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  1. Spotted this Barry yesterday. They'll let anybody own a BMW these days [emoji849]
  2. Well done. I'm not surprised because it looks a lovely motor.
  3. Spiders look great on all 2000 era BMW's. I think I only paid about that for mine which fitted perfectly on the E46. The guy I got them from bought them for his E90 but the offsets weren't anywhere near ideal. If I could find some for my E92 I'd definitely have them.
  4. Rother valley is a good spot for a meet. I'll vote for that.
  5. Thanks Mick. It's by no means mint but it's tidy enough and drives great so it'll do. Crucially, my daughter will now let me pick up from school again! She didn't like the M3 because it was old and green but accepted it. The gold/green compact.........absolutely no way was I to go anywhere near her school at 15.15 in it
  6. I did wonder why I couldn't find the screen with the big circle and the 4 menus at 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock like on all the other cars I looked at.
  7. It's been remapped as well. According to the receipt it's now 305bhp and has 660 torques up from 500 it says. I have no dyne evidence and haven't driven one stock but it's fair to say it goes very well and is averaging 40mpg. I didn't think I wanted a diesel but after a test drive because I couldn't find a 330i with a good spec and a good price I was sold on it.
  8. It's a 2006 SE but with M sport seat and suspension options fitted when new. My first priorities are to get a disklok (just looking at them on amazon right now) and change the wheels. The 17's on it atm aren't what it came with from new and are not very nice, looking to get MV3's. I like MV4's more but don't want 19"ers because of the cracking issues. I bought it cheap because I need a few quid for something else so there are a few things to get sorted but it drives brilliantly and has every useful option fitted. Whilst googling map updates last night I discovered the system in my car was only fitted from 2008 onwards which got me confused (no dash dvd drive) so I did some more googling and it turns out the ccc system fitted originally to pre 2008 cars wasn't very good so people spend a lot of money upgrading to the later 2008 onwards cic system and thats whats been done to mine! BONUS!
  9. Spiders?!?!?!? I presume they are reps are they? I had 18" ones on my 330i sport touring and they were perfect, they seem to suit every BMW I want some for my 'new' car. Anyway, your Z4 looks really nice. I loved the M54 in my 330i, a great engine. I never had the cam cover leak issue but I do know its common with them. The other common issue is oil consumption but it looks like you're on top of it by getting the ccv sorted. Mine had done about 170,000 miles when I sold it and used about a litre between oil changes which is pretty good for them. I did buy a ccv kit to fit if the usage got any worse but never did so I never got round to doing it, not a difficult job but fiddly I believe. An ex colleague had an 80'000 mile 320i and that used a litre a week!
  10. Erm........confession time...........I bought a manual E92 330d yesterday
  11. Morning lads. I don't suppose there are any inpa/DIS/ediabas etc experts coming today that can bring their 'stuff' and sort an issue with my car is there? Youtubers say it can be done, I have inpa but not the other stuff and don't have the skills anyway. Cheers. See you later. [emoji1360]
  12. I got dragged by my daughter to Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield yesterday. It was somewhat disturbing yet reassuring to see 2 very armed cops stood outside the entrance as we walked in. I was waiting for an awkward question from my daughter but she took it in her stride! We saw 2 more patrolling inside which then got me wondering how many more were there there and if then if they were at this shopping centre they must be at every shopping centre across the country not to mention other venues that attract large amounts of people. WOW! That's a hell of a lot of armed personnel which I didn't know we had in this country.
  13. Mmm, hope it's not too busy then!!!!! Just remind me of the time we're expected please. I've forgotten and am too lazy (drunk) to have a look through all the posts.
  14. Found the clip. This really does show you exactly what's going on and how no amount of 'full BMW service history' or how the cars driven makes any difference to the failed components.