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  1. I didn’t get my BMW love from my dad, he always loved rovers and nowadays range rovers. The only BMW’s I can remember him having were a 1602 back in the 70’s and an E34 525d touring in the 90’s. The 525 had been lightly rolled but apart from dents in all the panels, roof included it drove perfectly. He has been in the car salvage business all his working life so never had a car without ‘issues’ i discovered my BMW love in the early noughties when I bought an E36 325tds for a few hundred quid and loved it. Had 7 now!
  2. Nomis

    What are you currently drinking...?

    Lemsip Contracted man flu.
  3. Nomis

    Mercedes E63s

    I enjoyed my brief spell in the supercharged E55. Like all the big AMG engines the sounds were amazing. The downsides,apart from 15mpg, were the open diff which was ridiculous and the only way to fully turn off the traction control was go into a hidden menu and then rolling road mode. All well and good but it did something to the brakes and made them really crap!
  4. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    I think I will go take another look in machine mart because the Clarke chests did look decent.
  5. Nomis

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    WOW! What the hell happened to that tyre? Looks like somebody’s driven 10 miles on it flat.
  6. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    I used to use draper stuff but find the halfords proffesional stuff better and as already said the guarantee is priceless. The socket sets with all the other stuff that comes with it when on half price sale (more often than not) is a complete bargain imo.
  7. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    Yep, thats how I see it. My son has broken a torx bit also, we popped into Halfords expecting a long question and answer session, what were you doing at the time blah blah blah. Not a single question!!!! Just went off out the back and came back with a replacement. Didn't even ask for the receipt.
  8. Nomis

    A few pics of my other cars

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Sports_Cars?wprov=sfti1 no.
  9. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    Ok, fair point. I should have said anybody other than professionals that can buy it at a decent discounted price. The halfords professional stuff is guaranteed for life though so if it breaks they replace it just the same. I’ve had a non professional set for many years. I’ve totally abused the half inch ratchet with scaffolding bar extensions and it’s still working perfectly. I do get snap-on and believe me, my lottery win garages will be full of the stuff but for peasants like us the halfords stuff is plenty good enough.
  10. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    I've looked on the bay. There are some sellers selling Halfords sets which seems a bit odd to me but they aren't really much cheaper so I'd sooner get it from Halfords and have the lifetime warranty.
  11. Nomis

    Geordie's 1989 530i SE auto

    Very nice.
  12. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    Yes I know they do like a sale but unfortunately there isn't one on tool chests at the moment and they've just brought out a new range so I doubt they'll be having a sale anytime soon. His birthday is on the 19th so can't really hold on for long. The price of the 3 piece chest I want for him is pretty good to be fair so I was just after a sweetener which the AA 10% does so I'll be happy with that if it works. After work today I popped into machine mart and had a look at the Clarke range. One did catch my eye but it's £600 inc vat. I used to get offers from them for VAT free prices which would make that affordable to me but I've not shopped there for a while so don't get the offers anymore. I tried getting the discount with the sales assistant but he was having non of it He said he'd get a catalogue sent out to me which may or may not have a discount offer with it.
  13. Nomis

    A few pics of my other cars

    Trollers gunna troll Anyway, Where my grandparents lived most of their married life the 2 brothers that started quantum lived just up the road with their parents. This was back in the mid to late 80's. I can't remember their names though.
  14. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    And I gotta get this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOOL-CHEST-BOX-STICKER-WARNING-KEEP-YOUR-DIRTY-HANDS-OFF-MY-CHEST-ON-MAC-SNAP/162842644322?hash=item25ea2d8f62%3Ag%3A3SEAAMXQfvlSer19&_sacat=0&_nkw=keep+your+hands+of+my+chest&_from=R40&rt=nc
  15. Nomis

    Halfords discount????

    Tool chest itself. I bought him one of the professional socket sets, 150 piece iirc, for a previous birthday and it's been marvellous. Why anybody spends a fortune on snap-on is beyond me. I have looked on my AA app benefits and sure enough I can have a 10% discount. Only thing is with the chests if you buy all 3 parts together it's substantially cheaper than buying them individually so I don't know if thats counted as an offer. The discount voucher says the 10% cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Good shout though Duncan, thanks.