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  1. I have spoken to a guy who has one for a 2001 530i - he says it won't got as it needs to be from a 525d or 530d m57 engine. They all look the same to me?
  2. I thought that, seems a stupid design to be honest, will ring the dealer tomorrow.
  3. Started doing the service, tried taking the oil filter cap off with the correct tool I just bought and this happened - The hole is where I have had to drill into it and crack it in half to get it off - it was on ridiculously tight and the plastic hexagon nut sheared straight off. So now I'm left with no car. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement oil filter cap asap as in tomorrow?? Going on holiday on Friday and don't want to leave it like this - I drained the oil so can't move it off the ramps! Well annoyed.
  4. I did plan to but went out Friday and had stuff to do Sat and today - definitely doing it next week, my maf should arrive tomorrow all being well. I was going to do an engine flush but have read it's not advisable..
  5. Yeah I thought about it more and couldn't see any real benefits to fitting a part that wasn't supposed to be fitted. Just hope the Bosch maf cures the problem.
  6. I've just ordered a brand new Bosch MAF, at least I know it will work properly - bought a full service kit too, oil, air filter, oil filter etc so going to get that fitted this weekend. Had to put my alloy refurbishment and paint issues to one side. Will update the thread when I have fitted the new Bosch MAF.
  7. I see you commented on that thread chicaneuk and you seem to be the only one disagreeing....people had good results even after a few years. I can't see a negative in doing this swap....
  8. I've read all 5 pages, seems likes dream solution!
  9. Drove to work this morning and the car was fine! Hardly any smoke and it pulled well in all gears, the turbo kicked in a lot earlier and it held the revs for longer. Does this mean a new maf? Loving the car now, will it do any damage if I run with the MAF disconnected?
  10. It's a 2003 facelift that I have.
  11. It was me who did the EGR delete and this is the exact kit I fitted - I had a couple of parts left over which must of been to blank the manifold off, strange as it never mentioned blanking off at the manifold.
  12. Yeah that mesh must of blown out of the pipe yesterday on the way from work - the issues were happening before this though.
  13. Thanks for that, I did see that but was looking for a round maf instead of the oval one I have... This sounds even more stupid - I bought a can of the MAF cleaner that you spray into your air filter while revving and sprayed it into what I thought was the air filter while my wife revved it - turns out I mistook the cabin filter for the air filter!! I wondered why it stunk of the MAF cleaner still does after 3 weeks! What a waste of £9. Anyway I have disconnected the MAF sensor and driven home - it feels faster and the smoke isn't as bad but it still chucks out a fair bit of black when you floor it. Also that mesh that has come out of the EGR pipe has made the car sound like it has no exhaust. Wonder if that's to do with the power issue now that I have disconnected the MAF? It only happened today, I blanked the EGR off a few weeks ago and the high pressure looks to of blown the mesh out of the pipe which is now not sealed. I will have to buy a manifold blank I guess and completely remove the EGR pipe.
  14. Yeah silly question I know... Want to disconnect it and see if it makes a difference. This is the oil spatter Also noticed this when I took the front cover off - that piece of metal mesh that looks like it should go in that pipe? Cheers
  15. Can someone please post a picture of where it is located as I can't see it anywhere??