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  1. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Update Fourteen 19/11/2017 23758203_10214669360385441_1292536889_n ..REWIND REWIND.. Boudica was booked in to be fixed last Monday which would have been the (13/11/17) in preparation for this milestone i borrowed The Tea Bag Lady's wheels.... and spent the Sunday before cleaning her up ready for her appointment. 23782170_10214669415346815_1850479945_n 23782344_10214669413666773_1617963537_n 23804295_10214669420746950_851689136_n 23772056_10214669421106959_1826807994_n 23758095_10214669413546770_664868588_n Its been a week tomorrow and the inde want to speak to us tomorrow. All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
  2. BMW main dealer stickers?

    Try these lads
  3. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    The Calypso 525 does look lovely .. It's original home was London and later the Isle of white It sold on ebay for nearly 4k ... It's interior is missing the oe mirror and radio and the exhaust is none OE ... It's been view by a few E34 lovers. ...
  4. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Update Thirteen 8/11/2017 Today we swapped the middle spindle hardware. 22500706_10214384012811930_705257755_n Rusted tight. 23414237_10214581351865283_761667111_n Old one had to be cut way. 23439333_10214581351825282_667749645_n Washer removed.. 23416136_10214581355545375_193360518_n All back together... Postman has also delivered theses 23415955_10214581353345320_1293399148_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
  5. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    I was told the choice of CHF11 power steering fluid was used because of the working temperature in the 540 engine bay ? The 540 Touring versions did have SLS also the American/Australian M540's ( M5's using the M60). "Pentosin is a large temperature range (Multi-viscosity like) Hydraulic system fluid. Pentosin 7 is a mineral based oil and Pentosin 11 is a full synthetic. ATF is basically a high detergent 20w oil with the lubricating property additives modified to make it Dexron or Mercon. The additives and detergent levels in ATF make it very "Poisonous" to a Pentosin based system. Seal leakage is the result of mixing them. Pentosin is a pale green out of the can but will turn a rusty red over time. It is NEVER bright red."
  6. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    The 525 is red AFT The 540's are the green CHF
  7. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Update Twelve 7/11/2017 Power Steering fluid has been flushed and replaced.. 23435451_10214569714534357_1959695482_n[/url Much much better.. .. The window washer pump had also died a rusty death.. 23414516_10214569714294351_745324981_n New one in the box... .. No photos of it out the box.. 23414356_10214569714334352_1499160335_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
  8. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Thanks.. We consider ourselves very lucky with this one
  9. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Update Eleven 5/11/2017 Time for round TWO........ 23360778_10214557679233482_2134034039_n 23315821_10214557681433537_1262943583_n 23364830_10214557684033602_356585619_n 23364877_10214557678753470_1857059615_n 23283322_10214557678713469_566210513_n We expected this to be the worse sill out of the pair but once we got into cleaning the rust away it wasn't half as bad as we thought. Unfortunately I only seem to have the finished photos from the jacking points but they did come out lovely and no horrors. 23283322_10214557686553665_1259231921_n 23283330_10214557688313709_1808253774_n Much better ..... We noticed a little surface rust around the vent pipe ? And around the circle panel on the floor. 23283407_10214557684593616_1404698662_n 23283276_10214557685073628_2055959975_n Finished result. 23315769_10214557688793721_1566800074_n 23315974_10214557685793646_258041331_n Off with the wing. 23318797_10214557685993651_628503066_n 23315807_10214557685113629_1309668569_n - 23361028_10214557687793696_1594603024_n 23361151_10214558181246032_728993452_n Finished product. 23315884_10214557690553765_1292856117_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
  10. Start up

    The tale of my local BMW dealership having their forecourt blocked with flooded E34's one morning back in the days is still funny
  11. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Update Ten 21/10/2017 23114838_10214517374105879_864814884_n Today was time to attack the front lower valance in the usual fashion. 23163470_10214517373345860_390450422_n 23113326_10214517374025877_187688183_n 23113376_10214517373785871_1055730365_n Red Oxide. 23114768_10214517373025852_2030584831_n 23114780_10214517373265858_1315491458_n 23114756_10214517373225857_587382273_n Hammerite Hammered Black. 23140453_10214517372305834_759988755_n 23163600_10214517372585841_1816960256_n 23163639_10214517372625842_1373356555_n 23192566_10214517371985826_1862322755_n This is always a nice rewarding one.. when doing the sills your hard work gets mostly covered up.. But when cleaning the front valance your hard work always greets you upon crawling under the front of the car or at M.O.T time. All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
  12. Kit's E34 535i

    Check behind front wings at the bottom .... Remove the screw at the bottom of the wing and the ones in the door jam and pull the wing bottom out and watch the dirt drop. S,Butler
  13. Boilie basher's E34 540i touring project

    She's a credit to you mate.. It's a nice feeling saving one..
  14. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Update Nine 26/10/2017 22501127_10214383761205640_965763064_nr When we removed the wing ( to check the sills) we thought it would be a good time to change the drivers side spot light 22500682_10214383761005635_161083756_n 22497533_10214383760965634_1173012339_n I'm sure the neighbours think we are dressing the car up for a Halloween prop 22497715_10214383759525598_917202454_n 22523926_10214383759565599_179461624_n Why the bumper and grill was off I painted the pipes..Which looks much better and cleaned all the leaves and cobwebs.. It could do with a wipe down with some APC but I didn't have non at hand and I didn't fancy getting water all over the show and we could see rain would stop play.. 22729151_10214478298049002_2383992723690299354_n We quickly put everything back together before the rain came The Silver Unit will be donating her slam panel trim as its broken amazingly all the other under trays are still present and in good condition. 22501084_10214383760125613_1322176799_n 22538057_10214383760085612_2015220472_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always