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  1. Talk about timing! Someone came for the lot yesterday. To be honest I was a hairs breadth away from dumping the lot. Sorry! So no longer available.
  2. Thank you
  3. I am having a garage clear out. Found a pair of headlights from my E39. They are original and worked fine on the car. I just replaced them for ones with Angel Eyes etc. Boxed them back up and stuck them in the garage. Any use to anyone before I bin them? I also have a new(ish) car boot mat. Not sure if its from my E36 or E39, more likely to be from E39. I got it as a Christmas presi then wrote off my car in March. Been in the garage ever since. You can either collect or arrange for them to be collected. I Dont want the hassle of sending. I live in Malvern Worcestershire. No catch. They are all Free. Shame to bin them.
  4. Thank you, it is. Its even better to drive
  5. I apologise. Your right. Will rectify the mistake in a few mins................ Enjoy this instead P.S Turn up the volume.
  6. Fine thanks. Thank you for asking. Just enjoying my new toy. The Jaguar XKR 4.2 supercharged convertible. Pure fun to own and drive. Drives as good as it looks. Grin every time I get in it.
  7. Still popping in from time to time. Hope everyone is ok
  8. Update. Well guys thanks for all the advice. I did take notice and with hindsight it really was good advice. Must have been because I followed it. Ended up with a 2003 XKR Convertible. I love it! 2003 because they had sorted out most of the problems by then. XKR because, as Dan said, the extra umph is wonderful and it cruises beautifully. Convertible cause its more fun and they look drop dead gorgeous. I cannot fill will petrol these days without someone paying me a compliment about the car. You can see a small pic in my sig but for a larger pic. Give the images time to focus. Just after washing it. Thanks again for the advice chaps.
  9. I was on the DVLA website double checking when my tax and MOT was due for my replacement car and just out of curiosity I thought id take a look and see when my old BMW was due to be taxed. It's been SORN'd You guys know how I take care of my cars and I know its silly but Id hate to think the cars been a write off or he's ruined it in some way. But after spending so much time and money keeping it up to scratch id hate to think of it rusting away somewhere. Think I am being daft? Sell it forget it?
  10. Otherwise known as Freecycle. At least that is "free"
  11. Well if it was limited to members who have been with us say for at least two years and its for that particular car? or something to that effect. We all know who the newbies are and the genuine ones. I once put something up on freecycle and again stipulated it was not for resale. An Eastern European gentleman collected it. I looked on Ebay for a new replacement some time later. No prizes for guessing what I found. I did manage to muck up his sale though and sent him on a long 30 mile trip one way to collect his money that did not exist. I got some satisfaction out of that. I know I was going to give it away anyway but it still irks me to have my generosity taken advantage of.
  12. If you look back into the depths of the Gold area you will see the lottery 'club' all started after I asked how to spend my win.......... But as I do not even own a lovely Beemer anymore I cannot see the benefit of becoming a gold member, as good as it is. Perhaps the moderators should start a "Free to a good home" section? Just an idea. I am sure we all have bits and pieces that others could use. Like a set of original headlights I have in the roof of my garage and a couple of 6 CD players etc.
  13. Good idea. But why would I want membership if they already want the carpet? I have simply paid for membership in the past but never really used it. All I am doing is giving away stuff I cant see how that can be considered tight.
  14. Before anyone cry's foul I am NOT selling this item. Nor do I wish to fork out £10 or what ever it is these days to put something in the Selling section to give it away. So my dear Wife bought me a new car genuine BMW Boot mat for my E36. Before it had been in the car a week I managed to write off the car. Still pains me. So I stuck the mat in the garage and promptly forgot about it. It has been literally gathering dust over the ensuing years. Seems a crying shame to chuck it. Can't be ***** to Ebay it. Would rather give it away to someone for their E36. A few little things before you shout "I want it" etc. You collect I do not post, if I wanted the hassle of postage id ebay it. I live near Malvern in Worcestershire. It is not for resale its for your car. When I say its been gathering dust, I mean literally that so don't expect a brand new shiny mat in a super plastic bag. The photo below is the original lable stuck on it, did not even have chance to remove it. Please check its ok for your car before asking. I dont want anyone to drive down from Scotland only to find its not for their car.
  15. Thanks, never left just dont come on here that often now. I am Just outside Malvern. Worcestershire. Yes its fun to drive. I get the grin every time I sit in it. 8 pot. 4.2ltr Supercharged. Drives as smooth as silk too.