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  1. E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Thanks all. There's not a great deal to see from above. Do I need to get under to see the aux pump area? Gonzo: yeah I had to reseat it a few days ago because it came away with the bonnet opening - I presume the idea is it keeps smells from the engine bay away from the cabin air intake?
  2. Hello. My car has started emitting what I think is raw (pre-cat) exhaust. I can smell it in the cabin (workaround is to turn off climate control) when stationary - it goes on the move. Under the bonnet, it seems like it is strongest on the right bank side (as I look at the car from the front). No signs of exhaust gasses visibly, no blowing, dealer took a look and couldn't see any signs of gasket leaks etc around the exhaust system. I had to top up the coolant the other day and every now and then I get a faint smell of damp, like there is a very very slight coolant leak somewhere. Slight enough that it isn't dripping when running. Which parts of the cooling system could be leaking onto exhaust and possibly producing that acrid smell? Could that account for the smell from cold? - it happens straight away (well as soon as the climate fans start).
  3. Great video about Valvetronic from Engineering Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKfcV7hITYI
  4. Changing From Run Flat Tires to Normal

    They might look "flatter" because the sidewalls won't be as stiff as RFTs.
  5. Spare Wheel Options.

    Dynaplugs and a compressor instead?
  6. 535d Small Turbo boost gone

    Here's some of my DL experiences. I went in with my F11 525d, 3.5 pushing 4 years old, 105k miles, so out of warranty. Rear suspension had dropped, probable compressor failure. They diagnosed the valve but since the valve is built into the compressor, the entire part had to be replaced at a cost of over £1k. I politely questioned the age of the car and they managed to get BMW UK to agree to pay for the part in full. I paid the labour which was a matter of £200 or so. Outstanding service, I was utterly blown away. Recently, I went in with my E61 550i, major oil leak which turned out to be the alternator seal. Stupid design but anyway... I was expecting a four figure bill but it was less than £700. Considering they had the car for three days and had to do a fair bit of work to fix it, I'd say that was very reasonable. I guess for me, their responsiveness, ability to work on repairs at a days notice (they fitted me in the same day for the E61 oil leak) and the bills never seem to turn out as much as I fear, I'm pretty happy and I plan to keep going back as my first port of call. Also, living in Newbury, they are convenient without needing a hire car (which is part of the reason they can fit me in so quickly) as I can just get the train back or even cycle. I've never used the Car Clinic - tried once but their waiting time was over 2 weeks. That perhaps says something about their reputation maybe but I've no idea I'm afraid. Millers - took my car in as I had a trans fault. They diagnosed a recondition correctly but they initially thought the trans fluid level was low so they topped it up with 1 litre. I took the car away at that point for a second opinion and the box behaved more strangely after that visit than before. The second opinion (3D transmissions in Reading who I commissioned to do the recon work) told me that the box was overfilled. So I concluded that Millers (at least for auto transmissions) don't know what they're doing.
  7. 535d Small Turbo boost gone

    You could give Dick Lovett a shout in Hungerford. Their labour and repair charges are very reasonable and I've found them to be quick, honest and reliable servicing and repairing my F11 525d and current E61 550i. I've tried Grosvenor in Reading and they are no cheap than DL and I found Millers Garage in Newbury were incompetent on the occasion I visited.
  8. N47 engine possible issues - HELP PLEASE!

    The engine does sound bassy when its doing a DPF regen. You'd have heard it like that quite a few times during your ownership, I'd imagine. There are some youtube videos where the timing chain noise is evident, does it sound like those?
  9. Gearbox failure

    @tuvoc - no idea.. what should I check for?
  10. Gearbox failure

    Yep, full recon'd box, which they did in-house. Just shy of £2300 all in. They recommend annual fluid changes, which in itself seems excessive but if I do that annual change (£230 or so), they'll re-warrant the entire box for a further 12 months and they'll do that in total two times, giving me three years warranty in all. And its transferable, should I sell the car.
  11. Gearbox failure

    It's back from 3D Transmissions. A full recon was recommended and it's now back working again. After a 45 minute drive, it seems happy and the occasional 2>3 hard shift appears to have gone.
  12. Gearbox failure

    Interestingly, it wasn't slipping until it came back from the local indy today (who advised that the fluid level was overfilled and they reduced it (at the right temperature)). But the fault codes came up before that, so perhaps it was slipping but it wasn't enough for me to notice it.
  13. Gearbox failure

    It's changing normally but slipping on 2>3. I've had a recommendation from ZF themselves to give 3dtransmissions in Reading a call, which I did and they do reconditioning in-house so I think I'll take it there. Thankfully I don't have the LCI so no danger of slipping into park (that sounded highly inconvenient!).
  14. Gearbox failure

    Getting fault codes 4f81 and 4f82 as well as the 'transmission fault' appearing on iDrive. Took it to a local indi who thinks a recon is the way forward at £3k. The car has done 142k on what I presume is the original gearbox and without any apparent ATF changes. I've had it for the last 3000 miles. Are there any transmission specialists in the Berkshire area (I'm in Newbury) that I should be talking to next? Is recon the only sensible thing to do at this mileage? Any other options I should consider? cheers Chris
  15. REST water pump fuse

    Looking at other forum posts, it looks like glove box fuse 23, but that 30A fuse is intact. Does anyone know where the pump is located?