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  1. long time no see guys. forums seems like its been down for ages! just letting you all know im still lurking
  2. Car is being repaired. Gonna have a new quater panel welded on. Trying to source a rear bumper at the moment and boot lid
  3. Need a boot lid in decent condition and same colour pleasseeeee
  4. Had a few quotes today from bodge jobs to full jobs. got a good quote from a local place that has great reviews on Check a trade and was also reccomended to me by my local indy. but now have to source the parts
  5. going to go and see some body repair places tomorrow and guage the amount its going to cost me to repair the quater panel
  6. car has 120k. yeah guess it depends on what they offer me. have asked for my V5 and if the car has history ect.
  7. thats what i was worried about the rear wing
  8. been hit by behind and insurance have said its a write off. I would like to keep the car and repair it. anyone on here think this is repairable? also how do i negotate with the insurance company on price of the vehical. Thanks in advance for any help guys
  9. just seen I've seen this. how aweful. life is so precious
  10. Lol reading that makes me feel much better lol
  11. I skipped past mad when i dropped the headlight on my iphone and cracked the screen. Im nuclear
  12. so as in my previous post I put I changed the adjusters on my headlights. Well I only changed one and had the other one ready. now comes the great part. they are two different fucking headlights from two different years. one opened easy the other is a 2003 cunt model. I can confirm that the lense cap was black so this looks like it might be the indicator to sell if you have bought your lights second hand like me. Anyways. I started at 9 thinking I have a nice easy job 30 mins tops and its 1pm and i've just finished them and put them back on the car. I had non of the tools he says to have in the video. I had a hammer a small flat head and an allen key torx which was just long enough and this youtube video If i ever meet the guy that decided the change the glue on these headlights hes getting a roundhouse Patric style RANT over
  13. Dennis. Just replace it worth a working auto box it will go again eventually its not worth the hassle to swap to manual lol
  14. What an Absolute BTard that was. If anyone wants to do this the hardest part I found was getting the Headlight adjuster motor out. took me about an hour to work out it but now done and hopefully wont come up on the MOT again as it was bodged though last time
  15. sent message sorry had a rough weekend