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  1. Blobby

    What's being worked on today?

    I think Spuds has gone a world tour.. He hasn't posted anything for a while
  2. Blobby

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    My 2.5 Granada chewed its fibre timing gear and my dads 3 litre Granada did the same.. Interestingly one had only the teeth that were fibre where as the other was all fibre except the centre where it went onto the cam shaft......... I didn't find it interesting either. I revved mine up to 5500 rpm once it sounded more like a 1970's diesel, what an overweight shitty engine compared to a Rover V8
  3. Blobby

    Any electricians on here?

    All fuses are not the same and do have different rupturing characteristics. At work we often get a 13A fused spur supplying some equipment that goes faulty and it ends up blowing the 16 or 20 fuse in the fuse board and not the plug top fuse Circuit breakers can react faster especially where a short circuit occurs, I've had a similar experience with a 110v transformer tripping my 32A ring main breaker and not the 13A plug top because the initial surge current of the transformer energising can draw quite a bit of current. Of course RCD's will only trip on the difference between the live and neutral current, generally 30mA.
  4. Blobby

    Symptoms like clutch slip?

    Low transmission oil level comes to mind. When was the gearbox last serviced if at all.
  5. Blobby

    Fuel Gauge

    sender unit fail or wiring to it. If the dash was showing other issues then i would say unplug the binnacle and plug back in.. That cured mine when it all went tits up
  6. Blobby

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    From previous comments on here, if you get your modules updated by BMW they don't charge you for all the hours as most of it is leaving the car to do it's stuff. So should only be 3 or 4 tops i would say. I think the system encounters lots of errors so has be restarted a few time.
  7. Just seen this on Amazon. Seems a bit to good to be true for the less then £20 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Universal-Regulated-Switching-Computer-Lighting/dp/B07C5PGY92/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1541662020&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=200w%2B12v%2Bpower%2Bsupply&th=1
  8. I have a variable 30A power supply we use at work. It's about 20 years old weighs a ton but it's very stable. it is normally is used to power 24-48 system but can be wound down to 13.5v. When i was using it last i say the current draw whilst coding was about 10-13A
  9. Blobby

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    It must be a coding issue or something because my car will stay on Aux if that was the last thing i used when i switched the car off
  10. I always question the recharge current of batteries in cars. When you think about it when you start your engine the alternators cars can be very powerful and easily put a massive amount of charge into them which i think can be detrimental to the battery. All the alternator wants to do governed by the voltage regulator is get the system to 14.5v, so if you have 100A alternator it will initially pump that out to the battery minus any going to run the cars systems. From what i understand though the BMW system actually limits this, so must control the voltage regulator to allow the system to rise gradually
  11. Blobby

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Did the back of the car drop or pump all the way up.. I presume drop because of the fuse blowing, the compressor may have sucked in a load of crap and is on its way out. Mine pumped itself as high as it can go and that was because the control box got a good salty soaking from water falling off about 200kg of ballast i picked up the day before, I had to get a new controller
  12. Blobby

    If I had the £££

    To right i want that Lambo.. I need it before i get to old and fat(ter) to be able to get into it
  13. Blobby

    Delta Integrale

    Beautiful car.. I've owned a couple of Beta HPE's in the past and ignoring the tin foil metal thickness I loved them, they also had a Lancia interior before Fiat made them use theirs.. But £1m I think is taking the piss, be interesting to see if someone buys it.. Shame the seller didn't have the 'Make offer' option
  14. Blobby

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I replaced mine the other day as i managed to kill the old LED bulb electronics. I forgot to fit the resistor to stop it bringing up the bulb fault which BTW comes up randomly, like midway a 2 hour journey . I'm gonna have to remember how to code the checks out
  15. A few times I've let drivers out of junctions or had to give way to them as they came towards me and then i see they're on their phone.. I go from mellow to fuming, but driving the company van i have to bite my tongue.
  16. Wow never knew that was the reason for his demise.. Ewwww think of all the diseases
  17. Blobby

    E65 730D - New battery needed

    With trade discount the recommended battery for my car is £100 from Halfords which i would imagine would be the same size
  18. Blobby

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Yes it is, now stop calling me Shirley I'm partial to a Dreamliner having flown a few times on Norwegian airlines from Gatwick to Boston return
  19. Blobby

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Sitting on a bench watching aircraft Isn't that glorified train spotting
  20. Blobby

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Misterbish Is the unit still working ok
  21. Get yourself a couple of 5 gallon jerry cans and syphon it all out and fill with diesel.. As long as you don't start it with that much petrol you'll be ok.. Modern Fords have no fuel cap and just a dust cover which exposes a metal flap which only a diesel pump can open.. I tried pushing the flap open and it won't go, it's quite deceiving because you think the diesel pump nozzle is too big for the hole
  22. Blobby

    Oily intercooler pipe

    The oil is from the engine breather, the big issue with vortex version of engine breathers. Dropped my engine cover yesterday and the intercooler pipes are all nice and oily too.. It's always like that. I need to find a better way of connecting the pipework... i did try new seals about 5 years ago but that didn't work
  23. Blobby

    Hit n Run

    At the same time as a mysterious brake drum through the windscreen via the bonnet
  24. Blobby

    What to look out for

    I've got a 535d and did less than 2000 miles this year.. No problems in 8 years