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  1. The engine does sound bassy when its doing a DPF regen. You'd have heard it like that quite a few times during your ownership, I'd imagine. There are some youtube videos where the timing chain noise is evident, does it sound like those?
  2. @tuvoc - no idea.. what should I check for?
  3. Yep, full recon'd box, which they did in-house. Just shy of £2300 all in. They recommend annual fluid changes, which in itself seems excessive but if I do that annual change (£230 or so), they'll re-warrant the entire box for a further 12 months and they'll do that in total two times, giving me three years warranty in all. And its transferable, should I sell the car.
  4. It's back from 3D Transmissions. A full recon was recommended and it's now back working again. After a 45 minute drive, it seems happy and the occasional 2>3 hard shift appears to have gone.
  5. Interestingly, it wasn't slipping until it came back from the local indy today (who advised that the fluid level was overfilled and they reduced it (at the right temperature)). But the fault codes came up before that, so perhaps it was slipping but it wasn't enough for me to notice it.
  6. It's changing normally but slipping on 2>3. I've had a recommendation from ZF themselves to give 3dtransmissions in Reading a call, which I did and they do reconditioning in-house so I think I'll take it there. Thankfully I don't have the LCI so no danger of slipping into park (that sounded highly inconvenient!).
  7. Getting fault codes 4f81 and 4f82 as well as the 'transmission fault' appearing on iDrive. Took it to a local indi who thinks a recon is the way forward at £3k. The car has done 142k on what I presume is the original gearbox and without any apparent ATF changes. I've had it for the last 3000 miles. Are there any transmission specialists in the Berkshire area (I'm in Newbury) that I should be talking to next? Is recon the only sensible thing to do at this mileage? Any other options I should consider? cheers Chris
  8. Looking at other forum posts, it looks like glove box fuse 23, but that 30A fuse is intact. Does anyone know where the pump is located?
  9. The REST system in my E61 doesn't blow warm air out for very long (maybe 1 minute) compared to other cars I've had. I can't hear the sound of a water pump working either. Warm air resumes almost immediately after restarting the engine. I'm guessing a fuse might have blown. I'm presuming it would be an electric pump also. Any idea where I might find the fuse?
  10. It's the AC. Moisture sits on the fins of the cooling element. Until that element gets cold again (usually 10 seconds or so after the compressor starts), the moisture is expelled into the car via the vents and condenses onto the windscreen. If you want to avoid it, turn off your AC and let it dry out. Otherwise ignore it, its perfectly normal.
  11. I've had mine a few months now, E61 with 140k on the clock. Brim to brim tank average is 24mpg with a mix of urban and motorway. The SE ride is sublime and it has plenty of power. I couldn't deal with the V10 and firm ride of the M5.
  12. I followed this very helpful pdf:
  13. You were bang on. Third loom from the left, three wires broken, two close to being. 2 hours work, some soldering and its repaired. Radio now works (as well as high brake light) Thank you!
  14. The rear high brake light isn't working either... hmm
  15. Hammond has been at my car... I only get reception when I brake (or turn on the rear heated window), otherwise I get static or very weak local stations. Thankfully there is no cheese on the engine. All relevant rear fuses seem to be intact. The diversity antenna module looks clean and I've re-seated all connections. The issue is the same with the boot open or closed. No issues with the remote keys. Anyone had the same and fixed it?