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  1. chopp

    2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Can't understand all flak you've had to take bud! If people don't understand what enthusiast car owners all about! They best goin on eBay / auto trader and be totally in dark about motor they buyin! I'd buy of this site first and pay few bob more knowing car is up to scratch and not bag of shit!! good luck mate jus don't get some people!! But hey I'm just enthusiast!!
  2. chopp

    2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    It's a enthusiast looked after car!! That is the difference!! Good luck with sale mate hope it gets good buyer I think it's top car but hey what do I know!
  3. chopp

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted 2 pdc sensors front and rear drivers side! MR BMW said both bumpers need to be taken off! They dont!!! Just pop plastic trim and press in! Why do dealers do this!!
  4. chopp

    2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    Car is a credit to owners! seriously looked after and loved oooohhhh somebody going to get top motor here! Sure it will go soon good luck ps that photo is mega!
  5. chopp

    new to me e60

    Nice lookin motor m8 welcome
  6. chopp

    PDC sensors

    Hi dan I've just bought one from part tech on e bay they even cross check part to make sure it will fit your model paid £10.99 and it perfect!
  7. chopp

    Angel eye

    Cheers fellas sounds like adjusters they done a fix! But think il get one anyway top info thanks
  8. chopp

    Angel eye

    My car needs new angel eye headlamp! Any recommendations! Are they fixable? apparently they are ball and socket arrangement and mines come loose??how much! Ta fellas
  9. chopp

    E39 angel eye

    Think I'm gonna need new headlamp apparently they ball and socket arrangement? How much will one cost?how do I make sure it shows same colour angel eye (seen few variations) any ideas,recommendations cheers fellas
  10. chopp

    E38 740i for sale over on PFM forum

    Tried to pm u!prod fkd it up hey ho fun been ol fart!
  11. yo dan thought you was seller!? Don't mean to be rude! Was it really your dads? Looks spot on! Chopp

  12. chopp

    E38 740i for sale over on PFM forum

    Looks so looked after!! Is it still for sale!?
  13. If there's only few of you I would defo go elsewhere it's ram jammed u won't be able to park or sit anywhere plus plastic glasses!! hey ho!
  14. This should cheer u up well! I drove me and long haired one up from sunny Ellesmere Port she was moanin bit (bloody cars moan moan) so I get to bull I thorn thought lots of cars! Not many bms?? Got there bout 2/30 blowing a hoolie. looked at my watch said to her it defo was 28th watch showin 28th she looked at me with this look!! I then checked date on phone! And guess what it's tmoz! Me watch outta sync! hope u all enjoy t moz ho ho ps place was chokka no seats at all pop festival and place was full of Viking like type of fellas! all dressed up!! think I tit of month!!
  15. I would ne mind a run out like!! An a canny few beers!!