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  1. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    I received a similar quote today but it turns out their maximum valuation for damage/write off is under £2,000. My '02 M5 with 98k on the clock is clearly 'worth' more than that. Seems this low valuation is common across the mainstream insurers but I am struggling to find anyone who will offer a more realistic market value.
  2. 100k mileage not far off....

    I have not used the courier service so cannot help you with the pricing. Lepsons' website says it used to be a free service but this is no longer possible as courier costs have increased significantly.
  3. 100k mileage not far off....

    They are certainly as close in colour to the wheels that were on the car when I bought it, so yes. Some shadow chrome wheels I have seen are very shiny - too much for me. I think Lepsons have it about right as I prefer the slightly darker colour they offer.
  4. The old girl needs some tlc

    Great job. Car looks terrific! Are they new or refurbished headlight units?
  5. 100k mileage not far off....

    Not much change from £500 including four new M badges (£20) and VAT. Cheaper if you are able to just give them the wheels - £340 plus VAT. http://www.lepsons.com/prices/ Mine needed a small weld and a couple of bits straightened which was included in the cost.
  6. 100k mileage not far off....

    Approaching the 100k mileage landmark so decided to give the wheels a spruce up. I bought the car in 2006 with 32,000 on the clock and this is the third full wheel refurb (yes I am a bit anal over wheels!) This was my second visit to Lepsons in Gillingham who did a great job five years ago and I am very happy with their latest effort so happy to recommend them. IMG_20151024_124958.jpg - The mutt approved too....
  7. No decision yet as far as I can see. The most recent consultation which resulted in bringing forward these current plans said: Later this year, we plan to consult on proposals to expand the ULEZ on behalf of the Mayor. No additional information regarding the emerging ideas for expanding the ULEZ is included in this consultation. However, any relevant consultation responses received as part of this consultation and responses to the previous Stage 1 and 2 consultations, will be taken into consideration when developing proposals for expanding the ULEZ. Enforcement of all vehicles residing and driving within an area like the M25 would be an expensive nightmare.
  8. Short shift gear lever - How To guide!

    First class. Thanks for doing this.
  9. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/bmw-5-series-e39-m5-2002/7091051
  10. E39 M5 alloy radiator - Fitting and review video here.

    nice one. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, how did you make your exhaust sound like that?
  11. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    I pay £353 to Aviva for me and the missus - fully comp (social domestic and pleasure, 6,000 miles per year). £500 compulsory excess, £350 voluntary. I live in London and am a few years older than you with full NCB and no points. Not made a claim on their car insurance so no idea if they are difficult. They were OK with the dog when we made a claim! I doubt any insurer would give us what we value our cars at if it was written off, unless you get a special valuation carried out.
  12. E39 M5 with M TEXTUR seats

    http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/bmw-m5-e39--one-owner-from-new/6714830 £20k! Nice car though.
  13. Dakar Yellow RHD E39 M5 - For Sale on Ebay

    link? Mine has birch anthracite so not that rare!
  14. Most people working in and around London don't live anywhere near the centre and so rely on public transport or cars to get into work. This new charge will mean any cars older than about 2005 will be devalued or at least harder to sell, not just BMWs
  15. Thanks. This must impact on the second hand value of cars that might be used in and around central London (not mine on a regular basis anyway)