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  1. Woah, you're a bit flash, we have a 3rd hand 32" Panasonic passed through the family.
  2. mike77

    When did you last change an exhaust?

    My 2001 E39 still has the original exhaust 150k miles, as did my previous 1997 E36 sold in 2010 with 135k miles on it. They do seem to be very durable.
  3. mike77

    E39 air con not working - possibilities?

    Looks like this little box is the bad air smell detector, so not likely to be a problem relating to this. Although my auto recirculation doesn't work, so this is probably dead. Anyway, I don't care about that just now.
  4. mike77

    E39 air con not working - possibilities?

    The part I was talking about is this But it looks like it may be a sensor for the automatic air con recycling? So I doubt it's causing my issue. I might try powering up the aux fan directly to see if it's ok.
  5. mike77

    E39 air con not working - possibilities?

    I use the Aircon all the time, or else in a year it'll be knackered. There's a rectangular box mounted on the side of the viscous fan cowl.
  6. mike77

    E39 air con not working - possibilities?

    No idea about a capacitor, I guess I'd need to remove it all to find out. It's a 2001 built car so assume it has the later fan type.
  7. mike77

    E39 air con not working - possibilities?

    Ok, I pulled the fan connector out from the front grill and checked the contacts, pretty clean and I put a bit of Vaseline on the contacts to keep them clean. Read codes and got one for aux fan activation. When the code is cleared the fan runs and the air con works. Soon after it will stop and won't run again until you clear the code again. The temp sensor in the lower radiator hose is new and the aux fan isn't seized and turns easily. When it's 'working' the aux fan pulses slightly as I believe it should in between running. What could be causing this activation problem and resulting error code, which in turn stops the fan running?
  8. mike77

    E39 air con not working - possibilities?

    thanks, Bretherton isn't that far, i'll see if i can get anywhere with error codes, once i've rescued the OBD socket that's popped out behind the holder!
  9. Air con has been a little intermittent lately. It's stopped working again. It was re-gassed not that long ago and there's not been any visible signs of leaks. I've replaced the temp sensor on the bottom radiator hose and checked the big amp fuse under the glovebox. Hedgehog was replaced a couple of years back and the heater panel functions ok. The aux fan has been a little noisy recently but spins ok and doesn't feel seized or rough.
  10. mike77

    02 530d aircon compressor not spinning

    sorry, just read that you're sorted!
  11. mike77

    02 530d aircon compressor not spinning

    have you tried disconnecting the battery for a few hours? mine stopped working due to needing a re-gas. i believe if the gas is low, the system wont engage anyway. Got the re-gas done, but it still wasn't working, so they never charged me. I disconnected the battery at home and left it for a while, worked fine when reconnected. Is your Aux fan running? - if not, it could be the temp sensor on the bottom hose near the right hand headlamp. pull the plug out and shot the pins on the plug.
  12. Please can I have a price for 17221740798 oil cooler, e39 530i Nov 2001 CE67721 Thanks Mike
  13. mike77

    Replacing ATF cooler - brand / OEM maker?

    They're in the USA
  14. mike77

    Replacing ATF cooler - brand / OEM maker?

    I can afford any of them, my question is, if the OEM maker is brand X meyle for example, whatever, there's no point paying over the odds from the dealer for a 'BMW' one.
  15. My ATF cooler behind the radiator has a tiny leak, anybody replaced with aftermarket or know the OE maker? 530i 2001 build Looks like the part number is 17221740798