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  1. Well I'm going to get flamed and I know I'm in the wrong but I use my phone constantly in thd car (handsfree via google recognition) as my satnav, music box (Spotify or YouTube (backgrounded)) and also as a phone (shock!!). It's on the dash and I do get it to read texts to me. Am I distracted, yes but I'm not looking at the screen. When the kids are in the car there will be 4 devices running and Bluetooth heafzets Are we getting too attached to the tech on the move? Definitely but my issue is that the cars tech isn't moving fast enough to keep up and keep us safe. Android auto and car play are junk..... I'm a out to order myself a Xmas present, an android replacement screen for my car. Hopefully that may stop me using my phone totally but will it stop any distractions.
  2. Lennox

    A few more 1:43 cars - BMWs and Saabs

    Me too!!! Wow. Need to find it.
  3. Lennox

    F30 330d M Sport...

    About the only option I don't have is heads up, had it on the F11 but hardly used it. Mainly as I used Wase for navigation. It's the design I have issue with, it's personal but the 3s interior just isn't special. The new three steps things up dramatically (as did the c class last time) but it's IMHO still lacking substance in its design. Looks too much like the new Audi, which I just cannot get along with the design, too angular or something. The Alfas I'd stunning but new low rent in finish. Test drove the Quadrifolio a while back, absolute belter of a car but still not up there with the Germans for quality. And I drive vs command, again subjective. Once you get used to it after nearly ten years of Idrive I'm really liking the Mercs different take.. The overall design is possibly overly fancy compared to Idrives utilitarian design. The quick links to functions is awesome, the Burmester setting work really well and the sports gauges look really cool. And the phone app integration is really good. Agree it's all personal taste, all I'm saying is try it, like I you might just like the change.
  4. Lennox

    F30 330d M Sport...

    So why live with a rubbish interior.... The Mercs interior I'm sorry makes a mockery of the 3 series. Even the stuck on look of the dcreens more honest that the bmws attempt to integrate it.... Eh NO they didn't. It's interiors fine in a 1 series..... But i just couldn't look at that... I love driving BMWs but I honestly preferred the bangle cars, they had style.
  5. Lennox

    E39 2003 saloon

    Advice? 1. Ignore it 2. Put it down fully and use it as a door, pretending you are the Dukes of Hazzard 3. Convert car to lhd 4. Get it fixed? People that are more sober will be along soon...
  6. Lennox

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Not aware of the engine much, enjoying the Burmester system too much. Plus rear can look good...
  7. Lennox

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Yeah hence I went for the best I could to tick all boxes.. C250 AMG PP Midnight 2143cc biturbo 250bhp 550nm 4Matic with pretty much every option ticked. Do miss a 6 cylinder but it better than a 3 series exterior, interior and a hell of a lot less common. Sub 6sec and the 9 speed box gives me circa 50mpg on the run to work. Loved my 535ds but this has turned my head. It will be winging its way to the lady in circa 9 months and I can see an E63 touring replacing the Volvo XC90.
  8. No on the contrary its better finished than my last F11. Granted my C Class has the upgraded black porous wood instead of the easily scratched silver plastic on the BMW. The Burmester speaker vents are a nice touch as well being beautifully drilled aluminium. The seat leather unfortunately is on par with the BMWs though. Being man made, as least my vegan friends and vegetarian family members cannot pull me up. Upgraded the grill and added technically correct side badges..
  9. I was out in the Nordics for a while there and loads of E classes and volvo. That actually put me off the new e class, as I now look at them as Taxis.... The c class interior is simply stunning. Apparently they asked their show cars guys to have a go, resulting in the very futuristic interior. I'm even starting to link the dash tablet. Which I'm about to upgrade.
  10. Lennox

    Looks like I will be selling the 5 :o

    So you know the rules pics or it didn't happen. ...
  11. A local did say she cannot sleep due to her neighbours house being "brighter than the sun". We have them all the way round for security (broken into twice in the old house across the road) and they look nice.
  12. Here's the Mercs detailing video by a mate who did the ceramic coating on it.
  13. Lol. We actually have very few (16 right round) a neighbour has almost a hundred.....
  14. Lennox

    Anyone used ecotune?

    Used Ecotune-scotland.co.uk twice now, great company.
  15. Lennox

    Looks like I will be selling the 5 :o

    We had a GTD (2014) for 4 years, as our 2nd car and its probably the best small car we have ever owned. Mapped to 240bhp by the lads at Ecotune-scotland.co.uk it was a riot. 6 sec flat 0-100kph and high 40s even when you drove it like you stole it. Do it, brilliant car.