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  1. E39 530d manual, Revs randomly capping on motorway

    I'm based in Swindon and have a cable/laptop with INPA so could help out if you're in the area. As for how; the ECU will store errors in its memory and these are read/cleared by a tool such as INPA. So if you've had a problem already the error code(s) should be there. I have a similar issue and after consulting with the forum am pretty sure it's the pump under the passenger seat at fault. I swapped out the fuel filter and whilst things are better it still hits a ceiling high in the rev range but below that of the limiter.
  2. 2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    The reg would match my initials The wheels really don't look good in that finish.
  3. Seems the maker of this particular part is quite well shielded... seen Behr (now Behr/Mahle) discussed as the OEM as well as Wahler. I'm with you - I would spend a little more if I knew I was getting a part that lasts. Pulling the car apart is time consuming [not to mention there's always an element of risk involved] so the less I have to do it the better. The thing is it's all a bit random out there. Most say avoid Chinese manufactured parts but above is a comment referring to rubbish coming out of Italy The Mahle units used to be manufactured in Czech Republic but I think they're now Italy/China I don't care where a part is made just that it's been built to a good standard. I've read reports of the units from the dealer also failing after a relatively short life. A benefit to a dealer provided part is I believe a 2 yr warranty (though I suspect that's only if they fit the part?). I think I'm going to order a Febi unit from BMW Motormec. It'd clearly be based on brand name and price rather than any actual evidence [for this particular part] which seems a bit suck it and see to me.
  4. E39 525d Thermostat

    Thanks, I'll weigh up my options and get back to you.
  5. Cotswold gave a price of £63.53 delivered which is pretty good. However, paying an extra 50% for a BMW badge isn't my idea of sensible. I will pay money for a better quality part (my recent suspension fix was all Lemforder for example) but I'm just not feeling it with a thermostat! Still haven't made up my mind just yet but have a few days before the quote expires...
  6. E39 525d Thermostat

    Last 7 digits of VIN: gw82231 Part number: 11512354056 Could you please quote an all in price for the above. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks Dan. That's not the part I require as my car doesn't have an EGR thermostat; I'm after part 6. I did look at BMWMotormec first but they only had a Febi branded unit listed and internet advice doesn't suggest they're a decent brand; price wise it is £42. The cheap [but obviously anything not actually able to be supplied can be advertised for 1p] listing for the Mahle unit from Opie was £34. Dealer price (I called yesterday) is £74.41.
  8. WTF - how can Opie be selling an item that... they don't actually have stock of! Got an email saying that it'd be up to 5 weeks to get stock! Will cancel and get one from elsewhere!
  9. Anyone know who makes the BMW part? Opie have a Mahle unit on sale at the mo (£34/delivered) which going by what BMW Direct are listing their part as, is cheap at half the price
  10. Hi all, As well as my other gremlin [fuel pressure issue] over the past couple of days the car's temperature has been lower than usual. The needle will eventually reach half way but after much longer than it ever did. Also the cabin temperature takes ages to warm up and in this weather, it's pretty damned chilly Anyways, done a search and the suggestion is that it's likely to be the EGR thermostat or the main thermostat at fault. Thing is I can't see an EGR thermostat on my car ('03 525d manual) and RealOEM also suggests it doesn't exist. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DL92-EUR-04-2003-E39-BMW-525d&diagId=11_7616 I'd guess it's #14 on the diagram but it's not listed in the parts list below... Can anyone confirm if it really has one or not? I had the laptop on the car the other day and there were no codes relating to anything other than my fuelling problem so I'm down to thoughts/usual suspects. I'd guess the thermostat has started to fail but all ears in case there's other suggestions What make to buy replacements of would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  11. Suspension parts - how difficult to replace

    Took it in to Dellers of Swindon. They quoted [and charged] £360 inc to fit the parts I'd ordered - 2 wishbones, 2 track control arms, 2 integral links and 2 ball joints. Didn't really notice any difference in the car's handling but it's now got a clean MOT and has been taxed for another year
  12. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Fuel pump (Pierburg) turned up today. Pretty hopeful that it will be the solution as the current pump sounded dreadful this evening on startup. Hope to fit soon but obviously the weather forecast isn't exactly ideal!
  13. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Understood... ordered a Pierburg I assume it's a simple "jack car up, remove covers, unclip existing, replace with new unit" job? Hopefully it'll have warmed up a little by the time it arrives!
  14. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    There's an awful lot of cheaper options available £30 and up! Given the choice (they're both about £120 delivered) Pierburg or Bosch? I'm guessing what's fitted as OEM but hey, thought I'd ask TIA!
  15. Another gremlin - engine power loss E39 525d

    Filter changed; put in a Mann filter from ECP. I clicked the ignition on/off without starting 3 time to prime the system. First start was sluggish and an error was recorded but I'd imagine that's pretty normal (can't recall last time I swapped out the filter). Not a great deal of difference on the supply pressure on idle (the screenshot was near the highest - it fluctuated between 3.3x and 3.5x). I took it for a quick spin and after letting it warm a little I put my foot down. Low down the rev range was possibly better (less fluffy) but at 3800K hit a ceiling. Not like before in a 'surge' pattern but just stopped accelerating. Live INPA data showed pressure at low 2's. Checked the codes and exact same error was recorded and pressure values of 2.04 and 2.10 logged. The pump under the passenger seat has always sounds quite bassy especially when the weather is cold. Is/was that a sign of failure?