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  1. Prague.

    Only ever been for 2 x stag do's 10 or so years ago. If this is the type of thing you're going for then St Wenceslas Square seemed to be ground zero for all that stuff. Don't be afraid to ask the touters about the show with the pregnant midget in a suitcase... There's a 5 storey night club down on the riverside too that was busy. Cheers, Rob
  2. e39 M5 front calipers

    Hi Phil, Best price delivered on 2001 e39 M5 front brake calipers (both sides pls). Cheers, Rob
  3. Recommend a commuter car

    Missed this bud. First one looks the ticket! Are those Passats 'bulletproof'?
  4. Recommend a commuter car

    Other attraction of a Volvo is the seats. They are epic. Domestic Boss has a V70 for general duties and it is stunningly good at motorway commutes.
  5. Recommend a commuter car

    Yeah it is a shame, if it was me I'd do the same. But my bro is not particularly handy when it comes to cars and he needs something guaranteed to be no fuss, that he can jump into and drive as and when with it only needing a service when the dash tells him too.
  6. Recommend a commuter car

    OK update, he looked at a Honda Accord but too big for his uses (commuting from central london to centre of oxford and cambridge). That red Volvo V50 seems favourite at mo. Second place is an Octavia he's seen (thanks Greig!) 20+ year old Beemers are not on the shortlist!!
  7. Recommend a commuter car

    This looks promising. https://www.rybrook.co.uk/approved-used-cars/vehicle/volvo-v50-petrol-5dr-201712011726399/ Top money, but years of trouble free commuting/hacking around to be had me thinks.
  8. Recommend a commuter car

    Cheers. Guess I should've said - he's looking for something low miles (sub-50k) so he can have a good 3-4 years trouble free. C30 is too small - they need 4-5 doors. That Accord Estate looks the ticket - suitably boring and straightforward! True. But for pain free, reliable transport at ~£8k?
  9. Usually a sign of a good refurb if anything - means there's plenty of paint/powder on there
  10. Recommend a commuter car

    Fantastic shout! hadn't considered these. Can't believe what you can get for your money. Only downsides seem to be all small 1.2 and 1.4 engines. Making a perfect combo... Drives like a Focus, built like a Volvo? Great shout. Thanks for the ideas guys.
  11. Recommend a commuter car

    Had a 2005 Focus 1.6 for 6 years (from new). Never again! Most poorly built car ever unfortunately, despite driving brilliantly Yeah BMW biased here too. Looked at 1-series but too small. 3-series are poor VFM compared to a V50 and would probably get too precious about it. His other car is an F10 M5 so doubt he'll want another! Toyota Avensis sounds good - horrendously dull looking/people will just think it's a Private Hire so he won't care about debts and knocks Keep em coming lads!
  12. For my brother. Lives in London (quite central) but new job takes him to Cambridge and Oxford once a week. Travels at odd times, won't use public transport. Wants a good, solid, reliable car to do 15k miles a year in. Must be comfy, petrol, reliable, and shit looking enough he can leave it parked anywhere and not get hassle. Ideally hatchback or small estate - will be his shopping/tip run car too. Will spend up to £8k. I've suggested a petrol Volvo V50 - ideally 2.4L auto - for comfy seats, reliability and low hassle. Any other suggestions pls chaps? Cheers
  13. What's being worked on today?

    Thanks! I'll be in touch in the New Year to arrange a trip up... Cheers, Rob
  14. What's being worked on today?

    Really interesting thread, cheers for sharing. Random one for this forum - but do you do a map/flash for a 2013 Volvo V70 D5 (215bhp twin turbo)? Ideally removing EGR and DPF. Cheers, Rob
  15. E39 M5 query

    If you have INPA/DIS handy on a laptop and the owner is OK with it plug that in and have a nose around the errors. You can check the mileage across a couple of different modules too, if you're worried about that. Mechanically just treat it like looking at any other car - engine, gearbox, brakes, drivetrain etc. Usual things like good tyres all round, plenty of meat on the brakes, etc. At 111k it'll be coming into the period where bushes need replacing. A decent drive across as many different types of road surfaces will tell you if anything is amiss. Biggest issue on e39s is rust - take a torch and mat to lie on!