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  1. stevenc3828

    Drained battery caused by boot issue.

    Could also be micro switches https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2377603-Tailgate-wiring-with-a-slight-twist
  2. stevenc3828

    Drained battery caused by boot issue.

    You can buy a section of loom to splice in from a seller eBay. Bmw do a repair loom with the correct plugs so you only have to do half the soldering (but it is really expensive) been there i think bimmer forums us has a pdf wiring diagram if you want to google it
  3. stevenc3828

    Kit's E34 535i

    I’m pretty sure the white bump stops are meant to be the other way up...
  4. stevenc3828

    Wtd: BMW dealer key rings

    Hi all, One little project I have going on in the background for my e34s is to obtain the original dealership key ring / fobs for them so do you have one for: LJ Irvine Taunton Wiggins Winchester Elms bmw Cambridge hartshill Maidstone bmw diplomatic sales or Park Lane harry fairbairn Glasgow or Henry Brothers Sorensons Norfolk I can swap them for Douglas Park, Broad Oak or Paragon key rings? Thanks...
  5. stevenc3828

    auto to manual wiring in 93 tds

    Re cruise, I think you'll only need the pedal switch and bracket....
  6. stevenc3828

    Disconnecting Battery.

    In the faq post at the top of the e34 section, there is a link to bmw's retrofit guides. Perhaps you could follow the guide in reverse to completey remove? Pretty sure there is a battery in the front passenger footwell, under the carpet, near the glove box hinges
  7. stevenc3828

    New warning just appeared!

    I had this in one of mine, swapped out the ccm for a spare and it went away
  8. stevenc3828

    1991 E34 M5 - Single Clunk over bumps Rear of car

    Exhaust mounts on the back box stretch over time. Could also be the shock top mounts and / or the rubbers that isolate the springs i presume the self levelling fluid is at a sufficient level?
  9. stevenc3828

    Touring wiring,

    I would suggest taking Geoff up on his offer as I bought the BMW repair wiring thinking it would be plug and play but alas not. The Internet / YouTube seem to be off the opinion to crimp rather than solder it seems
  10. stevenc3828

    Self Levelling Suspension spares

    Standard height or “low slung sport” variant?
  11. stevenc3828

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    I’ve got oem ones and use the rack and box for storage. The rubbers are marked now so I suggest you put yours on for short periods only
  12. stevenc3828

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Have you checked the starter relay in the engine bay ebox?
  13. stevenc3828

    1989 E34 Headlight issue

    Also worth checking the rheostat - turn that next time they don't come on
  14. stevenc3828

    540 won't start

    Yes, had this before. fuse under the back seat for 'security system' or something like that trip's when the boot wires short together. Time to get the soldering iron out or Crimpers (plus new fuse) Also advisable to take the battery out and fully charge it