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    BMW E39 530d
  1. seats gone. Still loads of parts left guys
  2. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    Door seal is fine front kick plate not
  3. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    The trim is non sport trim. As for the doorseal yes I've got one. £12.50 plus post
  4. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    £12. Postage £5
  5. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    Free tomorrow and Sunday if u want
  6. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    Course mate msg me.
  7. https://raceland.com/bmw-coilovers/5-series-1997-2000/bmw-e39-coilovers.html these ones.
  8. 530d but will go on 530 525 ect
  9. Set of coilovers. 18 months old with top mounts ready to install. Perfect if your suspension need changing or want some lows. Copper Greece one the threads always do it so they don't rust/crust up. https://raceland.com/bmw-coilovers/5-series-1997-2000/bmw-e39-coilovers.html £65 plus post or collection from Portsmouth
  10. I still have Genuine BMW Battery 2 years old. Coilovers indicator and wiper stalks trim ect Manual Pedal Box ABS unit Brake res all the interior trim including pilar trim black dash seatbelts and all lights ect. door seals looms from doors including window switches many switches ect. Pair of heated silver mirrors. front slam panel with fan air con rad. in tank punps fuel cap and lots of other bits just ask. got the car another 4 weeks so plenty of time to shift the last parts.
  11. High mileage e39 530d yes or no

    Rust is the killer on these. The engine are extremely good