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  1. thinking of going gold.

    oh dint realise my gold was gone !! boo.....
  2. help! anybody know old ecu's

    she's alive .......... yippy ...................................... 20140814_121613.mp4
  3. help! anybody know old ecu's

    cant thank you anuf enda,, your a top man .. part is on order once again thanks to everyone for there help... the e28 will live on !!
  4. help! anybody know old ecu's

    yer i went throw ALL the solder points last night .. all looked good for what i could see ,,
  5. help! anybody know old ecu's

    yer i spoke to will (skoda) last night and ill bell tim shortly .. but still going to try fixing it .. going to see a old mate who's a auto-lec and see what he's says first then off to maplins .. thanks for all the help peeps .. let hope i can get the old girl running again ah
  6. help! anybody know old ecu's

    off to maplin's !! what i got to lose .!! mite as well try and fix whilst i find a replacement
  7. help! anybody know old ecu's

    is it for - Ignition coil output / pin No 1 on the ecu if thats of any help
  8. help! anybody know old ecu's

    looks alot like this one ( egg shaped )
  9. help! anybody know old ecu's

    lol..ok ..
  10. help! anybody know old ecu's

    bosch 0 261 200 027.
  11. hi i have a e28 528 and i have blown a resistor in the ecu .. i can fix but need the resistor identified if at all possible any help is welcome thaks
  12. help needed with my 528e

    found the problem .. ecu board has a burn on it ..
  13. help needed with my 528e

    hi all i have just got myself a e28 528e (u.s spec lefty) it has no ignition spark .. i have replaced the coil for new i have checked both both speed and referece sensors ( changed one as was not getting a reading on the meter ) . cleaned dizzy cap and arm still nout .. could it be the idel control unit or poss ecu ???? thanks . jason
  14. im now back !

    i was working on the top of the lift witch was covered in hydraulic fluid as the seal from the hydraulic ram had split, i slipped , head butted the wall and went down the shaft ... i got hung up on a braket on the way down thank god as it slowed my fall other wise i would have realy busted myself up .. tho i did smash up my hip, right leg, arm and shoulder and jaw in 3 pieces , lost 3 teeth and broke 2 more ... never helping a mate out again !!
  15. im now back !

    thanx bud , been a painfull road but getting to the end of it i hope