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  1. Good bye?

    Hi Sorry don't pop on to this website very often these days, for obvious reasons. Yep Mrs is 'ok' but could be better, as they used to say in the school reports. Topcliff, which is now an army base, is in Yorkshire not too far from Thirsk. When I was there they trained ALM's for the RAF Never regretted getting my little BMW. Sorry it ended up in the hands of someone who did not appreciate or look after it. But that's life. This is my pride and joy now. OK no doubt some people wont like it but I am not saying its better than a good BMW it is just my current 'toy' of choice at the moment. I have never had a car before which as had so much interest when I go shopping or just getting petrol etc. My current record is 5 people, I have never met before, in one day coming up and talking about the car. When its playing If you put your mouse on the bottom right of the video a cog will appear. Left Click on that and select 1080p for a better video.
  2. Good bye?

    Thanks. I always try to treat others as I would hope to be treated. Alas some see that as a weakness to be exploited. Before they arrived I filled up the petrol tank and got them a couple of sandwiches, bottles of coke and a bar of chocolate to have on the way back. Its only £8 + fuel but I now wish I had not bothered. Good thing is there are more good ones than bad ones out there, its just the bad ones that get remembered.
  3. Good bye?

    I noticed your name was Loadmaster. Topcliff is were I trained with Air Loadmasters to do my helicopter rescue training back in the 70's. Probably too long ago for you!
  4. Good bye?

    Thanks. You an ex resident of Topcliff by any chance?
  5. Good bye?

    A long time no see update. Yep its been over 4 years now since my beloved BMW and I parted company. Sad to say it looks like the new owner did not intend, or could not, look after it like I did. When the MOT and Tax was due he SORN'd it and its not been back on the road since. What a waste. Its true what the say. Never go back to your old haunts or look for your old car. Shame I did not sell it to someone who would look after it and appreciate it. Its not just a car its something I truly looked after and worked hard on to keep in top notch. On the plus side I still have my beloved Jag. This car is for keeps. I could not bear what happen'd above happen again with this car. If you see me on the road etc give us a toot and a wave!
  6. Free Goodies

    Talk about timing! Someone came for the lot yesterday. To be honest I was a hairs breadth away from dumping the lot. Sorry! So no longer available.
  7. Free Goodies

    Thank you
  8. Free Goodies

    I am having a garage clear out. Found a pair of headlights from my E39. They are original and worked fine on the car. I just replaced them for ones with Angel Eyes etc. Boxed them back up and stuck them in the garage. Any use to anyone before I bin them? I also have a new(ish) car boot mat. Not sure if its from my E36 or E39, more likely to be from E39. I got it as a Christmas presi then wrote off my car in March. Been in the garage ever since. You can either collect or arrange for them to be collected. I Dont want the hassle of sending. I live in Malvern Worcestershire. No catch. They are all Free. Shame to bin them.
  9. Anyone got an XK8 ?

    Thank you, it is. Its even better to drive
  10. Anyone got an XK8 ?

    I apologise. Your right. Will rectify the mistake in a few mins................ http://vid308.photobucket.com/albums/kk351/frankcarrington/Jaguar/Videos%20etc/XKR2015.mp4 Enjoy this instead P.S Turn up the volume.
  11. Good bye?

    Fine thanks. Thank you for asking. Just enjoying my new toy. The Jaguar XKR 4.2 supercharged convertible. Pure fun to own and drive. Drives as good as it looks. Grin every time I get in it.
  12. Good bye?

    Still popping in from time to time. Hope everyone is ok
  13. Anyone got an XK8 ?

    Update. Well guys thanks for all the advice. I did take notice and with hindsight it really was good advice. Must have been because I followed it. Ended up with a 2003 XKR Convertible. I love it! 2003 because they had sorted out most of the problems by then. XKR because, as Dan said, the extra umph is wonderful and it cruises beautifully. Convertible cause its more fun and they look drop dead gorgeous. I cannot fill will petrol these days without someone paying me a compliment about the car. You can see a small pic in my sig but for a larger pic. Give the images time to focus. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMii-1ASInzH9llXoWBsIG1rNOsG5habBCHxGYL Just after washing it. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO-v9Y8dkfNhzibbLw7t6L7YdRd20NI_hdBRuaw Thanks again for the advice chaps.
  14. Never look back?

    I was on the DVLA website double checking when my tax and MOT was due for my replacement car and just out of curiosity I thought id take a look and see when my old BMW was due to be taxed. It's been SORN'd You guys know how I take care of my cars and I know its silly but Id hate to think the cars been a write off or he's ruined it in some way. But after spending so much time and money keeping it up to scratch id hate to think of it rusting away somewhere. Think I am being daft? Sell it forget it?
  15. Otherwise known as Freecycle. At least that is "free"