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  1. Personally I'd only buy and fit what is actually needed and I'd buy as good a part as I could get for the budget I have available. I certainly wouldn't consider replacing the majority of the suspension with cheaper components just because it'd mean they'd be new as that will potentially make things worse and it's likely you'd need a 4 wheel alignment too if you did. It's annoying when the MOT sheet doesn't specify which exact part is worn but then I suppose most garages would hope/expect the owner to leave the car with them to do the work?! Jack it up, pull the wheel off any use a pry bar around all the joints and see if there's obvious play in them.
  2. Totally with Dan. Whilst "on paper" you have better fuel consumption with a diesel with that daily mileage you'd have to do a heck of lot at the weekends for the sums to swing in favour of the diesel (factoring in servicing and insurance costs). For an old car, such as the diesel E39, you're likely to be weighing up scrap value if you come up against failure of injectors or a turbo. Fuel pumps also seem to fail with ease but they're not bank emptyingly expensive at least. Compare that to a petrol where the top repairs [specific to the fuel type of the vehicle] are perhaps the cooling system and coil packs. Ditching the water pump with its plastic impeller should preventing major repair costs. Other stuff that may go wrong will be the same for either fuel type (electrical issues, worn suspension, rust, etc.). Shame as the M57 engine is a really smooth [for a diesel] and powerful unit. As you've found there is not that much choice for low to average mileage, well specified with a manual gearbox and in good order E39 diesels and the choice will only become less as time progresses.
  3. Sorry, I have a manual too.
  4. 525d with high 20's to low 30's around town and 40 ish on a run. I don't have a light foot but don't cane it either (it's a diesel after all!). E39Mad's figures are higher than what I see.
  5. I can offer no assistance whatsoever but as this thread pops up on the unread content list I must agree with the question of what are you trying to achieve by stripping the car and locating "missing" modules? It surely isn't a sensible approach to upgrades? /me confused
  6. Should do as LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) is a term used to identify a refresh of an existing product during it's lifetime but for an E39 at least, the refreshed model is more commonly known as a "facelift". Perhaps the usage of LCI came after an E39? As for the original question, the props department of production companies will have a network of suppliers/agents that will be able to source anything they need. There are sites like that allow owners to register their own vehicles should you have a narcissistic streak
  7. @d_a_n1979 I expect you're correct in your assessment... there's an awful lot of incremental bids with a user with a feedback of 1. As with everything no longer manufactured though, the value of anything is as much as someone is willing to pay. If the advert is to be believed (no reason to suggest it isn't) it's clearly a well looked after car and is probably targeted at a collector/garage queen owner rather than a commute to work driver.
  8. or just go directly to the code: You can read what the expected symptoms are as well as possible things to investigate.
  9. Too much of an "old man's machine" for me. As for the Hill heritage, who cares/does it really matter? I hope your job list includes removing that horrid GB/Euro sticker
  10. Go to Enter last 7 digits of your VIN Go to diagram "Fuel Preperation System" then "Fuel Supply" Check the part number of the filter (13321702632 if I've manually set your car's details correctly) Go to ebay, search for BMW part number Purchase part based on cost/manufacturer you have in mind HTH
  11. A 5s will run iOS 10 (the latest) as I upgraded mine a couple of months back. It'll also run iOS 11 (due shortly) though that will likely be the last. Arguably my phone worked better with iOS 8 but whilst I could live without a number of apps that had higher OS version requirements, my banking app wasn't one of them! Also, as the new Apple models have just been announced there'll be a few £'s drop in secondhand values over the next few weeks - mainly due to increased availability and perceived obsolescence initiated by the "must have latest" crowd
  12. Out of interest I went to see what was on eBay and there's a 530d manual...
  13. I found the same when I bought some oil recently - Edge 5w-30 had no certification for BMW whereas it previously had whereas Edge 0w-30 still does. It's pretty stupid but as above, I would buy a product that is correctly certified even though the likelihood of there being an issue in not doing so with the variants of Edge is probably very small.
  14. I was in the same boat years back when I bought mine. I was after a 525d Avus Blue Sport model which had a reasonably limited run so quite hard to find. One did turn up literally 10 miles from me but it looked like it had had a hard life so I passed. In the end I bought a low mileage ES SE from an older gentleman who clearly cherished his car. I thought I would replace the bumpers for the sport looks but after a short time I decided I liked (preferred even) the look of it as it was. Anyways, just presented an option as it was reasonably priced if it was in good nick.
  15. Stop lamps on facelift 382 12v 21W (I specifically bought Lucas LLB382)