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  1. TheEnd

    Pantri Trading

    I'm forever having to set a filter to disregard everything sold by them as they clutter most searches with tons of irrelevant junk.
  2. TheEnd

    EWS problem

    it's a common sort of fault, doesn't really have any effects, and it can be ignored.
  3. TheEnd


    I've posted it up on E36 kings group, with a note to let the police know of any sightings. https://www.facebook.com/groups/301183240218308/permalink/464279390575358/
  4. TheEnd

    Bmw E60 Lci 520d paddle shift retrofit

    You can do the paddleshift retrofit on those ones easily, the forward/back on the shifter in S just toggles some microswitches. These can be doubled up so the steering wheel paddles also toggle the same switch wires. I think you do need to change the slipring though, (SZL) to one from a car with a heated steering wheel, as this gives you an extra couple of pass-through wires to the wheel.
  5. TheEnd

    Bmw E60 Lci 520d paddle shift retrofit

    The tricky bit is the paddles are usually added in with the SAT retrofit which reprograms the autobox electronics, and there wasn't a SAT version for the 520d. Depending on the coding in the autobox, there might be options to get the ECU to expect paddleshift inputs
  6. TheEnd

    No wonder cyclists get hurt

    I saw a concrete truck today that had a flashing sign on the back, and a repeating message saying "this vehicle is turning left, keep clear, this vehicle is turning left..." In the same way that drivers can be fined for not wearing seatbelts and putting themselves at unnecessary risk, cyclists should get ticketed for going into a crush zone. You can't rely on common sense, and stickers on the back of wagons get ignored. The flashing sign almost seems like a "does that make you happy now!" statement from truckers. I have the feeling that idea was for truck drivers to make absolutely certain they've gone over and above what is asked of them, and saying if a flashing yellow sign and the recording doesn't stop it, you've have to turn your attention to cyclists instead.
  7. I'd agree with shining a light down the MULF/TCU output side and see if it turns up at the dash. I'd have a feeling it is the MULF tha is creating the break
  8. TheEnd

    Help with ecu repair e39 m5

    See if you can get some fault codes. If you have any for internal processor, then it is game over, and you'll probably need a replacement.
  9. They can flood if they misfire on starting and leave excess fuel about, which them makes it harder and harder to start. I've always found removing the fuel pump fuse to stop adding any more petrol, cranking with WOT until it just about starts to catch and it clears itself out, and then fuse back in, prime the system by ignition on/.off a couple of times and it should be ready to go.
  10. TheEnd

    Fan Switch TDS

    6 looks to be the fan for the radiator blinds, not all TDS's have them 7 is for the dashboard 8 is the main one for the ECU 9 is for aircon, which might be the electric fan control
  11. TheEnd

    Fault codes! 535d

    Probably a vac line to the turbo.
  12. TheEnd

    BMW Scanner / PA Soft V2 or above

    It needs a specific "e6x scanner" lead, and it's not as good as 1.4, lots of features don't work, and a lot of the fault codes don't come up with descriptions either, so it's nowhere near as good as INPA.
  13. A Dension gateway 500, of 500BT (Bluetooth phone connectivity) will do that.
  14. TheEnd

    Winter Tyres - Anyone else find they are slippery?

    It might be more down to variation in the tyres and manufacturers than summer vs winter, as in some summer tyres grip real well, and others aren't as good, and the same for winters. You might have gone from a decent summer to an average winter, as I certainly remember some winters which were Michelin I had a few years ago being better than some summers which I think were the cheapo tyres that were on mine when I got it.
  15. TheEnd

    8 speed gearbox retrofit?

    Gearboxes really don't like be separated from their original engine, and also now the gearbox electronics is linked in with the immobiliser.