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  1. RyanBuck

    Bmw f10/11 audio options.

    no one done any f10/11 audio upgrades?
  2. Hi gents, hope your all ok? Ok to cut to the Chase, I am really missing the Individual audio system from my m5. MY f11 535d M sport has a very good spec but only the base audio setup (x4 mids x2 subs), it's not a bad system but missing the extra kick. I am thinking about adding tweeters, changing the mids in the front doors and rear head Liner, change the floor subs from 6 to 8 inch. I think the floor in all of this is the head unit or amp so I take it it would all have to run though a new amp? I have taken a pic (rear left in boot) and not sure if that's the audio amp? I am not looking to rattle my next door windows but just upgraded to the sound I use to have in my m5. if there any guides to this along with wiring a amp on the f11? any help welcome.
  3. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Could not agree more lol.
  4. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    That's one of the great things about forums like this, if a thread can help a fellow member then that's all good. You have to remember I do this sort of thing day in and day out and even with the right tools it still happend, to me so it's just a case of pot luck lol with glow plugs lol. One thing I will say is purchase a set of glow plug removal sockets as they allow a 360 o movement to help stop the most common of glow plug breakage which is an un even pressure causing the plug to snap. I will say once you have done the work you have done is go back in to your software and delete all your DTC codes as if it still sees the inactive codes it can stop a regen. THEN Go back in to your software a call up the force regen as if your DPF is to blocked (bank sensor 2 picking up high back pressure) then that will also stop a regen. Do them things and report back, if you need any help let me know.
  5. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Hi guys, sorry for the late update but just have had so much on its hard to find the time. Any way as an update to the above, I had ordered the correct vac line and replaced all and they are in a 16mm sleeve for heat protection. Car starts fantastic so it was time for a test drive, first thing was delete all the DTC codes on the car and go on a trip to see what happens. Car runs fantastic however I notice a big drop in performance, the car felt like a 530d so still moved but not a monster diesel the 535d is! Once back at my workshop I plugged in to the laptop to find error codes with my turbo units and vac units, after a look around the engine bay I was thinking it must be something silly as the turbo units are fine, any way after some testing and stuff I found the vac lines I replaced I had connected the red line and the white line to the wrong connectors. So swap them around and remove all DTC and take for a test drive and WOW the thing is alive!!!!!! I have been running the car for a few weeks and it is fantastic and the engine is so smooth. And no DTC codes. This was the first time I really drove it after the remap and now I can feel all 360+bhp and shit loads of torque, I also managed to time a 0-60 (on private road) of 5.3sec as well so thumbs up, not a million miles of my late m5 (e61) but not quite the match of a f10 m5 lol It's going back to the rooling road next Saturday for a check up on figurars to which I will report. Ryan.
  6. RyanBuck

    Winter tyres worth it?

    Only my 2 cent worth but few years ago I bought a 2008 ford focus for this reason. For the price of winter wheels and or tyres I could buy a whole car Few years on still have it, I had changed my m5 for the f11 535d and it sits in a warm garage in the winter time
  7. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Ok guys so no work to the car again for a week or so as house work calls lol. I did start her this morning in the workshop as started on the button and sounds sweet Only thing I not happy about is the 3 vac lines that run over the turbo, the vac pipe I got is a bit to tight and around 8.5mm think so a bit bulky. I have ordered some 3.5mm with only 7mm O\D. Once here I will re do with a little how to guide as it's a comment issue.
  8. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Your guess is as good as mine lol lol. I think it lost its code as it has had the battery disconnect for a few months
  9. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    When ever you drop the money round with it I do tons of private bmw work in essex area so all good lol
  10. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Ok guys got some more done today. New fuel filter fitted Now after some final checks it was time to fire up the engine, being the type of fuel system fitted it should be a self bleed but my god it did not want to know! I connected the laptop up and I had 73 codes logged to which I was not surprised due to the anount of work that had been done and power had been connected half way though lol, I deleted all the codes and then decided to run a full bleeding procedure to which worked very well, I could hear all the air that was trapped moving and bleeding via the leak off. The process took around 6 min to bleed at 4.5 bar from the pump Then time to fire engine up, a little video here If you CLICK THE LINK BELOW: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8wk3ya9zn2jqvdj/20171014_154752.mp4?raw=1 Program the MOST ring And the engine ( which is like the car very very dirty and needs a bloody good clean) I have had the engine running for around 1 hr and good as gold, no fault codes stored as well. Not finished yet but will carry on tomorrow with up dates and a reading of my DPF pressure to see if my flushing helped.
  11. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Thank you very much, same here I thought twice when I had seen it lol.
  12. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Ok so a bit more done. I was checking all my vac lines and replacing damaged ones, the 3 that run along the side of the turbo were in a bad way: I decided to replace the worn ones with new and also wrap them in a heat proof wrap to help protect Lots of other things put back on like exhaust system, oil filter new and fresh castrol oil, wiper system, coolant etc. Starting to look like a engine now If all goes to plan I still got around 2hrs work left and then around 30 min full check around car. I will presurerise the coolant system while I am at it. Some computer work then I hope to fire it up tomorrow. If all goes to plan then I might look at a DPF and EGR delete after Xmas.
  13. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Hi, in the life time I have run the car (about 2 years) I only use BP or Shell ultimate diesel. My car is 1 owner before me, on around 70k miles, is a 2011 model.
  14. RyanBuck

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Same here, I had to spend about 1hr cleaning the rear garden driveway otherwise the wife would kill me lol