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  1. 535D What Additives

    My old diesel people carrier ran on vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, crisp and dry in fact any old shit i threw in it. The cold weather starting was not good, but adding some unleaded to the tank helped thin it down. The best part is the exhaust smell, it was a thousand chip shops were right behind you
  2. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    Hey MP have you seen this video of a pre-LCI. From memory the guy is from Portugal and posts on another BMW site, not which one.
  3. What's being worked on today?

    Parts for most manufacturers. Get me the right rear springs for my daughters Yaris would you... I really don't want to ask Toyota
  4. What's the weather like in London ?

    We did have about 1cm in Crowborough, East Sussex, which happens to be one of the highest places in East Sussex apparently. So my home town had about 2mm of slushy shit
  5. The grand tour

    So far so good with the 2nd series
  6. What's the weather like in London ?

    I'm drug free man.. Unless you count Cholesterol a drug in which case I'm as high as a kite
  7. The old thermostat questions (again)

    Sounds like your main stat is 'cattle trucked' The only time mine dropped below 85 in winter was going down hill with no throttle and i''m assuming the wind chill cooled the engine block
  8. What's the weather like in London ?

    Not a flake in Sussex, just pissing rain and wind all morning/early afternoon.. I really want some snow
  9. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    How are you getting it home or did someone go with your wife in the Datsun Joke
  10. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    I only have an old Citizen chronograph 100m thing which saw the wrong side a 50v battery and the bezel melted a bit. The hardened glass has been replaced once and is fucked again. Oh and i have an Apple watch we all know what they look like.
  11. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    Christ on a bike, I've just read this... I would be obsoletely fuming, not because of the car but the fact it left your wife and kid in that situation... Did your wife drop the phone in the cab? Just wondering how it got there.. A little late now but it might have been worth putting a message on here earlier maybe someone local could have taken them in or lent them some money.. Although with her having no phone there's no way i guess you could have told her, but it might have saved you a hotel bill.. Anyway glad to hear they're OK now, London is a scary place to be stuck in
  12. Yaris T-Sport suspension help

    That seems to be a universal answer my work colleagues suggested except instead of bags of sand it was telephone exchange batteries.. Thanks for answering I'll bite the bullet and ask Toyota, then the bank manager for a loan
  13. E60 535d - Gearbox Service (6HP26)

    That's the problem. The only way to truly change it is to drop the box and empty the TC
  14. E60 535d - Gearbox Service (6HP26)

    Apparently flushing especially back flushing can cause small particles to block the solenoid valves and some of the oil runways
  15. A very long shot here, but maybe someone knows someone who can help. My daughters 2001 Yaris Tsport needed new rear coil springs. A quick trip to a local motor factor and i replaced them except the car now looks like a dragster the arse is so high. I have scoured the internet and the springs supplied are coming up as correct, but when you measure the old springs they are about 280mm long the new springs are 330mm long. The main thing is this is a Tsport which is lower then standard yaris (This is a UK standard 1.5 Tsport, I know the initial owner). Other then going to Toyota any other ideas?