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  1. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mine was £7.45 delivered from eBay (genuine Meyle part). Cost wise I don't actually disagree but I'm sure I've read conflicting reports of whether the vortex is actually "better" [when compared to a regularly cleaned/replaced filter].
  2. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I thought there wasn't conclusive evidence that it was worth doing? For the cost/effort, perhaps replacement of the loo roll [more] frequently is a better plan?
  3. The thing there's got to be few [if any] mint low milers left [in the UK at least]. Prices are stupid for what amounts to a modern, prone to rusting, potentially expensive to run vehicle. But then there's always someone with a wad of cash burning a hole in their pocket... I honestly don't believe you that you have been offered and [more to the point] turned down 21K for your car as it is Speculating on it accruing another 9K in 5 seems a little risky (bird in the hand and all that).
  4. New Wheeler Dealers

    Sadly, I thought it was a dull episode (rear wing was a dubious edition, wheels were a dubious update and the fixes were not that interesting) on a classic fast Ford. Having the seller come back to buy the car back - yeah right - made it one of the more pointless episodes. 53 hours of labour - rofl that's an awful lot of time on a a bit of fibre glass. Ant was OK, not too different to Ed in information/style.
  5. Sold

    Not interested myself but surely a sale price would be good to show?
  6. *If* the M5 becomes that type of classic and you're doing it with an eye on future profits (or at least residuals) then of course, you've answered your own question. If you're just sharing your thoughts and soliciting feedback on what we all think of your choice then by all means, change the colour; it's not like any of us will be affected by your choice is it ?! As @The Flying Banana said, there are plenty that have been resprayed and "improved" so if a respray is required why not do it make yourself happy in the here and now.
  7. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thanks, that made me smile! I washed mine today (nothing like above, just water and a mitt). Yeah I know it's going to rain anyway
  8. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Thanks, I really need one though it's not looking to have a good start According to the How Many Left site there's only 300 ish 530d sport manuals left on the UK's roads. Whilst it's probably not completely accurate, it is a good indication of just how difficult your task may be. It's certainly a good choice of vehicle but you'll be buying something that's at least 14 years old now so finding one with average miles and is still in great condition will be a tall order. A recent thread highlight Japanese imports as an option - though pricey and from a scan through the stock list diesels rarely feature let along manual boxed models! I did have a quick scan around (yeah I know, a lot of time on my hands) I did see a touring on Gumtree but it was a "homemade" sport (bus wheel and standard seats remained) so the conversion wasn't as complete as it could be and it looked like its age was catching up with it. There was also a manual 525d in Avus Blue but it was sitting on what looked like stretched tyres which isn't something I appreciate and therefore I skipped on by. Good luck in your search nonetheless.
  9. E39 530D Sport Manual

    Queue usual responses... Unlikely to get one easily Price will be high[er than you'd imagine] Why buy a diesel when you can get a 530i more easily Petrols suffer from cooling system failures, get a diesel Diesels are more expensive to maintain, get a petrol It's an old car so whatever the budget, leave some for repairs (injectors and turbos for diesel), rust and suspension arms for any model You could get a 525d and get it mapped You could get a 530d in SE spec and make it look like a sport Search eBay, Gumtree, forum and local ads Of course, it's [supposed to be] the season of goodwill and all that so perhaps one that fits the bill will magically appear
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    What did I do today... drove it

    Ordered, thanks for the heads up. I have Bosch wipers already and when I swapped them out for some new ones a few months they just slotted on without using any adapters. I can't recall if there was anything in the box but I certainly didn't add/remove anything from the wipers before putting them on. Just checked Youtube and mine are exactly as described Having just located the box with the old wipers within, there's no adapters. Box is marked 539 as video and packagings says fitment for E39 all models. The units have a cylinder across the arms sides and I guess that's what the plastic clip mechanism slides over.
  12. 2002 530i Sat Nav - Best Options

    Sorry to continue the thread derailment... I like the OEM look but not at any cost,. Not wishing to rag on anyone's install [as it's my preference/opinion] but the single DIN fascia panels can be pretty grim and the doubles even worse! I can't put my finger on it exactly but materials, finish, colour and style (or indeed a combination of all) are not quite what I'd like to see. As for the original post, I presently use Google Maps on a phone for sat nav and previously a Garmin unit on a dash 'pad'. I don't believe an in-car (OEM) unit is up to much given how out of date the unit will be (difficult/expensive to get map updates for).
  13. 2002 530i Sat Nav - Best Options

    That does look the part but it's so expensive [for an unknown quantity at least]
  14. Japanese Import E39s

    I can't imagine reduced value due to it being an import is of any concern given the age of the car. Having said that you'll be paying [significantly] over the odds for what is an old car just because it has less rust. Whilst the E39 was (and still is) an exceptional car for it's time I just don't see the value [at their prices].
  15. Black Friday, don't be fooled....

    Black Friday offer of £100 off a phone I wanted was a good deal... shame I couldn't order it (credit card issue) .... before it went out of stock. Grr! *All* sales are just bullshit with this one being the latest in fake marketing and hype/frenzy generation that modern day shoppers seem to thrive on.