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  1. gazzago

    Rear shock replacement

    Good job. Looks much better. I think mine are in a similar state and I will probably do them once the weather improves a little [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. gazzago

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Got no complaints at all with the Dunlops so far. Grippy and compliant. Turn in is sharper than the previous Goodyears. I'll get them again and probably put another pair on the rear at the end of the summer when the current ones are finished. Recommended in the 17 inch.
  3. gazzago

    F11 Reliability

    Reliability of mine is good. Replaced both suspension air bags with aftermarket as they started to leak. It’s a 15min job. Other than that a reverse light bulb and that’s it. Lovely car. Now has 70k miles. Awaiting BMW writing to me about the EGR. Mines averaging 38.5 and that includes my 10mile daily commute. Mpg is better in the summer too. On a longer journey 43-47+ mpg. All depends on your right foot.
  4. gazzago

    530d remap

    Too early for me to say yet with this one but initial signs look good. Will try to update this thread when I’ve done some miles with the remap.
  5. gazzago

    530d remap

    Agree with Boba on that one. Yes more power does create more stress on an engine but how often you use that power matters more. A 200bhp engine that is thrashed every day won’t last as long as a 300bhp engine that is treated with mechanical sympathy.
  6. gazzago

    530d remap

    Just a quick thanks/review. Had my 258bhp F11 530d remapped the other day at Harper Autos. As shown in the Mashed Potatoes threads. Wasn't exactly local to me, but they were friendly, professional, knowledgable and kept me updated at every stage. The prices on the forum were honoured too. The car drives just as smoothly as it did pre remap. This was very important to me. The remap itself takes the power and torque figures up to 540d territory and is quite brutal when you floor it! The extra torque really shows itself on the motorway. I shall continue to enjoy this new lease of life for my car for a little while. Don't think the rear tyres will last too long if I keep using it though . I'd considered spending this money on bigger wheels as I've just fitted new tyres but I'm pleased I've stuck with my boring 17's and got the remap. Overall having had a few cars mapped over the years I can thoroughly recommend this garage.
  7. gazzago

    F10 530D Diagnostic tool?

    My Carly isn’t subscription. Just bought the dongle from their web site then got the app from the App Store. A few pounds for some extras if you if you want them but that’s it. It is basic compared to inpa etc but it’s easy to use.
  8. gazzago

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Glad to hear they are an improvement. Ive just swapped my run flats Goodyear for Dunlop Sport Maxx 2. Too early to say but if past history is anything to go by changing my wife’s mini on to non run flats they should be an improvement.
  9. gazzago

    F10 530D Diagnostic tool?

    Carly for BMW is an option. Thus uses your phone and a dongle you must buy from them. Costs around under £100 all in. Very compact and easy to use. I used to use INPA etc but this does enough for me now.
  10. sorry been busy studying at uni... I don't use this sat nav program now but it gives you an idea. Just mirrors what is on your phone screen. y Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I also have no nav but went down this route ( http://www.xcarlink.co.uk/home.php?cat=16 ) to save money and also OEM nav never tends to be that good so with this I can choose which nav i use. I've tried Tom Tom, Waze and currently use Navigon. They all display nicely on the original screen. Plus I can play movies or youtube or whatever if I want to. Be pretty stupid to do this while you're driving though! Down side is it takes up to a 30 seconds plus to connect when you start the car and you cannot change the route whilst driving, even more so for me as I keep my iPhone in the centre arm rest box. If you want to audio to mute or reduce when directions are spoken then you'll have to use your phone for music. I usually use a hard drive and don't worry about the spoken directions until I'm close to my destination then just switch it onto the Nav audio for the last few miles. You can have Nav on the screen but audio from any source you like. It's a decent option, easy to fit although I must say the company are/were very very very slow to respond to customer service emails. (I had an issue with the DAB radio module and ended up returning it). They did however refund it fully and promptly once the slow email exchange was finished. Will try to put some pics up sometime if you're interested.
  12. gazzago

    New Member - 520d M Sport

    What a list of problems! Unreal [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looks lovely. Good spec. Enjoy! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Should do I fitted one to my F11 too, can't see the grab handle being any different on a saloon.
  15. Lots of good advice has been given. To add my bit I'd say whatever 5 series you go for you won't be disappointed. The 2l d is quick and frugal. The 6 pot a very smooth, very quick and still fairly economical. I would have happily bought a petrol but they are very rare at the moment. So I just make sure I do a longer journey every month the region the DPF. I have the Carly app too which can force a regen if I need to as most of my journeys a <12 miles. Essential spec come down to what you call essential. It's always a balance between spec/engine/age/miles and price. I wouldn't worry about rear suspension air bags. They cost £150 and are really easy to change. A good indy wouldn't charge much to change one and diy is very easy with almost no tools! Can't comment on the timing chain issues. Although I suspect some of it will be down to BMW's extended oil change intervals. But all the manufacturers are doing this now I guess.