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  1. New rear tyres this time I went for vredestein sessanta
  2. Which one are you talking about?
  3. Good to hear!
  4. I bought mines from here, these exact ones.. very good
  5. combination of bad old gearbox oil along with old gearbox software Gearbox flush, New oil new filter along with sleeve and gearbox ecu software update... Fixed Good few problems as you can see from my thread
  6. D1S im guessing then and yes it comes as one part bulb and igniter
  7. Depends what kind of bulb it is, also depends on what type of headlights you have
  8. I HAD that exact same problem. but my gearbox oil was'nt low.. Problem fixed now anyway
  9. WOW simply wow, Like pictures Awesome Car mate
  10. Got the Gearbox service done then .. Gearbox Ecu Update Hot oil Flush New oil with New sump Pan filter New rubber Sleeve Before i got all this done the car 9/10 times when coming to a stop id get the gearbox push from 2nd gear to 1st gear only when coming to a stop, also sometimes doing cruise control on motorway steady speed say 70 the rev would sometimes move around. Since getting all that no more problems 2/nd gear to 1st gear stop no more thud, also the shifts are 100 times better also no more bouncy revs, the gearbox running so much smoother
  11. Welll Regeneration did happen, Found out using DIS distance since last regen, So even though ive got 6 glowplug errors in the DDE the DPF did regen. Will taking the picstures i thought i'm enable regen again and heres a picture of my back pressure results
  12. Went to kwik fit today for a suspension test it came back with left rear side bush, anyway ive changed both rear rose bushes along with the rod last year so i knew it was'nt them. Heres a picture of the bush that needs changed Have i clicked on the right part on euro car parts? If this bush is worn/ broke what would it cause? heres the pictures thanks
  13. Booked my E60 535d in for a gearbox serivce, I had a gearbox service done on my e39 which was hot oil flush, new filter, gasket and new oil obv think it cost around 250 on the e39 few years ago but the E60 just because its 6 speed its going to cost me 410 quid thats new plastic sump with built in filter hot oil flush new oil and a new rubber boot sleeve Garage said i dont need to change the rubber boot sleeve only if its leaking but as im going to keeep the car im having that changed even if its not leaking. How much have yous paid for your gearbox service ?
  14. Ohhh i'll give that a go, how do i locate the back pressure test? edit just found this I'm going to see what dis is saying today last time i had Requested regen but since last regen it was saying 20000 meters ago, so will see maybe if a regen happened Yesterday but i doubt it very much
  15. Yeah just stuck second set 4 last week, other set fronts got worn due to bad alignment and rears got uneven tyre wear rims kept leaking so always put in extra air.... Thats why i got a new set of rims Gen 19s spider like before