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  1. Photos of my current daily a 94 m reg TDs se auto Saloon engine bay fuse box attached:
  2. Bonded in Windscreen and the trim clips around the edge. I tried to remove the trim from one car i had and ended up cracking the glass. My daily has a replacement screen and every day on the motorway it is like there is a storm outside!
  3. this could be a place to start
  4. The suspension components need to be torqued up with the car flat on the deck. Alignment specs are based on a full tank of fuel, tyres at correct pressure, weight in the boot, front seats etc - see my post on the first page of this thread
  5. Re rear discs - had the same with some Mintex brake discs for one of the 525ix. I did manage to get it on by threading the securing Allen bolt in at the same time as pushing the disc on the hub
  6. Last time i looked the Klokk panels came in 0.8mm and 1mm versions. Some of the sellers on eBay don't know what they are selling!
  7. The pad sensor wire is succeptable to nicks which then corrode the wire away. Try to buy the sleeved type
  8. Buy direct from Germany, purchases over 75 euro come with free shipping.
  9. Having a mare at the moment sending an e34 rear bench I sold on eBay to Uruguay. Basically under quoted by a couple of hundred quid so trying to figure out a way to get it sent in budget! I've looked at Parcel monkey, parcel force and inter parcel with 3-6 days delivery air freight. Are there sea freight options? I've tried different package options - in two boxes and separately packed.
  10. Green one goes to the fire wall next to the cabin heater pipes. I think the rubber hose is 1.8mm x 3.2 mm OD - there is a guy on eBay selling 100mm and one meter lengths
  11. Jurid parts are available from c3bmw and they are £19.20 Have a look at real OEM or BMW fans before you buy parts as sometimes the parts suppliers name is listed in the notes.
  12. + centre steering link
  13. PCV on the back of the inlet manifold? Changed one of those on a 540 recently that had a stange humming £38 for a Febi Bilstein part delivered via eBay
  14. Good work!
  15. One of mine had a similar clutch pedal, I ended up syringing up the tiny amount of fluid that was in the reservoir and topping up with fresh dot 4. Left it to gravity bleed for a bit, pumped the pedal and repeated to the pedal returned enough to move the car etc