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  1. They're just bolt on aren't they. At least that's something i can do myself, i have all the gear
  2. Make sure you can undo the fill plug before you undo the drain... Nothing like letting all the oil out then realising you can't put fresh back in
  3. If a car is losing its refrigerant after a few days, then the garage that tested and charged it must be breaking the law. It should be properly pressure and vacuum tested, this cannot be done in 10 minutes. Also most modern car air con systems have the compressor running all the time, but it is short cycled when not needed so the seals shouldn't dry out
  4. So the module lays under the centre console? What's the sound quality like?
  5. See post below.. The EGR consists of a throttle flap (shudder valve) with an exhaust input, controlled by a vacuum actuator. So you either block the exhaust into the unit or stop the valve opening. Or am i getting confused with something else
  6. Straight through pipe on the EGR?
  7. My daughter will be taking her test soon, the new test which includes following a sat nav instructions (could be finding a lot of cars abandoned in fields and streams). Parking forwards and reversing out of a bay as well as parking on the the other side of the road.
  8. Zebedee seems to have broken his leg
  9. I had a V8 SD1, I replaced the auto slopbox with a manual, stuck in a stage 1 cam, Koni shocks all round, replaced the strombnergs with bigger SU's and had a straight pipe welded on in replacement with the last silencer.. Ended up being quite a quick car and sounded like a v8 TVR
  10. Thinking about it if it's smoking a lot then the fuel is there but not the air (oxygen). So upping the boost pressure will do it, but you get to a point where the standard turbo (ignoring the small turbo now) needs to be bigger to get more air in to meet the fuel that is being supplied. So you are at the position where you have the volume of air you want from the turbos but now you're limited by how much fuel you can supply to the cylinder. I'm guessing the options would be larger injectors that can supply the fuel volume required without having to increase the pressure and water/alcohol cooling the intercooler to reduce the charge air temp. I've seen basic setups that turn on modified windscreen washer pumps to spray water on the intercooler when the throttle is 90%+
  11. Really, I've seen a youtube video of a 390bhp e61 on a dyno filling the garage with smoke
  12. Very impressive... Glad the gearbox can handle it.. Did you ever see your competition.. On a pre-lci looks like a similar setup, he's in Portugal i think
  13. Any one dared to watch Extra Gear with George Lewis? Who the fuck is he and where did he come from? I mean a quick google search came up with a comedian.. I watched his act on Youtube and it's as bad as his presenting
  14. I bought a cheap shitty 240v 4 1/2" grinder I've cut metal with it, sharpened my mower blade and apart from brick dust getting into the on off switch (chasing walls out with a diamond disc) making it a bit tricky to turn on it still works fine. I've also got an expensive De-Walt 4 1/2 grinder, does exactly the same job just the same as the shitty one, with exception the on off switch is a bit more meaty. So if it's only going to used once in a blue moon, I'd go for cheap and shitty.