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  1. stevenc3828

    Touring wiring,

    I would suggest taking Geoff up on his offer as I bought the BMW repair wiring thinking it would be plug and play but alas not. The Internet / YouTube seem to be off the opinion to crimp rather than solder it seems
  2. stevenc3828

    Self Levelling Suspension spares

    Standard height or “low slung sport” variant?
  3. stevenc3828

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    I’ve got oem ones and use the rack and box for storage. The rubbers are marked now so I suggest you put yours on for short periods only
  4. stevenc3828

    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Have you checked the starter relay in the engine bay ebox?
  5. stevenc3828

    1989 E34 Headlight issue

    Also worth checking the rheostat - turn that next time they don't come on
  6. stevenc3828

    540 won't start

    Yes, had this before. fuse under the back seat for 'security system' or something like that trip's when the boot wires short together. Time to get the soldering iron out or Crimpers (plus new fuse) Also advisable to take the battery out and fully charge it
  7. stevenc3828

    E34 Fuel Pump Replacement (M50B25TU)

    I am looking at the Pierburg unit but I found it cheaper on ebay when I searched by the BMW part number (no spaces)
  8. stevenc3828

    Bmw e34 540i clutch help

    One of the guys I watch on YouTube (Ovalbore) bleeds the slave with it out the gearbox housing, pumping with one hand and opening / closing the bleed screw with the other. The other way I’ve seen is to use a old fashioned oil can with tube and pump the fluid up from the bleed screw. Another trick is to hold the clutch pedal down over night with a piece of wood against the seat
  9. stevenc3828

    Anyone bought a car abroad and driven home?

    I was looking into this a few years ago. Bringing a car back from Germany was easy enough then as you could purchase plates / insurance but I ended up getting an Austrian car so road tripped a car transporter from c & s recovery in north London. Back in blighty, Sky Insurance in Enfield insured it based on the vin number so I could get it mot’ed
  10. Found Tesco was cheapest for Castrol fully synthetic after buying in bulk on eBay thinking that was the best deal!
  11. stevenc3828

    Anyone following Project Binky?

    Latest episode is up in YouTube
  12. stevenc3828

    Parasitic drain on fuse 20

    Most probably dry joints in the check control module
  13. stevenc3828

    E34 TDS handbrake light not working

    Yep - see photo there are two gaiters to remove before getting to the handbrake ‘switch’
  14. stevenc3828

    518i running issue, back firing

    Crank sensor would be my guess