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  1. ttrw2

    F30 330d M Sport...

    +1 Don’t overlook the 328i (now 330i) when considering F30s. 250bhp turbo 4-cyl, much lighter/sharper front end
  2. Sorry, don’t remember seeing notifications of replies to this thread Yes, sold
  3. Yep tyres are all at least 3-4 years old as I bought/fitted them when my girlf was running around in the Touring.... but they’ve been dry stored in a dark garage that doesn’t freeze in the winter (cos I heat it) so no cracks or worries about that whatsoever. I wouldn’t think twice about fitting them to any of my cars Cheers, Rob
  4. And you what, leave them on the pavement outside your house when you go out to work?
  5. Hi mate don’t have the time nor inclination to deal with the hassle of couriering at this price, yet. If not sold in a week or two will consider it Cheers, Rob
  6. e39 M5 rear bumper lower infill 'diffuser' panel in Le Mans blue. £35 collected, £40 posted Cheers, Rob
  7. Pair of Falken Eurowinter 255/40 R17 with 8mm+ tread (i.e. new) Bought these new a few years ago and had them fitted to a set of wheels, then never fitted to car. Then removed from wheels the following summer - tyres have been stored in garage rafters since. £100 collected (Nr Banbury) please Cheers, Rob
  8. Staggered set of 4 Style 66 alloys + tyres for e39 Front tyres - 235/45 R17 Bridgestone Potenza, 5-6mm Rear tyres - 255/40 R17 Goodyear Eagle F1, 4-5mm Wheels are straight and buckle free but could do with a refurb £150 collection Nr Banbury please Cheers, Rob
  9. ttrw2

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Hankook Icebears on my 530d - was unbeatable in the 2012 snow!
  10. Brand new rear airspring/bag for e39 Sport Touring Genuine BMW, bought by me years ago as a spare for my Touring I paid £202 from the dealer for it £135 posted or £125 collected (Nr Banbury) Cheers, Rob
  11. ttrw2

    My E60 535D - a tale of loving it, and wanting to torch it

    What happened to the 535d? Sat on the Eurostar enjoying the read
  12. ttrw2

    End of an era....

    I ran my first e39 M5 from 188k-220k miles without issue - that was on original chain, tensioners and shells. My current M5 is on 170k miles (bought at 120k miles) and same as above. No issues so far. All e39s cost a lot to keep tip top (suspension bits) once they go past 130k miles. Then at 15yrs+ old it's sorting rust/bodywork that costs £ The scaremongering about the mechanicals is just to keep specialists/independents in business IMO Cheers, Rob
  13. ttrw2

    2002 m5 individual

    No, just a PITA if it throws the EML on