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  1. ustbutler

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    The passenger air bags are pretty rare ... But BMW used most of their stock in late 518's and are most common in 1995 versions and of course 1996 Touring models.
  2. ustbutler

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Four 15/6/2018 - Well we have less then one month till BMW Show @ Santa Pod Raceway, Normally we attend BMW Show in the old fateful Orient Express its a much easier process. Well this year we will be attending in our newest edition Boudica but this makes the process a lot more difficult normally with the Orient express its a quick coat of Poorboy's Black Hole followed by Poorboy's Natty Black wax and we are ready to rock and roll but with Boudica its going to be a rather longer process. The paint is alright for a car of its age but being outside half under a tree for many years has left its mark on some panels with nothing to lose and maybe a little to gain I decided to do something drastic and wet sand a few panels to see what I could achieve. The main panels that where playing hard ball were the drivers side back panel and door.. boot and bonnet so the task was set and I started on the drivers side first. - = The bonnet and boot are both flatted down and are waiting to be buffed back up again the results are not perfect but a good 50% better then when I stated the whole process these are some photos of the boot before any work was undertaken. - - And when we look back at the first photos posted we can see how dull the bonnet was after being in the aliments for many years. - - On the maintenance side I have a clutch fan on order and a new belt which should arrive on Monday, The eagle eyed would also have noticed the front bumper has been straighten out and along with the rear bumper has been treated to a coat of satin black paint All For Now Comments Welcome
  3. ustbutler

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    Very true ... Company purchases would have gone for the new E39 Touring version after 1996
  4. ustbutler

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    One of the last e34 540 Tourings was on the S plate ... It was Oxford Green in colour with Black interior ... and passenger air bag.
  5. ustbutler

    Grenfell tower documentary on BBC1 today

    Sadly Westminster is just a club for the chosen and cares little for the people ... except for paying taxes and fighting false wars ...
  6. ustbutler

    Cost to repair jacking points

    I would also lift carpets to check for corrosion spreading up the inner sills normally worse in the front bulkhead corners ( bottom of the A posts) It's normally around £600 per corner with repairs needed to the inner sills and floor areas and of course replacing the jacking point.
  7. ustbutler

    Recommended specialist in Staffordshire

    Used BMW Euro service many times ... Which is located near Wolverhampton.
  8. ustbutler

    Some BMW parts prices have gone through the roof!

    Sytner charge £22 per can and their touch up packs £18.
  9. Pledge polish works wonders on removing the remains of old stickers and wheel weighs ... Just give a good spray and leave for 20 minutes ... Then work in with your thumb .. Just repeat until the dunk is gone.
  10. ustbutler

    1995 E34 540i6

    What a shame ... We had just purchased TBL. when this first came up for sale during 2014 and was rather sad at missing it What a sad end
  11. ustbutler

    E39 touring wanted

    I would also check for any rattles from engine .... Guide rails are becoming an issue
  12. ustbutler

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Tree 21/5/2018 I can report another uneventful month and nothing much has been happening or happened, I have done one marmite modification and fitted an ACS clock face to my instrument cluster I know I might get some ribbing for this but I think it looks retro cool. I thought It would be a good idea to do a Zero to Sixty test before fitting the lower ratio final drive and any other modifications to get a bit of a baseline for future modifications so we can see what does what and what doesn't do what. For your enjoyment and everyone else, and to keep everything in the real world I filmed the run to look back on in the future. All For Now Comments Welcome ( Especially On The 0-60 Time )
  13. ustbutler

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    I've heard that manifolds for a M60s are changing hands for big bucks, I did wounder if am exhaust shop would make a manifold I asked one a couple of years ago and they wouldn't undertake the job After removing one they are so so heavy... You'd gain from the weight saving alone
  14. You need a late e34 540 .... Still a wonderfull motor change the coolant hoses and some TLC and will eat 12k per year with no trouble
  15. ustbutler

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Two 24/4/2018 Been using Boudica more and more since the last update and she doe run lovely. But a problem, I've encountered is when the car is cold she idles very lumpy but I'm putting this down to coil packs because, We've swapped then around and the other car run horrible with Boudicas coil's. so those are going to need seeing to I'm looking into a performance company called Bavarian Autosport which make and sell performance coils . So I'm looking into that company and product my thinking is if I need to replace parts and I can get a better performing part instead I'd rather upgrade. - Project Direction I've also being thinking about project direction and what I want from the car, What I want to do with the car knowing the car will be around for a long... long time and finding a nice example made this a little daunting I've came to the decision I want a car I can take to a car show and be happy and also do a couple of run what you brung Drag racing event's after I got the Drag Racing bug last year after attending a Pistonhead's Sunday Service at Santa Pod Raceway with fellow forum member (Gareth Wood) and his 540i/6. Boudica already has a limited slip differential from factory ...But thanks to Gareth who visited last year on my Birthday with a very special Birthday gift for me which will change the ratio of my standard differential to a much more hair raising 3:64 .. Gareth traveled many miles to come and visit me on my Birthday and the first I new was when I could hear a snarling M60B60 sound outside. So come summer, The differential should be uninstalled and reconditioned. 3;65 ratio is recommend by DINAN which is an american BMW tuning firm I'm not concerned about not having the extra gear as the 5th gear in the automatics is taller then the sixth gear in the manual I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to experiencing the ratio in automatic form I've experienced it in manual form and its the best bang for bucks. 540iA Ratio ¦ 540i/6 Ratio 1st - 3.55 ¦ 1st - 4.227 2nd - 2.24 ¦ 2nd 2.528 3rd - 1.54 ¦ 3rd - 1.669 4th - 1.00 ¦ 4th - 1.226 5th - 0.79 ¦ 5th - 1.000 6th - NA ¦ 6th - 0.828 Another thing on the list which is more impotent is a new exhaust system its never been at its best since we have had Boudica. But using her more the exhaust is leaking rather bad so a new stainless steel system is top of the hit list at this moment I'm looking to recreate the original system I'm loving how Boudica sounds at the moment, She crackles and pops it's lovely and I'm hoping I can recreate this with the new system. I know you gain next to no horse power and I know you can loose torque so as close to the original system but with stainless steel should work out the best way. I might add an H pipe because I've heard this helps keep the torque but I don't want to make a drone festival headache making system. But that's next on the hit list I know many people experience improved performance after installing a stainless steel exhaust and its true but in most cases its because of the weight lose. If I remember correctly the front section of the exhaust on a 540i weights about 9KG.. The centre muffler weights 14KG and the rear muffler weighs 15KG removing all that and replacing with stainless steel could reduce weight by up to 25KGS or just under 4 Stone All For Now Comments Welcome