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  1. I would ne mind a run out like!! An a canny few beers!!
  2. It's ok if u electrickery savvy! I'm wide open bein old fart! How do I get Bluetooth sorted on this beast my 03 model had this I've got button and indicator lights on console telephone button on steering wheel have I got memory installed or do I need too much doin? Is it pos? Just won't even try pairing!,
  3. Thought I was gettin shafted!! To late to pull out now bstards!cva Manchester
  4. Just got my tv done by cva supplies Manchester cost 500 quid to get put on digital and another 250 to get by pass so passenger can watch it while I'm driving!! Hey ho these are best model and well worth hanging on to!
  5. Just got my tv done by cva supplies Manchester cost 500 quid to get put on digital and another 250 to get by pass so passenger can watch it while I'm driving!! Hey ho these are best model and well worth hanging on to!
  6. Bugger if I'd been behind you I think by law I could of legally picked it as I dibnt hit it!! And then give it good bollockin for damaging nicest cars on planet! Before I cooked it!
  7. Sure you are right bro hope tubs hot :-))
  8. Weird this but we into cars!! Mostly bms!! Have u got carpets dry yet!? Plus haye will do him in!! it's a no bet!!
  9. Hi kalpesh if you lookin for specialists I'd recommend Trenics in deeside seem to know there stuff an lots cheaper than dealers done lots for me in past!!
  10. Why not wrap it in cling film!! Just a thought like!!
  11. Ooppss!! welcome bro! it's a good forum m8!
  12. Mmmm sounds like you got nice project! And right attitude! good luck with it man always fancied doin something like this myself only my garage full of motorcycles! and carp fishin gear! hey ho!!
  13. Gone down carphonics route gettin done 28th 500 sovs!! but hey ho if you really love it!!
  14. Hi all I am lookin for advice!! Is there a way of getting my TV in car back in action after change from analog!! Haven't got a clue with electrickery as I'm ol fart!!
  15. Cheers I'm goin surfin now!!:-))
  16. neat innit Dan! Thinkin i might have to get bigger diff as I love 4 pipes!!
  17. Ha ha love it! I'm from lovely Ellesmere Port it nestles on banks of river mersey! Bit of sh-t hole really! But hey ho I got my m5
  18. It's mine!! I've jus got ta say fellas it's the doggs bolls cleaner than my last e39 m5 03 plate! It's mint and work Kieron has put in is mega I'm holdin on to this! Just sold my e60 v10 And got ta say I don't miss smg box one bit awesome motor ruined by over complicated gbox which doesn't know if it's auto or manual sorry to go on but I'm so made up to be getting back in best motor I've ever owned the E39 M5 By far ps tryin to get Kieron to get sound track of exhaust (f'kin awesome) am I happy!! Oohh yeahh
  19. Trying to pm you unsuccessfully! Can you try me! Chopp:-)
  20. Ohhh looks spot on and looked after! I'm drooling pondering loved my last one to bits! Tis a lot of money but they are special! Ohh decisions decisions
  21. Hi Simon cars gone to a fellow Simon!! Also bm nut! He came up from Somerset and has just drove my baby back and still smiling  got sold for 14500 which I think is good?? Hope you doin ok and M5s all fine! Regards chopp ps where do you go from here :-))

    1. simonc


      Hi Mike, that's good news about the M5, £14,500 seems a fair price. 

      Mikem has just sold his E39 M5 as well and bought a Audi S6 V10.

      My wife has picked up her GTI and it's a fantastic little car, makes my M5 feel like a dinosaur ! Had it a month now and it's only got 700 mins on it.

      If I had the money I'd go for an F10 M5.



  22. Need a seat bolster re doin as in bit flat! Drivers side as you get in!! Hopin for job sortin in situ!
  23. Kieron good luck with sale it obviously a well loved car I sold my E39 M5 03 with 128000 on clock for 6600 about 5 years ago and still miss it! Think your price is spot on these are only gonna go up (not even high miler!!) who ever buys this won't be disappointed they are phenomenal car and you can just get in an drive like family car or go nuts in it doesn't mind!! I've recently bought E60 M5 and although they faster and got more goodies in they have also got aSMG gearbox (which is a strange beast to live with!!) and I know which is more user friendly day to day car defo E39 fom me!! You'll regret sellin!! Awesome motors!!
  24. If i can afford an m5 i can afford £10 for an advert...