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  1. Very nice matey, hope you have a good time with it. They certainly are a handsome car in all forms. My mates E60 has got half electric seats, something that baffles me if I'm honest. Doesn't really matter I suppose but why!?!?!
  2. Oh no! Bad news Mick, so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you all matey.
  3. I voted out because I feel (rightly or wrongly) that the industry I'm in is being massively taken advantage of by the Eastern Europeans because the uk is a soft touch. I'm a truck driver who has very comprehensive rules concerning how many hours I can do this that and the other then on top of that I have EU working time regulations which really can confuse the unwitting resulting in big fines for non compliance. The best part of that was when they came up with the working time directive they soon realised the ideal world of everybody only having to work 39 hours a week or whatever it is doesn't really work for the road haulage industry so they made all sorts of exemptions for us as well as adding a mode to the tachograph so drivers that are at work by being in the truck aren't really at work because they're on poa (period of available). This means because they're only available to do some work they're not working so it doesn't count towards your work hours limit. So, I can and still do occasionally 60+ hours a week! Confused? Yeah well that makes thousands of us! Just think of it as legalised tachograph fiddling and you get the picture. So, why do we have to work dangerously long hours you may ask? Well, because the EU has basically made us open our borders up to every single eastern euro driver that is happy to work for the uk national minimum wage so they've come here in droves and kept the wages artificially low for most of us. The hauliers that are happy to fill all they're trucks with EU drivers of very questionable quality are not really to blame! You see, the EU has also allowed the eastern euro haulage firms to send they're trucks all over Western Europe for months on end undercutting native company's to take the work meaning they can't afford to pay a decent wage even if they wanted so euro 'meat on the seat' will have to do! Next time you are on a motorway, especially in the south east, take note of how many of the trucks are Eastern European, I think you'll be surprised!
  4. Yeah stop procrastinating and get the deal done [emoji857]
  5. Nice looking car, well done Mark. Back in a BMW [emoji4] Hard to believe these F10's are 6 years old already! Only seems like a couple of years ago they came out but they still look very fresh and current to me.
  6. Awesome cars those large cube AMG's! I loved my brief spell with the E55. Shame they never made them manual which might have helped with the appalling fuel economy. The engines are works of art imo.
  7. Right, this is being asked on behalf of my mate who's got a faulty ccc unit in his E60. It's doing the usual trying to boot up then funny lines then a blank white screen repeatedly. It does sometimes work when it been stood all night. He has removed it and was all set to send it to an eBay 'expert' repairer in London but thought he'd call first. The very broken English voice said "you pay PayPal and I send address blah blah blah" Needless to say alarm bells began to ring so he got cold feet and didn't post it. He's found revtronic on t'internet which look very professional but along with the flashy website will no doubt come a very flashy price list........or will it? Anybody used them and can give us an idea on a price or has anybody found another reasonably priced repairer of the said unit? Yes I know he should just forget it and upgrade to cic but he's a tight Yorkshireman and won't pay £1000+ for a radio!
  8. Just perfect! I'm always a sucker for red cars but an E28 M535i.............[emoji7]
  9. When I bought my e92 330d I found a receipt for a stage 1 remap and DPF removal. It claims to now have 305bhp and a lot more torque (can't remember the figure) Anyway, it certainly does go very well indeed, way faster than my mates E60 530d. I'm intrigued as to whether these are BS selling figures or if it's true so am going to book a power run at a local rolling road. I'll post up the results when I've been.
  10. Well done drive
  11. Oh! I thought the pre lci e60's had m54's. Ha, shows what I know lol.
  12. Almost certainly CCV. The M54 lump is renowned for it.
  13. £750's not bad I guess. £380 will be for fitting and coding which makes buying new silly expensive.
  14. WoW! Somebody had plenty of cash to splash on his new E39 way back when and wanted everybody to know it with the color! Fair play I say!
  15. Hi and welcome. Out of interest how much is the receipt for the ccc unit from BMW? My mates is dead and he's getting it repaired.