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  1. A/C issues

    Make sure your gauges are connected correctly because when vacuuming down it will pull air through the service valves if for example you only connect the low side, so make sure all service valves are capped.
  2. A/C issues

    Some of these are constant running clutchless compressors so compressor always runs
  3. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    I just watched it. I didn't compare Edd to Ant either, for the American market Ant is the ideal person. Edd is brilliant and there's no doubting it, but he's just not American enough for this show now., Ant can pull it off. Without giving it away I didn't realise the original designer planned a certain aspect different. Also how much they are worth in the USA
  4. What's being worked on today?

    They put all the effort into making the outside look good, then raid used bits of airfix kits to get the plastic to make the shit interior
  5. E60 535d M sport - My new daily

    Don't you find the traction control a bit OTT. I turn mine off if i have to make a quick pull away and regulate the wheel spin with the throttle or an up change on the box
  6. Saw the Gatso lines on the M3 video
  7. What's being worked on today?

    Looking at it, i thought what a horrible dash, seeing it's an American car explains all. I've yet to see a decent American dash board.
  8. That's it for petrol....

    One thing that bothers or intrigues me. If they are so hell bent on getting rid of diesel cars and making people go for petrol vehicles, why is the yearly vehicle license (road tax) not representing that? In our house we have two cars both of which are 10+ years old, one is a 1.9 TDi and the other a 1.5 petrol, yet the petrol is so much more to renew. I know it's based on CO2 emissions but at the moment you can still get £0 per year diesel cars, so frankly it's still better economically to buy a small diesel then petrol car.
  9. A/C issues

    What he said.. You need to take it to someone who knows how AC works, not someone who just passed an FGAS regulation, who know sweet FA about the principles of AC but know you'll get a slapped wrist for releasing it to atmosphere Coincidentally I'm in the process now of using 95% Nitrogen 5%hydrogen now to find some particularly small bastard leaks on one of our AC units at work, they take about 7kg of R407c, but having a unit that goes from 400psi to 385psi over night on plain OFN with no sign of oil anywhere is a nightmare. I know it's gonna be one of the coils
  10. That's it for petrol....

    That is quite impressive. I wonder how much that costs though, I bet not as cheap as a tank full of fuel. Although i dare say you lease the batteries and therefore pay a monthly amount, so if you're a high miler then it could be worth it.
  11. That's it for petrol....

    I've seen videos of the Tesla in Ludicrous mode and who was ever driving that wasn't using it..
  12. Best film ever?

    Too many to state, recently Despicable me 1 & 2, 3 was a bit of a let down. Most Terminator films, Most Bourne films and for some reason I love the mushy film 'Curly Sue'
  13. Gearbox rattle at 1000rpm

    Strut brace lose.. Make sure the bolts are tight
  14. The what happens if in a few months the replacement car goes tits up.. If everything else on 5er is good I'd get the gearbox fixed and you'll get another 200k out of it
  15. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Ah crap that's an unwanted expense, on another note thanks for being the 535d guinea pig for power testing..