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  1. RIP Malcolm Young

    Two brothers in quick succession - what a loss to the family.
  2. https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/news/comment/2017-10/future-classic-friday-bmw-5-series-e39/
  3. Insurance costs rising

    Got the renewal for £320 discounted from the initial quote of £396 (having presented the lowest matching price from confused.com). 2 years ago it was approx £280 and last year was £350 (that I just paid without comparing due to circumstances).
  4. Insurance costs rising

    Lol - not even close! My current insurer is Direct Line and last year it went up a lot but I've not seen their renewal price as yet. Will call them later to see if it's decent.
  5. Insurance costs rising

    Got an email form my current provider about a rise in insurance tax.. thought I'd check on confused.com what the prices may be on renewal and scrolled through the list to the end... The highest was 10 times the cost of the lowest and the average looks to be somewhere around the £800 mark. That's pretty expensive given my E39 isn't worth much.
  6. 7up has finally betrayed me

    But think of the children In all seriousness that's most likely the reason sugar is being replaced in drinks.
  7. The Walking Dead

    The last series was way too drawn out and this episode was much the same - a lot of time spent moving the story on precisely nowhere.
  8. E39 Shadow Chrome Trim (matt black)

    Don't need but I'm sure it'd help if you put your price
  9. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    I never believed the cars were ever bought or sold as per the programme. Older episodes had more charm but the car repairs were of their time - you can't just keep pulling the same components apart week after week without it getting stale. Later episodes turned into a buy a load of questionable upgrades and doing a full respay or do a restoration to standard. It needed a change and perhaps Ed moving on is a good thing but I've not seen it to pass comment.
  10. That's it for petrol....

    I don't think we'll all be driving electric vehicles in that time frame but it'll likely be very difficult to buy something with a "normal" engine (at least what is presently considered as such). As for the drag race it's just a low rent video with little to no actual relevance in the real world. Surely by now we all know what an electric motor can do and unless you've been living under a rock for several years, we've seen Teslas out accelerate pretty much anything. The Tesla Model S is not the car the general populous is going to be driving in the afore mentioned 20 years that's for sure - it's a premium model with premium features and a premium price tag.
  11. E39 M5 Individual

    Of course it is; it's priced for a collector not a driver.
  12. Problem with Outlook (Hotmail)

    Are you using the beta? If you are you're getting mails sorted in to conversations. I personally hate the change whilst there's many requests to make this optional Microsoft have thus far ignored the request. A few months back they broke my account login (I used a custom domain against Outlook) and when I finally got through to a person they said we know it's broke, we may fix it in the future but for now you cannot login using your custom domain. After *many* years of working perfectly my email was broken with no benefit. Stability is a joke with Microsoft over the recent past.
  13. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove sensibly for 150 miles (average 47 MPG on a mix of A and B roads) helping a friend buy a E93 320d convertible. It's nice but I like my E39 better
  14. Best film ever?

    From quite a few options, Aliens would be up there for me.
  15. e39 Alcantara

    Good luck trying to find a good set... it's not a material that wears well and given the age and potential butt on seat mileage, most (if not all) will be tatty. Just look at the [albeit cheap] examples on eBay!