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  1. do you still have the autodim rear view mirror that also receive a radio frequency for the key transponder?
  2. Hi, does this support heated? willing to ship international? Thanks
  3. grab that champagne interior for your avus, and give me your silver one
  4. that blue/white umbrella fits well mate glad to see you here too brother! welcome!
  5. that m-pars looks deeper, wheels specs?
  6. any modification when you fitted it? i'm interested with this mod..
  7. lovin' the toruing! anyway, what's your suspension? i like how it sits..
  8. gotta be awesome, have seen it in person on my friend's car
  9. seen it before, kawabata is a trully sick people.. what an angle eh?
  10. aaaa now i know.. it looks perfect with the silver/grey combo! nice choice
  11. thank you!
  12. i want one..
  13. cool!! a stop motion from 360 photos i guess? that's amazing!!
  14. waayyyy much better.. i hate thos aftermarket rear lights.. it makes e34 looks cheap.. LOL
  15. nice and clean! may i know the colour of your car? is it atlantis blue?