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  1. Could a office filing cabinet lock be used on the roof bars? I think I read that cabinet locks have been used to hold Alpina wheel centres in the alloys in the past
  2. Not sure if the Euro car part or Car parts for less part numbers have been recorded Their catalogue states full sill 1.0mm thick 88-96 and part numbers 884110091 / 884110101 They are currently £71.99 with a 7% saving on ECP or £48.48 saving 38% on CP4L They don't come up in the usual way, you have to do a search by part number then confirm car details
  3. Most windscreen fitting companies should be able to fit a new one
  4. Sounds travel on these cars I've found. Just to clarify when you go over speed bumps, the noise only happens when the front wheels interact with the bump? Do you have any power flex type poly bushes installed on your '34? What condition are the rubber pads under the springs in!? (If they are there at all!)
  5. The fuel pipe that runs across the top of the alternator needs to be replaced also. Still available from BMW for about £33 ish going direct to BMW Germany ( ) they go brittle with age and start leaking Good time to do fuel filter also Been there, done that!!
  6. Did the m1 alphabet finish ????
  7. Got to be diamond black with Shadow line trim & ginger-cators externally for me
  8. Just received some parts from BMW classic. Not a great number of parts but they split the order into four packets and took out payments relative to what was in the packet. The trouble for me is there is a pound charge per transaction on my debit card plus a percentage of the value Most probably still saving over buying from the UK dealer
  9. Front or rear?
  10. Here is a link to the US forum, part way down there is a link to a searchable pdf The BMW workshop manual is also on line
  11. Photos of my current daily a 94 m reg TDs se auto Saloon engine bay fuse box attached:
  12. Bonded in Windscreen and the trim clips around the edge. I tried to remove the trim from one car i had and ended up cracking the glass. My daily has a replacement screen and every day on the motorway it is like there is a storm outside!
  13. this could be a place to start
  14. The suspension components need to be torqued up with the car flat on the deck. Alignment specs are based on a full tank of fuel, tyres at correct pressure, weight in the boot, front seats etc - see my post on the first page of this thread
  15. Re rear discs - had the same with some Mintex brake discs for one of the 525ix. I did manage to get it on by threading the securing Allen bolt in at the same time as pushing the disc on the hub