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  1. turbo failure

    Similar happened to me a few years ago. Egr pipe sheared off and came forward and blocked the big fan at the front and melted a whole in the plastic engine cover.
  2. PDC system dead suddenly

    Thanks for the vid, my pdc been dead for 6 months now but always ingored it as I have the reversing camera. I knew it was the sensors in the bumper and not the plastic trim after the clicking test. Just never had the balls to remove the bumper but as there is actually a good video showing how to do it might give this a shot.
  3. radio, head unit

    When wiring the boot handle camera to saloons use lube to.get your wires through the rubber grommet. I literally spend at least an hour with a coat hanger on 2 different days trying to get the wires through. On day 3 one squirt of wd40 and they slipped straight through.
  4. An additional key

    Agree used him a while back. brought a flip shell off ebay and he cut they key, gave me the internals and coded me a transponder for a really good price back then.
  5. Not been replaced in my ownership touchwood. Me and the owner of the indy garage I use was expecting it to go at 140, then 160, then 180. Now its there im happy its lasted this long. But wont be surprised if it does go, I keep an eye out for smoke and other bits and pieces and use redex or millers whenever I can. Not sure if it helps or is a myth. Doesn't look like it went with the previous owner either so it is a ticking time bomb. Sorry for the late reply, been a hectic week.
  6. Reversing camera for E39

    I recently brought a boot handle one to replaced the number plate light one so I could get LED number plate lights. Same situation of the connector not fitting and having to wire together with the original wires. Mine old one was already tapped into the reverse light bulb so it was just a case of swapping the connections around. If you are gong this from scratch the biggest PITA is getting the wires through the rubber grommet. Best tip is to use lube/WD40 and lots of it. I spent a whole evening trying to get them through with a coat hanger without lube. Second day one squirt of WD40 and the wires just slipped through.
  7. Brought mine for £3000 back in 2011 at 101k 530d 2003 titan silver msport saloon manual (style 66's standard sport) In terms of unplanned spending over the time has only been the hedgehog £50 (in first two weeks ownership) and £300 when the EGR cooler pipe sheared off. Other than that its just been spent on usual wear and tear items, services, MOT's, wheel alignments, tyres, suspension bits, upgrades such as style 37's, Xenons, headunit, reversing camera etc. Probably does add up to quite a bit if I start totting it up in my head. Am on 181k now and would like to get it to the 200k mark. Plan to get front suspension worked on next and got money set aside for that and will happily keep spending on the normal maintenance bits. If anything unexpected happens that will cost me over a grand to fix then I will let it go. Till then its happy motoring.
  8. Things that make you go ooooo!

    This happened to me about a month ago, deep right down to the metal. I know how you feel.
  9. Under door projectors, anyone tried them?

    These were waiting for me when I got back home. Fitted them when the sun was out. See pic I've just taken it's still not fully dark so might take one again when I head out in a bit.
  10. Under door projectors, anyone tried them?

    I ordered the M ones of Amazon they come next week so will put pics up once they are in. Tristan that will probably be my reaction when I've fitted them lol. Hp it's good to know that it helps the value of the car when selling but I don't think I'll be selling the e39 anytime soon, love it too much to give it away.
  11. Under door projectors, anyone tried them?

    Thanks for the pics and responses guys. I saw some M ones on amazon much cheaper for the E39 so will get them first, if I like em then I will get the BMW ones in the link above. Also while I was researching I came across this vid, proper jokes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYsh52MVh8c
  12. Under door projectors, anyone tried them?

    Thanks Tristan, do you have any pics of your ones in the dark?
  13. Under door projectors, anyone tried them?

    Yeh I think the light size in e39 x5 is slightly larger so the e60 onwards ones don't fit. Might give them a shot and see how it goes.
  14. Hi guys, my mate got a new audi and I saw his under door projectors and was amazed. Just realised you can get ones off eBay to replace the puddle light in e60s onwards, ultra hids also do a e39 one. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-BMW-M-SPORT-E39-X5-E53-Ghost-DOOR-PROJECTOR-LIGHT-LOGO-LASER-UPGRADE-/281697772937?nav=SEARCH Just wondering if anyone has tried these and what the results look like. If not might take a punt on them but would be good to get opinions on whether anyone thinks it's worth doing or not?
  15. M-parallels – what tyres you putting on?

    I brought rear falken 914's from love tyres nearly 6 months ago. Nearly 200 quid plus 20 fitting locally. They do the job and everything is so far so good Inc wear (nothing amazingly special but no bad points either). They don't feel as grippy in the wet as the nexen su1s I had on my style 66s. The fronts I will get very soon going for 82 on oponeo but Halfords autocentres are offering them fitted for 88.