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  1. Rays535i

    Price for brakes please

    Hi guys could I get a price for pads and discs for front and rear for my e36 323i P878tkx many thanks Ray
  2. Rays535i

    part price please

    got parts today great service again many thanks Ray
  3. Rays535i

    part price please

    hi could i get the price on the following bits please e36 323i p878tkx 51478126285 x4 51471977631 x4 07129904221 x8 07119904310 x12 51112233845 x1 51112233846 x1 16121180242 x1 32111131345 x2 prices individually please many thanks Ray
  4. Rays535i

    price on a few seals

    hi guys could i get the prices on the following please e36 323ia p878tkx front seal 24311422671 rear seal 24137509504 gear selector seal 24147571213 hose clamp 32111131345 universal joint 26117511454 can i get individual prices thanks very much
  5. Rays535i

    Price on a new key

    ok thanks just called local dealer could order over phone without id but couldn't pay over phone had to pay online and they don't send things out at all so must pick it up you guys are the best !!
  6. Rays535i

    Price on a new key

    Hi guys would it be the same process for a new ignition barrel ? mines spinning or can you get it for me ? think part number 32321092780 cheers
  7. Rays535i

    Price on a new key

    ok thanks for the info Ray
  8. Rays535i

    Price on a new key

    Hi guys whats the price and procedure on getting a new key with chip for my 323i 1997 reg P878tkx many thanks
  9. Rays535i

    Price please

    Hi guys could I get a price on camshaft sensor for P878tkx 12141703221 cheers ( don’t know why that’s so big sorry )
  10. Rays535i

    Parts prices please

    Brilliant thanks does that come with side “M” badges and fixing clips ? cheers
  11. Rays535i

    Parts prices please

    Thanks guys parts came today all good great service 82119403144 Price please m mouldings cheers
  12. Hi Bought an e36 323i 1997 last week the heater control panel was not working it would come on and off blow hot then turn off completely Did a little research and found out it’s probably the capacitor re solder a new one it was showing all those symptoms But having no soldering iron or skill I bought one same part numbers from eBay seller tells me it’s all working But it’s not working also no display on temp of working controls They both are getting power as when lights are on the back lights power on I am at a loss Any ideas Many thanks
  13. Rays535i

    Parts prices please

    Hi there just bought a e36 323ia 97 vin as56590 need some bits and bobs could I get the price for the following please individually priced please air filter fuel filter micro/pollen/cabin filter spark plugs oil filter elbow tube from maf (part ending 0073) coolant level sensor bmw boot and bonnet badge with new lugs 32311158835 steering wheel bearing 32311157968 snap ring all the tiny bulbs behind instrument cluster thanks very much
  14. Rays535i

    Alpina - tempted

    That’s one hell of a good looking e39 but an awful lot as cash !
  15. Rays535i

    Back with bmw number 8

    Hi guys have had a couple of years with a jaguar xfs after selling by e60 545i alpina rep ( meet some of you guys at the Uxbridge motor show on our stand ) sold the jag bought the wife a very nice x1 23d and I will be getting a e39/e60 in the new year the jaguar was very nice but is wasn’t a bmw roll on the new year !!