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  1. micmatt313

    525iX won't start

    Just another thought.. Had trouble starting my iX last week - similar to you i had driven without problems earlier in the day. The engine cranked over strongly but i could tell it was never going to catch. I was also getting spurious light failure messages on the dash. It turned out to be a loose bolt through the positive battery terminal resulting in a poor connection for one of the thinner diameter wires running off it. prodding the wire resulted in a switch or relay chattering, and once it had been tightened the engine started immediately.
  2. micmatt313

    525ix refreshed

    Perfect timing with the new tyres
  3. micmatt313

    525ix refreshed

    Thanks and agreed - only previous touring/estates have been E39 and Mercedes W124 (Z3MC doesn't quite meet the criteria) and this is definitely my favourite
  4. micmatt313

    525ix refreshed

    Hi Geoff! Thanks for taking the time to drive mine and for your thoughts and advice. Including the carriage it came to around £350 to refurbish the shocks - with a 2 year warranty. So cheaper than replacing. New tyres fitted this morning so she's just about ready for the winter. They had to clean away quite a bit of surface corrosion on the wheels, so probably due a refurb next year
  5. micmatt313

    525ix refreshed

    Thanks. Mainly front suspension - either replaced or in the case of the shock's, refurbished. Then there was a lot of other bits such as the tailgate and tailgate glass struts, window motors, thermistors, heater valve, viscous fan. There were a few dings, scratches and bumps to be removed as well as a bit of welding for the MOT. Overall its wearing 170K+ pretty well - apart from the drivers seat - which if forgot to mention above - is certainly showing its age. So if anyone has a grey cloth seat in good condition please shout.
  6. micmatt313

    525ix refreshed

    Not exactly my new car as i've had it for around a year, but now I've got it back from Steve at Classic Bahnstormers it drives as BMW intended, and with a partial respray it looks pretty good too! Next on the list is a set of new tyres and probably a replacement windscreen as the refraction from oncoming headlights on the scratches and swirls are effectively blinding on unlit roads I also want a new head unit and after reading a couple of threads on here have pretty much decided on the blaupunkt toronto bt400 - there's nothing on eBay at present, so if anyone know's of one for sale i'd be interested. But for now i have a 600 mile round trip over the weekend to enjoy
  7. micmatt313

    Bits and pieces for 530d sport touring

    thanks - no it probably isn't as long as 20 minutes - the sound appears to be from the passenger side of the engine bay Any ideas why the mpg might be poor? much of the time was on cruise control at around 80-85..
  8. Hi all, i've got a few questions am hoping you might have the answer for! Firstly, the ambient temp sensor is steadily reading -40, can anyone please advise where it is located, and is it an easy replacement? next, i understand the car is fitted with the webasto aux heater, but i don't have a remote control for it - any idea where i might be able to get one? I recently got the swirl flaps blanked - could this lead to slightly reduced mpg? An A road / motorway journey to the lakes last week saw 29-30mpg, and i'm sure ive seen 35 on similar runs previously (The journey was just after getting the front shocks and springs replaced, and was something of a revelation - i don't think the old ones were doing any damping at all!). Run on whine - i had to replace the battery at the weekend (£130 ouch!) as it failed to turn the engine over with increasing frequency. There is sometimes a whine that continues after the engine has been switched off - might this be related to the 'hedgehog' problem i've read about on here? winter wheels - am getting the parallels refurbed this week, so looking for cheap wheels to fit winter tyres to. Will 16" wheels give me a good range of resonably priced winter tyres? If anyone is bored enough to have read all this, thank you for your patience Michael
  9. micmatt313


    r&ehw thanks for your post, am getting the suspension and swirl flaps sorted tomorrow, followed by the wheels on Thursday. But i've got a feeling that i'm going to stick with the mcs I suspect that i'm just not going to enjoy driving the 530 quite as much day to day. I notice you had a z3, they're great value now. I had a Z3M Coupe for a few years - it certainly took some mods to get it to handle well. I also had a Z4 Coupe for a while (the 3 litre not the M) but i couldn't get on with the softer engine or the run flats..
  10. micmatt313


    Thanks, and i'll get some photo's up when i figure it out its a shame about the mcs - bit of a work in progress: New sc with 15% reduced pulley Bigger intercooler Modified cold air intake Cold running plugs New brembo's and ive got a set of KW V2's and adjustable topmounts sitting in a box waiting to be fitted Never mind, its just a toy
  11. micmatt313


    hey there, thought i would join as it looks like i'm inheriting my wife's 01 530d auto sport touring. I bought it for her earlier this year so she could more easily carry around all of the stuff that must go wherever new baby goes. However she rather cruelly (and inaccurately) refers to it as her '80's taxi' and wants a sleek 4x4 like the rest of the mums - i can't bring myself to sell it so soon, so am going to take it off her hands and my mini cooper s is going to have to be sold to fund her softroader. In 6 months of driving it's been great for a 115k mile car - its not as tight as i was expecting for the sport version, but i think that either bushes or dampers might need replacing - it will hit the stops over a roadhump if not taken very gently. It's also accelerates a bit slower than i was expecting, but that might be down to my unfamiliarity with the autobox. I was surprised when the first time i ran it at highish motorway speeds - that what is normally a very smooth engine hardens to a distinct throb - am hoping this is normal? Have managed to get around 35mpg on a run, but daily short journeys return more like 25 which was lower than i expected. So there's a list of things to do developing for if i keep it: Wheels refurbished Suspension sorted Couple of small rust spots around the arches/trim to deal with Engine health check and perhaps a remap - although i wouldn't want to push the turbo or gearbox over the edge Michael