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  1. bm_sjo

    Dan's M5 Dyno'd

    You have it backwards. The torque at the wheels is what is measured (as it's the only thing touching the dyno). The flywheel figures are what is calculated, based on a series of formulas.
  2. I am not sure what to make of that. It doesn't inspire me to eat one. I've tried growing them before but didn't succeed. Brave, or stupid?
  3. bm_sjo

    Auto gearbox service recommendations for Essex?

    Automatic Transmissions in Hornchurch. I know the guys in there well and you won't get any BS. Oil change + filter is about £100. Tell them Stu from Grove put you in touch.
  4. I've heard of lots of issues with the Asteroid, i'd avoid it to be honest. I'd be surprised if the new 2DIN model will be much better.
  5. I will most likely be upgrading my Mother's computer with Windows 8 for the simplified UI. She only uses email and browses websites so she'll most likely be very happy! Shame touch screens aren't cheaper.
  6. I don't believe Windows 8 is on Technet yet. There was a leaked RTM recently though.
  7. bm_sjo

    Wet Sanded the Boot

    Wet sanding takes off a lot less than you think. A lot less than a medium abrasive package with a few rotary passes!
  8. bm_sjo

    So Hotmail Is Being Phased Out....

    It wouldn't surprise me if they don't do exactly the opposite. There are a huge amount of dormant/inactive Hotmail accounts which Microsoft may want to tidy up.
  9. bm_sjo

    I think its time...E39 Audio Upgrades.

    There are large rubber grommets behind the rear seat where you can feed cables through. I'll have some awesome door cards for sale soon which cater for a 6.5" mid-bass and 3" mid-range driver.
  10. bm_sjo

    So Hotmail Is Being Phased Out....

    When this was announced I tried to register stu@ to match my hotmail account but it was already taken. Pretty poor show.
  11. bm_sjo

    Meguiars PlastX Plastic Polish

    It barely touched my headlamps when applied by hand, haven't done it by machine yet. I'd go for something much more abrasive!
  12. bm_sjo

    Hi from Chelmsfod Essex

    Welcome, i'm also in Chelmsford.
  13. bm_sjo

    Part Ex....

    I'd say a Focus ST has superior build quality to something like an E46! I've never seen one falling apart either..
  14. bm_sjo

    My latest wheel refurb..

    How are you going to prevent oxidisation of the bare metal?
  15. bm_sjo

    Wastegate noise! Ekythump - Added Sound!

    PMW in Chelmsford. Grove Garage in Romford.