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    E28 518I NOW A M52 2.8
  1. redfearne28retro

    E28 518i help

    Hi been looking at a lot of builds and I'm near the end of mine. I went down the route of m52 2.8 and so far so good. but I'm in need of some help I could do with some ecu pin data any help would be good once up and running. I will find the time and share my project with all. Keep on with the good work guys. Also I have a e21 to do next not sure what to do with it v8 pos not sure any comments welcome
  2. redfearne28retro

    retro e28

    thanks guys. just to let you know the car is now sitting on the stand and waiting for me to start. as iv been busy with work i hope to start cleaning the rust areas and see what needs doing this weekend iv taken lots of photos im just waiting for the brotherin law to show me how to up load them as iv never done it before so watch this space. i will be back
  3. redfearne28retro

    My E28 535i 1987 from Sweden

    that is nice mate hope mine looks nice like that when its finished. are the e34 m5 brakes a straight forword swap?
  4. redfearne28retro

    retro e28

    hi i recently joined the forum as i am about to start my project which i av had for five years the car in name is a e28 518 1985 model. recently i lost my little bro to depresion at the age of 26 as he use to help me all the time i will be building this car with him in mind as he helped me strip it i have now found the drive to start this project. i have just built a heavy duity stand to sit the car on through out the project this is what i plan to do as we both like clean lines i will remove all outer door trim, front and rear bumpers, remove petrol tank and replace with alloy tank in the boot weld in new metal were needed shorten the boot well replace engine with a m52 2.8 matched up to a manul gearbox then upgrade what ever i can the car will then be painted black with suspension been painted jcb yellow with blue polybushs all round i plan to take my time but i will be posting photos all the way through the project so every one enjoy it as much as i will
  5. redfearne28retro

    retro e28

    why doe's it keep kicking me off when i try to post my project if this works its just a tester post to see if it works
  6. redfearne28retro

    new project e28retro coming soon

    hello im new on here i find this forum very use full for information that is why i have joined because i am about to start my project which i have had for just over five years now. the car is a e28 518 soon to be a 2.8 i may need help so feel free to put your ideas forward. at the moment the car is standing on its side striped in my garden iv just built a stand on heavy duity casters so when the weather gets better i am able to move it around with out the suspension been on i will be putting photos on of the project so i will look forward to talking to other members thanks for looking