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  1. Sounds very nice [emoji1360]
  2. Some company’s do. Mine doesn’t but the company name and number is on the truck anyway. I had a woman ring up recently because she couldn’t understand why such a large lorry was driving past her local shops [emoji57] I had literally just delivered to a building site down that road which wasn’t even a weight limit anyway!
  3. What was wrong with this I’d like to ask div that wrecked it!
  4. Definitely my car [emoji17]
  5. The boot spoiler is missing or is this not my car? But, it must be because of the description the garage gave me about the wing and gold wheels. Somebody’s replaced the good standard suspension with broken stuff and replaced the very nice M3 wheels with those awful things! I don’t have any paperwork because I gave it all to the insurance company but that VIN number does look familiar.
  6. Holly poo poo! [emoji34] where is she?
  7. Mmm, you may have a point [emoji55]
  8. Just a normal policy but I got exactly what I wanted so can't complain. The insurance company were very fair and sorted it quickly.
  9. Looks like it don't it but no, that's in the work carpark.
  10. Well, another phone call from the police but this time my local station. She said she understood 'my' car had been recovered by West Yorkshire police from an address in Leeds. I said yes I believe so. She then went on to say that they are investigating somebody near where I live in connection with it. She asked me what West Yorkshire police had told me so I said not a lot really. Turns out they don't even like to share stuff with other forces!!!! Anyway she said that it appears somebody local to me stole it and sold it to a dealer in Leeds who rang the police to say the car he was doing up on his drive had been stolen [emoji23] that explains the replaced wing and the sprayed wheels but doesn't explain why a dealer, even a dodgy dealer would buy a car with a smashed window, smashed ignition, no keys and no paperwork then leave it on their drive for the police to find! The more I find out the more questions I have. The lady I spoke to was very nice and friendly and said she is going to keep me updated on the investigation.
  11. Waterboard them then throw them in general population of a maximum security for the rest of their miserable lives.
  12. My manual 2006 231bhp 330d had swirl flaps. I heard they were less prone to failure than earlier cars but still didn't like the thought of them being there like an unpredictable time bomb so had them out a few weeks ago. Easy job and worth it for piece of mind and no down sides as far as I can tell. I did my E39 530d a few years ago. If you have a fumble about and have an idea what you're feeling for you can feel the actuator rod by hand under the manifold.
  13. Looks great to me! The 19's look only just big enough so no way should these big cars have anything smaller imo.