of the forum! <drops mic>
  5. Sorry but I don't know. The warranty company footed the bill.
  6. I've just had similar problems and mine turned out to be a balance valve on the turbo setup. There's a pair of them - the new valves (apparently) don't work with the old ones so had to replace both. Mine was throwing up a P1253 error when read with Torque.
  7. Apparently failed hoses. Claim rejected under BMW comprehensive extended warranty.
  8. Yeah - that was one of the first pages I found on Google. Was looking more for real world input from the forum members but thanks for posting.
  9. So today was going well until I went home. Went to join slip road and car didn't have its usual level of urgency. Read the fault codes and it's storing P1253. Car is already booked in tomorrow for oil service. Have (paid for) BMW extended warranty so hopefully they'll be picking some of the bill up. Any thoughts as to what it will be that's wrong?
  10. 318,000 vehicles, $1,500 per vehicle is $477 million.
  11. Thanks for that. Have been in touch with Jimmy and will be getting the cable ordered.
  12. Can anybody point me in the direction of the chap who does the diagnostic cables / software? Have an 08 plate E60 LCI that i'd like to check fault codes on (PDC completely gave up on Sunday and i'm pretty sure glow plugs or plug controller is playing up). Thank you
  13. You'll probably find several more wires that need doing while you're in there. My Pal lost his boot light and by time i'd finished there were 5 wires that had failed / were on the point of failing.
  14. Double check the loom. I posted about my mate's boot light that stopped working on his 530 a few weeks ago. I found 2 obviously bad wires which I redid and on examining the others found another 3 which weren't quite right. Now all sorted after cutting, resoldering and heatshrinking.
  15. Stripped loom back this afternoon. Two broken wires, one almost broken and another with badly cracked insulation. All fixed