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  1. Blobby


    I do like the Wera joker spanners, great for holding a nut in the open jaws and they are really light in weight too
  2. Blobby

    How the hell..

    A quick blast with some oxygen-acytene frees any rusty old nuts
  3. Blobby

    Diesel vs. Petrol

    Me too, I hate getting diesel on my hands and in my work I'm sometimes servicing diesel generators Don't care what fuel it burns as long as it gets me from A to B. Although i do like the laziness of the diesel, the economy and the power too.
  4. Blobby

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Saturday I washed the car.. It no longer has a bodywork you can sand down furniture with and also you can see all the stone chips and the front spoiler paint is all fooked too
  5. Blobby

    Newbie questions

    Go into the hidden menu to check you coolant temp, ideally above 85c is what you're after. There are instruction in here and the net on how to get into it The engine surge could be the torque converter failing
  6. Blobby

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had to re-attach the front bumper to the front wing... Again.. I must have caught it on something when reversing, but i don't remember hearing anything. Anyway i've lost one of the parallelogram panels on the front wherever it happened.. So happy
  7. Blobby

    How to pick a good boiler

    I was told by a good friend and plumber Viessmann and on this forum Atag was another mentioned.. Have a search in the general forum for CH boilers.. I bought and installed a Viessmann system boiler last summer. My Gas Safe ticket has run out now..
  8. Blobby

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    8900 RPM from a Ford V6
  9. Blobby

    When did you last change an exhaust?

    Changed an exhaust Cat. backwards on a 2002 1.2 Corsa 3 years ago or more.. Really easy too.. Oh i did change the pipe coming from the turbo that connected to the main system on my BMW and when i say pipe, well a pipe didn't come off for the pipe to go on
  10. Blobby

    Using air conditioning

    I've had a hire van with AC since June 5th which displays MPG, I reset everything every time i fill it up which doing on average 70-100 miles a day is quite often. My average has been in the 38 mpg area going from using the air con a bit when i first got it to always using it this past week and a bit. Because I'm rarely stuck in an traffic driving around East Sussex my average MPG has stayed the same
  11. Blobby

    What antifreeze do I need

    Regarding the colour, we use a red/orange coolant on our generators, but in certain lights looks green
  12. Blobby

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Damn that's some impressive HP/Torque figures there, be interested to see what it can do when it's not as hot as hell
  13. Blobby

    Honest Opinion Required

    That's good.. One of my previous bikes i got knocked off but was still ridable and it was written off. I bought that back for about £500 and got £900 as a trade in for a new bike
  14. Blobby

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Guy I used to work with had or still has a chopped Mk1 Cortina with a 3.1 V6 in it.. I really need to contact him.. Oh and how comes we can remember reg numbers. Here are my dads old cars GPL195C was my dads old Zodiac SME678M was his Consul/Granada Can't for the life of me remember my old Zephyr 4 plate, or Granada or Lancia's .. I can just about remember the cars in our household now
  15. Blobby

    need help asap knocking in suspension

    I was going to say the engine brace bar that goes between the top of the struts and firewall, if they're lose they knock.. Glad it's sorted