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  1. Sorry to kick on your thread piper GLWS Jamie just wanna say thanks again for all your help with the car
  2. Prov sold
  3. If you wanna come get them out. Cheap
  4. Great if your looking to go for the sport look and your cars already silver. its used ive taken as many pictures as possible so you can see the condition. thanks
  5. Sold pending collection
  6. 17 is the minimum for these. Normal sport wheels will fit. I needed a 5mm spacer on my 19" wheels
  7. Can see some of the bushes in this page of my thread
  8. Coilovers are JoM or race land from what I remember specials as my aps decided to shit themselves. Vols are they? What do you mean? Bonnet is in good condition no scratches or dents. As for the parts you can have coilovers roll bars with bonnet and any other suspension part you like off the car for most of its pollybushed also drop links are not that old at all. £200 only catch is the coilovers you would have to come and remove yourself.