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  1. I was out in the Nordics for a while there and loads of E classes and volvo. That actually put me off the new e class, as I now look at them as Taxis.... The c class interior is simply stunning. Apparently they asked their show cars guys to have a go, resulting in the very futuristic interior. I'm even starting to link the dash tablet. Which I'm about to upgrade.
  2. Lennox

    Looks like I will be selling the 5 :o

    So you know the rules pics or it didn't happen. ...
  3. A local did say she cannot sleep due to her neighbours house being "brighter than the sun". We have them all the way round for security (broken into twice in the old house across the road) and they look nice.
  4. Here's the Mercs detailing video by a mate who did the ceramic coating on it.
  5. Lol. We actually have very few (16 right round) a neighbour has almost a hundred.....
  6. Lennox

    Anyone used ecotune?

    Used Ecotune-scotland.co.uk twice now, great company.
  7. Lennox

    Looks like I will be selling the 5 :o

    We had a GTD (2014) for 4 years, as our 2nd car and its probably the best small car we have ever owned. Mapped to 240bhp by the lads at Ecotune-scotland.co.uk it was a riot. 6 sec flat 0-100kph and high 40s even when you drove it like you stole it. Do it, brilliant car.
  8. Lennox

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Agree I have a set of steelies for my now sold GTD with Ts860s and they are awesome. About to order a set for my 4Matic Merc.
  9. Well the 535d was chopped in for a new XC90 nearly a year ago.. And we are loving it.. No where as fast but overall for our needs the better car. Vast boot, space, stunning design and loads of kit. But only if it had that 3.0 twin turbo..... Anyway my 2014 GTD of 4 years post mapping it to circa 240bhp (crazy fun) had been chopped in for a....... Sorry...... MERCEDES-BENZ. A car with the longest name ever... MERCEDES C250D 4Matic Premium Plus AMG line Midnight edition wagon. 18 months old. And again, loving it. Stunning interior and exterior, mapped to 250bhp with 550nm. It goes very well. Sub 6 at the lights and a ball hair under 50mpg on the run to work and back. The Burmester speaker package (£3k option alone) blows anything I have heard out of the water. If you get a chance try it. I did try to buy a 335d touring but I just couldnget along with the low rent interior and with the new 3 about to launch it felt like the old car it is. Also trying to bundle up all the option I wanted was impossible. Merc does make it easier with the Premium plus pack... Pretty much everythings included.
  10. Lennox

    F10 535d to G30 540i

    Thanks just sold our 535d for a 7 seater. A new XC90, love it but I need a replacement fir the GTD now.... Was looking at an S4 deal but this 540i deal has turned my head.. https://www.contracthireandleasing.com/independent-brokers/all-vehicle-contracts/bmw/5-series/277119878/ But will a base spec annoy me?
  11. Lennox

    XC90 yeah or Nae?!?

    Will take some tomorrow when I wash it....
  12. Lennox

    XC90 yeah or Nae?!?

    Well the car is here and 2k in we are honestly loving it..... Super comfy and surprisingly nimble for a huge 4x4. Not the quickest thing but it's not that sort of car, on motorway it's seriously holds its own. Any doubters welcome to try it...
  13. Lennox

    Advice on winter wheels

    Look here... http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/index.php?/topic/129358-Help-required-winter-alloys-and-tyres Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
  14. Lennox

    What a fu**ing joke

    I got offered a few years back an awesome job an mental pay in Dubai but rejected it based on my wife's fear of the place. Agree though it's their country, their standards Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
  15. All android phones are different, the built and 'launchers' determine your experience. I use Nova and HD Widgets they are awesome, very eye pleasing and integrate loads of content into your screen. Here a quick shot if my current layout, haphazard for sons but I know where everything is, fast. Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk