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  1. Yes still here - PMd you
  2. Bump Wing mirrors and lower grill still here Cheers, Rob
  3. Sorry - healdlight and undertray sold
  4. ttrw2

    Diff Whine or Rear Wheel Bearing

    Ahh yes, they are a pain You can carefully drill a small hole and screw a self taper into what’s left of the sensor and pull/pry it out that way The snapped boot needs a bit of heat, stud extractor and lots of luck!
  5. ttrw2

    Diff Whine or Rear Wheel Bearing

    ^ what he said Diffs/gearboxes whine (helical gears) Wheel bearings rumble
  6. Bolt hole are all good - this what you mean?
  7. Bump - surprised this hasn't sold - they must be replaced less often than I thought!
  8. Still finding e39 bits from the house move! e39 RHS undertray/splash panel - brand new. Part 17 here - http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP72-EUR-06_1998_E39_BMW_530d&diagId=51_2427#51718158060 SOLD e39 LHS headlight. Brand new. With ballast. Bought years ago off here, no idea what's happened (I haven't dropped it!) but if feels like an adjuster is loose in it. SOLD Pair of standard mirrors in silver. Think original glass. All good and working with no cracks etc £30+post e39 T-bar lower grille. £20 posted Cheers, Rob
  9. ttrw2

    My old Alpina B10 4.8 V8S

    Lovely looking car
  10. ttrw2

    530d and smoking

    If it was oil it'd be blue smoke and it'd have to be burning a lot of it to see it on boost If it's not stuck open, correct. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/151553631002?chn=ps This is good kit for getting rid of EGR on Manual 530d
  11. ttrw2

    530d and smoking

    Disconnecting and blocking the EGR can only help - it's commanded to zero on full load but I've seen sticky pintle valves that don't close fully. The Britpart EGR throttle body 'delete' is worth it btw. But yeah, mine dumped a (small) cloud of smoke the first time I booted it if the missus had been driving it during the week.