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  1. ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    And finally got round to uploading my old photobucket images to Imgur and relinking them back into the thread.
  2. Thanks, guess I'll be buying the tool to do the M5. I borrowed the tool off GaryN for the Touring 5-6 years ago and it makes the job a piece of cake.
  3. Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Looks very tidy mate - those 17s it came on suit it well.
  4. ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Need to go through the thread and relink the now dead photobucket images, but in the meantime have switched to Imgur so on with the thread! - 2017 Autumn Update - Gave the headlight lenses a 'refurb' earlier in the summer. Removed them, sanded down and re-lacquered them. Muchos better! Visited Custom Chrome in Nuneaton for a "muffler delete". My previous M5 had H&S backboxes on and was LOUD. This one has stayed with standard exhaust system as I now live in a relatively civilised village where we all get on well with each other - and I didn't want to upset the harmony. However I heard a few "muffler deletes" and found they were nowhere near as loud as the H&S system so I booked in at CC: Original backboxes: Gone: Straight-thro pipe: The Y-piece and 3" tailpipes I chose next to an old silencer pair: Tacking into position: No after pic taken unfortunately, but they looked pretty standard from a distance after a week of getting caked in grime/mud/etc. The SOUND is glorious now though. Full throttle NASCAR goodness. Can't recommend Custom Chrome enough - great bunch of lads. Had an error with the DSC system where it would sporadically throw a bunch of ambers on at me. Key on/off and the problem disappeared and didn't return anytime soon after. Did it enough times to annoy me so plugged the laptop in and found it to be a faulty brake pedal switch - the DSC system thought the circuit was open/brakes were on all the time. Brake lights behaved normally though. So order a new switch from Phil at Cotswolds (thanks mate) and changed that yesterday. I had a look at the online vids/how-to's and they all must be for a pre-facelift switch as it was different to the one in this (2001) - there was no plunger/pin on the end. I also diverged from the online How-To's and removed the bit of dash where the OBD socket is. For 2 mins extra work this made access for my grande paws much easier: Nothing obviously wrong with the old switch (it was original) but the problem is gone now. It's nice to have DSC/TC back with the shitty autumnal roads here. And finally, I picked-up a set of Evolve headers and cats at the start of the year. After a drawn out affair they're back from blasting/coating (cats not shown), so I'll be fitting these shortly: Cheers, Rob
  5. Bump, anyone pls?
  6. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    Ditto, I thought this too. They're noisy, heavy and agricultural but fairly bullet proof. My last M5 was retired at 215k on original box (the box was fine), current M5 at 165k miles on original box.
  7. @jimmy do you have one for a saloon mate?
  8. As title - looking to rent/borrow the tool to remove the subframe bushes on my e39 M5 (so saloon). I contacted Lufbramatt earlier this year but no reply - anyone else got one please? Cheers, Rob
  9. Lovely stuff that man! I did the same - bought one on 180k miles and took it to 213k miles in 2 years. It never let me down and aside from regular servicing was just as good to drive as my second (current) M5 which I got at 122k miles, now on 165k. If I was doing my time again (5 yrs of M5 ownership and c.70k miles) I would go LPG as the biggest cost by far is fuel. I quite like the black wheels on Silverstone blue!
  10. Electric fan conversion......

    I've run my 530d and both M5's without the viscous fan - so only the aux pusher fan - for years. I run an Ultragauge OBD reader in both and coolant temps even on the hottest of days with A/C on are always fine.
  11. ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    All of the above - available from Halfords, cheap on trade card and meets the criteria for BMW GS94000 coolant spec
  12. E39 Prices What Should You Be Paying Realistcally

    Nowt wrong with an M5 as a daily!
  13. Wheel Spacers - Pros and Cons?

    Running 15mm spacers on the front of my M5 for years. No undue additional wear on tyres - noted, small increase in tramlining on bad roads - noted, big improvement in looks - noted.
  14. E39 SLS Reservoirs

    Good second hand ones seem to be few and far between (plus they're a pain in the ass to get out). If anyone has a knackered one with unions they'd like for sell for a few quid/the postage then please let me know - plan is to use as a pattern and see if I can find something else to use (or have a small batch made). Mine are OK at mo but just a matter of time.
  15. E39 rear brake pipe route and fittings

    Tackling this job myself this coming week and just found your write up with the fittings and length... Fantastic work Sir and thank you for taking the time to write up/make it easier for us