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  1. Nothing surprises me here anymore. Ban away cupcake. If people are gonna get sand in their vaginas about me saying fuck then quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
  2. So how many points do I have to get to win a giant panda?
  3. Switch on your swear filter. Didn't realise this was mumsnet
  4. Sounds half assed as fuck. Random suspension, no lsd. He's dreaming.
  5. Just take lambda out to see of cats are blocked. If you remove cat section and drive it it will be hella loud and smell bad, ask me how know
  6. Made a start with the twinscrew
  7. I'm on about s38 boxes. I have one,it doesn't fit in v8, already got a nardi wheel that I aint keen on changing.
  8. I want quicker ratio and less turns lock to lock...
  9. My point being the manufacturer will only recon it to oe standards, they won't fuck around with it, just like I couldn't pay bmw to fit parts to my car that don't match the vin, zf wouldn't fit parts to a box if the part numbers don't match.
  10. Sls shit, fat ass, more glass, split tailgate, gotta be 50kg in the double sunroof alone...
  11. Hmmm I was wondering how non sunroof wagons compared to ones w hole in. There's a good few hundred kg diff between loon n wagon
  12. Or the fucking huge hole int roof
  13. +1, estates handle like shit too.
  14. Surely that would be like asking bmw dealership to fit an s62 clutch/fw in my car tho would it not?