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  1. rear seat and dashboard top

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I've been working night shift. yes I have head rests with the seats. The seats are in really good condition and are heated. I have electric or manual ones too. They are packed away so may take me a few days to take photos. Door cards and alcantara headlining if needed too?
  2. rear seat and dashboard top

    Are you still interested in a gray rear seat. I have one complete and in very good condition
  3. E39 massive parts clear out (3 cars worth!)

    Would you have a pair of windscreen washer jets? Twin jet and heated. Thanks.
  4. M5 e39 rear seats

    Hi I have a rear seat in grey for an e39 in good condition. You're welcome to inspect/take it ...just give me what you think it's worth? I'm in West London. Selwyn.
  5. Front seat back panel

    Wanted front seat upper back panel (5210817551) and lower panel 52108175784 in Silver/Grey for a e38/e39 comfort seat I need one only drivers side. Thanks.
  6. Breaking Various E39s

    Any chance of a Bluetooth loom with 54 pin plug?
  7. Great perseverance and in depth details. Really tempted to start this mod.
  8. A really interesting mod, one I was hoping to do once I've source all the bits. I already have bluetooth but would be interested to learn how to adapt a siemens bit II portable phone (I already have) to the rear? Regards
  9. Please quote

    Hi Can you quote me the price for a e39 2003 530d sport rear diffuser with tow bar cut out? I believe the part numbers are 51122494800 and 51122695499. Can you confirm if the items are supplied primed/painted or ready to be fitted.? Thanks,
  10. Another small interior mod.

    Oh!...... Looks like I'll be keeping my eye out for one on eBay then! Thanks for the info.
  11. Another small interior mod.

    Is the rear multifunctional armrest easy to get hold of/still available at the dealers? I like the idea of controlling the intravee from the back as well as hiding a charging iPhone!
  12. I'll be interested to see how you get on. Nylon mesh sleeving is great to avoid chafing and abrasion of cables but I think you'll need to extend those wires and coax quite a bit to allow for the sliding movement. Lots of luck with it.
  13. With my mod I was able to keep the Iphone holder/charger and install the sliding armrest with the two cut out cubby holes. No problems keeping bluetooth. I can't see how you would be able to fit the lower opening pocket and keep the phone holder though? How would you run the wires to the phone holder?
  14. Whilst completing this I found the e38 brackets had to be cut off completly and modified ones made up. There was considerable cutting off of the e39 sliding/runner at the back to allow clearance for the hinge side of the armrest. Also the phone holder fixings did not line up with the insert fixings of the e39. If you're prepared to spend some time on the mod it does provide a great addition. Unfortunatly I've had problems loading pics.
  15. Having carried out this mod a while ago I can say it's well worth doing. It's far more comfortable, more practicable, and looks better in my opinion. But be prepared to mod/cut substantially more than is quoted in the video. I found the e38 top half of the armrest did not align with the fixing with the bottom sliding half of the e39 armrest. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos whilst carrying out the mod but will try and upload the finished article. Good luck with your attempt. Jimjam