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  1. Bolt No16 &12 looks like they have an eccentric shoulder
  2. We couldn't find anything for "BMW 535D M SPORT TOURING A 3 (2007) Diesel" at the moment
  3. It's all down to the tyre IMHO. If your alloys are clad in run flats, one good pothole and not only will the tyre eat itself, you stand a bigger chance of cracking your alloys
  4. I had to remove my air con compressor, so undoing the bolts the belt naturally came off, i put the compressor back on at an angle and used the bolting up procedure to pull the belt back
  5. first point of call is the EGR valve not working or removed and not coded out or maybe the MAF
  6. My dad is probably looking down on me wondering when I'm going to clean the f***ing car. I got messages from two of my kids, the third taxied the wife, youngest daughter and me to Prezzo's where 3 of us got got drunk on cocktails and full on pizza
  7. Yup, me too..
  8. Better hurry up, summer will be over soon Relaxing in my cool living room right now
  9. Can you do anything like this using a laptop
  10. We have to maintain a load of old 15/22/30kw modular units for our buildings, some of which are still running R22 installed in 90's. These are to keep equipment (not people) cool and if they go tits up then the room is soon at 45 deg C and equipment is falling over. I dread summer because that's when it's time for major condenser cleaning, that's if the the fins haven't rotted away and the anaconda joints haven't also rotted and expanded like zebedee
  11. I bought a couple of Daikin splits from a company called Spaceair, they had a eBay page of discontinued chillers. I did think about the multiple splits but they were more money then having individual. I've got a 3.5kw in the living room and a 3kw in our bedroom, £290 and £300 each, I fitted the bedroom unit last year and in whisper mode you cannot hear it only feel a gentle cold breeze absolutely brilliant. The living room unit has been in 4-5 years now in fact i have it set to come on at 11 today to keep the pooch cool as she will be home alone for a few hours.. If it does stay sunny then the solar panels on the roof will also power it. They were easy to fit lengths of 1/4 and 3/8 pipe flare the ends and connect. I blasted through with nitrogen to blow out any large bits of crap, then three stage pressure check last one at 450psi and triple vac to make sure there are no impurities
  12. You can join fridge pipes with mapp gas, I think it's an acetylene mix for a bit more heat. Although can be over the top for normal plumbing joints. Top tip with them is to make sure you don't rely on the trigger lock, also turn off the flow when in the back of your car. Friend of mine had his light up in the back of a van because he relied on just the trigger lock.. He managed to get away with just a torched Makita battery charger