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  1. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    perfect will order one and get it changed in the next few days. Also the guy that read the codes for me gave me the pressure sensor of the 530d touring he was breaking as a spare as well. So got one of them in the car incase I need to change it ever.
  2. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    INPA figures show pre supply pressure at idle between 3.4-3.6. When the accelerator was pressed standing still it went down between 2.6-2.8 bar. Does that mean its definitely the LP pump? since plugging the sensor back in the actual capping has not come back.
  3. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Plugged the sensor back in on the way home from work. No sign of revs being capped again, weird now I don't know what is going on. Will report back more once code's are read.
  4. Staggered Wheel Fitments - What Size Spare?

    a bit late but my spare is my old front style 66 as well.
  5. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    unplugged the sensor and revs were not capped on the way home. Think I am getting somewhere. Will leave it unplugged on the journey back to work and see if the revs cap again. Then I will plug it in on the way back home tomorrow and if the revs cap then it will deffo be the pressure sensor right? The DDE light does come on when unplugged and I read somewhere that power is limited to 90% hence even though revs went up and down the rev range the oomph isn't that same as it was which I think explains that.
  6. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Thanks Clavurion. I am not really good with mechanical stuff myself but looking at youtube videos and guides I have a feeling I might be able to give this a shot. Will report back with the values once I get the codes read.
  7. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Adam it would be much appreciated a member in the FB group offered to give the codes a read Thursday but ideally want to get this looked at sooner. If you are around tomorrow or tonight PM me and we will discuss logistics. I was also thinking if I unplug the fuel pressure sensor ontop of the fuel filter before I drive home, if it gets better does that mean it is the sensor? Or would I just be disguising an issue with one of the pumps? Also when people say pump under the seat is it that thing under the actual car on the front passengers side? or the thing under the bench on the back seat?
  8. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Ahh thanks chicane. Might see of anyone local on the Facebook group has a cable they can do the scan. Do I need to scan it after it randomly caps the revs. Or just anytime when idle?
  9. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    I am based in basingstoke. But travel to west London, up n down the m3 to Southampton. Swindon, Newbury and Reading as well so cover quite a large radius during a normal week.
  10. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Perfect need to get a tool or get it plugged in soon.
  11. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Yeah could be an injector thing as well. Hoping the diagnostics will make it more obvious. Hope it's not gonna be too expensive.
  12. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    Thanks for the quick reply. Don't have diagnostics software at the moment service is booked in with the indy start of April. What should the supply pressure be? So if I can get it checked beforehand and see the values I will know if it's right or not. Thanks again.
  13. Hi guys, Just wondering if I could get your thoughts on some weird behaviour that happened on the car post snowy period. So yesterday eve I was taking a normal journey on the motorway. Set my cruise control and was going at 2700 RPM. Randomly I noticed the speed dropping and turned off the cruise shifted down into 4th and wasn't getting any power went into 5th and no power. I eventually realised the car was not revving past 2500 RPM. Around town gears 1-3 seemed fine. Anyways got to my destination nd on my way home a few hours later I was determined to rip it thru the gears to see if it was still happening. It was fine 1st to 5th revved up to 3k and normal service resumed. So set the cruise again and thinking it was a 1 time occurrence made the 40mile journey back home. 5 miles before my exit power cuts out again and cannot go over 2500 rpm again. When I went on a dual carriageway realised in 3rd gear it would go over 2500rpm ether. Haven't driven the car since. Came home and googled around and I think one of the below 3 things are the culprits. I was just wondering if the forum Gurus can advise the likeliest one and any realoem part numbers I need to source to fit and labour time to change said part. 1. Some sort of pressure sensor on top of a fuel filter somewhere? - I think unplugging this might give me a clue but not sure what it is yet. 2. Fuel pump in the tank 3. Another fuel pump under a seat. The car is a manual E39 530d. Also not sure if this is related but on Friday coming into my drive got slightly stuck on an incline in 2nd gear, so kept going in 2nd to inch forward past the snow to the point the yellow ABS and Yellow handbrake light came on (DSC was off at the time). But those lights cleared themselves the next morning so not sure if that is related to the above or not. Your thoughts and opinions on this would be much appreciated. Thanks guys, prit
  14. front springs OE replacement - Kilen or lesjofors?

    Ahh thanks dan will call both of the listings tomorrow to see if they can be used on mine.