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  1. Hi all. Been a while since I posted, apologies. Anyway, I've got a mate with an E60 530d auto which has an annoying problem. He kept moaning about it not setting off immediately when warm, not all the time but intermittently. Last weekend I swapped out his thermostats because it wasn't getting up to temperature. After that I took it for a drive to make sure all was good and experienced the no throttle for a second or 2 then ok again. I got back and plugged the laptop in which only threw up codes for rough idling intermittent and various glow plug codes which have always been there since he bought it. My initial thought is the throttle position sensor is playing up but without a fault code I'm just guessing. Anybody else had this and can shed any light? Thanks.
  2. Nomis

    Alpina B10 V8

    Active seats in a bmw? Never knew it exsisted. I had them in the E55 and they were great!
  3. Nomis

    Alpina B10 V8

    And the front spoiler thing but yeah she is a thing of beauty.
  4. Nomis

    Best film ever?

    I love air America too! “Is he dead?” “Well rob, if he’s not he’s very calm” [emoji23]
  5. The problem if you’re anything like me with swapping from android to Apple is having Apple Music and having everything stored in the iCloud. Then there’s all the paid apps etc. It’s just a total hassle.
  6. I’ve done the 11.0.2 update. Still laggy but I’m not having any of the other issues you lot are having such as battery drain? Weird how it affects different phones in different ways.
  7. Nomis

    Best film ever?

    Favourite comedy...........maybe Ted? Never fails to make me ROFL 🤣
  8. Nomis

    Best film ever?

    Pulp fiction, Lock stock, Saving private Ryan. Can’t pick a favourite but these 3 are up there.
  9. My iPhone 6 is now slow and laggy [emoji17]
  10. Nomis

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    What a great looking car in stunning scenery! Perfect [emoji1362]
  11. Nomis

    E60 Swirl Flap size anyone ?

    My 56 plate 330d had the larger swirl flaps. I believe they are less prone to failure than the older ones but for absolute peace of mind get them out. There are no negatives to this that I can tell and it’s not too bad a job to do.
  12. Nomis


    Good price. I hope the buyer is a restorer and gets in contact with me so I can explain the wheels n sh1t had nothing to do with me!
  13. Nomis

    Project cars....

    Anybody got the 2nd incarnation yet? My lad has got it so I’ve had a quick go. It’s way better than the first version with a hell of a lot more cars and circuits.
  14. Nomis

    Iphone 6s - 32- 64GB

    Yeah, I’ve updated my 6 and it’s quite laggy now at times [emoji17]
  15. Sounds very nice [emoji1360]