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  1. Just listening to this guys album.. He's a local lad too.
  2. My glass used to open by itself, then stopped altogether, turned out to be the switch. Remove the switch and cut the wires from it and touch them together the glass should open allowing you to put in the new switch
  3. Not to be confused with Munich Legends at Chelwood Gate
  4. Ant better start learning the script. Fantastic! Job done
  5. Wouldn't have thought it would be his nuts.. Most men check them at least 5 times a day
  6. Never knew they existed, not to far from me either (Less then a hour)
  7. No i was in the process of ripping out my DPF the hard way (long story on another post) and I broke it pulling the hose off, so the car wasn't drivable anyway
  8. I had a similar self inflicted problem with my reservoir plenty of epoxy and a cocktail stick later and all is well. 5 years later still holding strong
  9. My first thought was CV joint, normally the gaiter splits and a stone gets in
  10. Has the gearbox had an oil change and new sump/filter? These gearboxes should have an oil change somewhere between 75-100k
  11. I have stripped manual boxes down before so maybe i would be able to strip one of these, but because you need the special tools and not make do with something else, also the tolerances required and the possibilities of what can go wrong, i won't bother
  12. Still a bit confusing. I would imagine if you leave the window down lock the car make sure the fob is no where near then lean in and try and turn the wheel, of course try doing that before the alarm sets
  13. Sorry didn't think of looking in here for my answer