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  1. Hi guys, only had 30min on the car today but managed to clean the glow plug threads and install the new ones, yes a very nervous moment lol as this is what caused my issue lol. My tip is to install them dry (no oil/grease), install them with a glow plug tool (I have a full set) so there is zero chance of any twisting. Torque them to 10nm then final torque of 13nm and all good. Also installed a new glow plug controller as well.
  2. Funny you should say that, I did get an ear full this morning as I helped my self lol lol
  3. Hi guys, managed to get some more bits done. I recived a message about how to bleed out the hydraulic tappets, so I pulled them out this morning to do a little how to. The best way to do these is first soak them in a tube of petrol or what I use is brake cleaner and let them soak for around 30 min, you will end up with fluid like this: Now remove them and find your self a paperclip or a hair grip, if you look at the tappets you will notice x2 holes, the one on the side of the body operates the hydraulic side of the tappet and the hole on the top acts as an oil supply to the rocker arm. Take your pin and place it in the hole of the top like thus: If you wiggle it around you will feel a soft point, this is a relive valve, push the clip down and it will allow you to fully depress the tappet to the fully closed position pushing all the old oil and crud out, now keep the pin in place and put the tappet back in to the tub of brake cleaner and simply push the tappets in and out and watch all the old crud come out, repeat this with all the tappets. You will notice the tappets with push in and out with very little effort, this is what we want: Next take a tub and full with your engine oil and drop the tappets in, this will help replace the cleaner with oil and keep the internals coated. Once your ready remove all the tappets and just squeeze them to release any oil and install: Hope that makes sense. -------- Ok so next on my list was install the cam shafts and cam carrier with new gaskets and torque down: Next was to time the engine up and install the chain, sprocket and torque the sprocket bolts to 10nm, once done install chain tensioner, release torque from bolts to relax cam sprocket, install timing tool and retorque to 14nm. Then you end up with a fully timed engine: Remove timing tools: And install the manifold with new gaskets along with the 1st low blow turbo: Coming along nice.
  4. Hi guys, not a lot done today as had to stay behind work to finish a car etc, managed to get an hour or 2. Ok so new bmw head gasket and bolts used (much better). All torque to 70nm Back off 180 d 50nm 120 d 120 d A digital snapon torque wrench was used to gain precise angle etc. Hydraulic lifters squeezed in vice (wood) to relax them of oil. Hope to have more done tomorrow
  5. Hi guys, well I picked up my genuine headgasket and bolts today from BMW, you really can tell the difference!!!!! So glad I got these from BMW. Fingers crossed I should have some updates over the weekend guys.
  6. I have to admit I had already sent an email stating that I will return. The headgasket and bolts and I will order from BMW tomorrow. Better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Hi, they are not from BMW but from the company that repairs the head. They state the headgasket and bolts are bmw equilvant. The torque settings come with the headgasket and not the head bolts which makes it more confusion. Ya bmw state 3 different gaskets and I have the right 1
  8. Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates as due to me being very busy I have not had chance to carry out any work. I have next weekend free so I hope to have some updates. The good news is I managed to unbox the head today and the work is fantastic however the headgasket has been damaged in transit so I am in comms with the company as we talk. Now the only conflicting information is the torque settings for the head bolts: Torque settings from bmw: 1. 70nm 2. Back off 180 3. 50nm 4. Further 120 5. Further 120 Torque settings from headgasket supplier with bmw info: 1. 29lbft 2. 58lbft 3. Back off 180 4. 36lbft 5. Further 90 6. Further 90 ??,
  9. This is where the ' I told you so ' comes from
  10. My wife knows what I am going to do before I do Andrew
  11. I think if i put this head in our dish washer at home I would not have my hands to finish putting it back together lol
  12. Well I thought better safe than sorry even though I have no issue. They also can supply me with BMW OEM gasket and bolt which is victor reinz from what I understand.
  13. Ok so the head is all boxed up ready for collection tomorrow. It shall have the glow plug removed and repair to head carried out, while they are there I have asked to fully go over the head and fit new valve stem seals I have just uploaded these images:
  14. No no no no no ........
  15. I just used a brake and clutch cleaner, something that would flush the oil but evaporate at the same time, then air out with a compressor gun and check with the cam. Young pup..... I wish lol lol lol