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  1. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Hi no sorry It’s not that as number 2 is available in 3 colours the part I need is metal thanks anyway but I will bond my old broken one on Ray
  2. Rays535i

    parts price please

    bump any joy ??????
  3. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Hi no sorry he is part on headlining Ray
  4. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Hi no sorry its this part
  5. Rays535i

    parts price please

    Thank you so much for prices that B pillar !!! as for the headlining clips that’s not the part I need it’s about 4”x2” completely surrounding the middle/main lights in headliner clipping in to place thanks
  6. Rays535i

    parts price please

    hi guys could i get the following part prices please bmw e36 323i p878 tkx a pillar L 51438173497 a pillar R 51438173498 clip 51437194187 x6 b pillar 51432257924 passenger side grab handle front 51168203991 grab handle rear R 51168203984 grab handle rear L 51168203983 caps 51448173485 x2 they are all in grey are the prices same if i wanted black for all the bits ? can i get prices separate please one last thing on the headlining there a small metal bracket that attaches on headliner that the middle map lights clip up to is that available many thanks happy Christmas
  7. Rays535i

    Parts price please

    Hi guys could I get prices for following bits for my prices seperate please e36 323i P878tkx 07119963355 washer x2 33117525064 screw plug x 2 51161960458 x4 screw cover 11427512300 oil filter 63318360027 glovebox light amber many thanks
  8. Rays535i

    e36 brake switch

    ok thanks so option 1 just lock that will fit my current key option 2 random lock with key just for lock both same price ? many thanks
  9. Rays535i

    e36 brake switch

    switch delivered installed and problem solved many thanks excellent service as usual just quick one on the boot lock yes i need 51248122347 the lock that key goes in does it come with a plain key for £93 ? just for locks not to start car basically i have one key that opens doors and starts car but doesn't open boot only opens through central locking so would new boot lock open with my existing key ? thanks Ray
  10. Rays535i

    e36 brake switch

    hi sorry p878 tkx
  11. Rays535i

    e36 brake switch

    hi could i get the price for e36 323ia 97 61318360417 4 prong 51241960861 boot lid lock (from germany to fit my key ??) thanks ray
  12. Rays535i

    Price for brakes please

    Hi guys could I get a price for pads and discs for front and rear for my e36 323i P878tkx many thanks Ray
  13. Rays535i

    part price please

    got parts today great service again many thanks Ray
  14. Rays535i

    part price please

    hi could i get the price on the following bits please e36 323i p878tkx 51478126285 x4 51471977631 x4 07129904221 x8 07119904310 x12 51112233845 x1 51112233846 x1 16121180242 x1 32111131345 x2 prices individually please many thanks Ray
  15. Rays535i

    price on a few seals

    hi guys could i get the prices on the following please e36 323ia p878tkx front seal 24311422671 rear seal 24137509504 gear selector seal 24147571213 hose clamp 32111131345 universal joint 26117511454 can i get individual prices thanks very much