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  1. stevenc3828

    Anyone bought a car abroad and driven home?

    I was looking into this a few years ago. Bringing a car back from Germany was easy enough then as you could purchase plates / insurance but I ended up getting an Austrian car so road tripped a car transporter from c & s recovery in north London. Back in blighty, Sky Insurance in Enfield insured it based on the vin number so I could get it mot’ed
  2. Found Tesco was cheapest for Castrol fully synthetic after buying in bulk on eBay thinking that was the best deal!
  3. stevenc3828

    Anyone following Project Binky?

    Latest episode is up in YouTube
  4. stevenc3828

    Parasitic drain on fuse 20

    Most probably dry joints in the check control module
  5. stevenc3828

    E34 TDS handbrake light not working

    Yep - see photo there are two gaiters to remove before getting to the handbrake ‘switch’
  6. stevenc3828

    518i running issue, back firing

    Crank sensor would be my guess
  7. stevenc3828

    E34 Window Regulator Mechanism Repair

    If you can't find it separately and don't mind second hand mechs, I can supply the mechs for £15 plus postage (ebay item 192486498291)
  8. stevenc3828

    Vintage rc cars - sg tiger

    Or using the back wheel of an upturned push bike in a high gear!!
  9. stevenc3828

    518 to 525

    Yes! Had the same issue, there are a pair of mounting points different / missing on the block. Later / facelift e30 m20 might have them incorporated ?
  10. stevenc3828

    Check control messages

    +1 Check Control Module - been there done that! (Could be an idea to charge up the battery also)
  11. stevenc3828

    Insurance approved alarms...

    From https://www.thatcham.org/security “Thatcham Research has been at the forefront of vehicle security since the 1990s when it introduced the New Vehicle Security Assessment (NVSA) to address levels of vehicle crime and launched the Thatcham Categories for Alarm and Immobiliser systems that is now established as an industry benchmark...”
  12. stevenc3828

    E34 headlight upgrade

    HID are sooo last season have you you thought about LED? https://www.auto-lighting.co.uk/product-eng-6340-H1-H3-Headlight-Conversion-KIT-with-Philips-Luxeon-MZ-R4-LED-Bulbs-4800lm-Lumen.html
  13. stevenc3828

    Intensive Wash - Info required

    Check out the retrofit guides linked to at the top of the e34 section (ow.no something)
  14. stevenc3828

    F/S 1996 e38 735i in blue 12 months MOT (Ipswich)

  15. stevenc3828

    F/S 1996 e38 735i in blue 12 months MOT (Ipswich)