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  1. Couple of snaps from Marthas Vineyard MA, USA this year. First one is the bridge and beach that was in the first Jaws movie.. As you see the kids and some adults like to jump in despite a sign saying no jumping and the other shot is a usual sunset shot from the Westerly point of the island.
  2. Worked when my dash went complete Pete Tong and nothing worked
  3. try unplugging the display give it a minute and plug back in just in case the unit has had a moment. two screws under the binnacle releases the whole thing you should be able to pull it out a little and unplug it
  4. I don't know if the throttle valve was used for EGR/DPF regen control or purely as a means to stop the engine shuddering on shutdown. If there was a feedback loop, then a fault should be generated if the flap isn't in the correct position. Not sure if we can read the ECU sending out signal for various throttle positions depending on whether it is on a regen or helping the engine suck in more exhaust gases (EGR). For those that can be bother you could connect a volt meter and see the ECU control input voltage. As for cleaning it, get a can of electrical cleaner, mine does have a little shudder on shutdown but it doesn't bother me.. I've had old petrol cars that kept running for ages after you turned the ignition off
  5. Interesting how MAF differs from vehicles. My boys Seat Leon 1.9 TDi had no go what-so-ever just about made 30mph. Replaced MAF car is back to normal.
  6. Oil gets into motor control and sometimes it doesn't shut.. I found out (thanks to this forum) it's not a throttle it's an anti-shudder valve
  7. I have a set of De-Walt drill, multi-tool, impact driver, Impact wrench all 18v with batteries from 2-5Ah they are brilliant.
  8. He was on a non-road legal bike. She was distracted by her phone and not paying attention, she was not at a crossing. What if the bike did have brakes but was travelling at the speed limit of say 30mph, the bike wouldn't have stopped would it? It appears they clashed heads initially which may have knocked her out so when her head hit the floor (maybe kerb) it would have certainly done a lot more damage. I feel this may go against her and I'm not a cyclist anymore or lover of them after years avoiding them on a motorcycle in London where they think the rules of the road do not apply to them
  9. Yes i will be doing that.. I have never been stopped once in all the 30 odd years of driving here, i must be lucky.. Travelling back and forth from Mid state New York to Boston Massachusetts is about 180 odd miles, i've done that journey a few times already, plus a trip to Manhattan to see my eldest who lives there last Sunday. Today is another trip from MA to NY to see the in-laws for the last week of my holiday before head back to Boston to leave..
  10. Reminds me Wheeler Dealers did one of them, it had the same seats which they changed for leather after they bought a another E28.
  11. Gee Wiz Prius My shitty old Mk3 Escort i had in the 80's With the change buy a quad 50 machine gun and shoot the shit out of them
  12. So a 5 minute job then
  13. You'd need a sign for people with pacemakers to stand well clear
  14. Slightly off topic, but what do they use to get the car up on the stands. Edit: ignore i just noticed the lift