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  1. I'm always getting 600 miles to a tank which is really surprising for a 14 year old heavy 525d. It's had a new Bosch maf, been remapped and had egr blanked off so suppose that will help. Looking to get an E39 M5 next year as I will be doing a 30 mile round trip on country lanes when I move and prefer more smiles to the gallon.
  2. Cheers, I don't know that info, where could I locate it to advise?
  3. Cheers Mick, I live in Stoke but work in Uttoxeter. I parked up in Uttoxeter Tesco car park miles out the way and when I came out there was a silver 2003 E39 sport parked next to me. It had an E39 car club sticker in the window. Looked like an E39 mini meet
  4. Thanks man, I had the wheels refurbed specifically in Anthracite because I've seen the same wheels on E39's in black and silver. I love them but each to their own I guess
  5. in the best colour.... More pics to follow when I pick my exhaust mountings up. One has perished and the exhaust is hanging down. Unfortunately I am driving our dogs car in the meantime (206 SW Quicksilver).
  6. R.I.P Keith
  7. I took my HGV sat nav with supposed worldwide maps which didn't work, ended up stopping at the nearest Wal-Mart in Vegas and buying a TomTom for $80. 2000 miles driving around Vegas, San Fran and L.A. - best holiday ever.
  8. I have a Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle in my old Aquarium
  9. Yeah which most young teens were/ are into, I used to love all those mags. Always liked Jamie @ Carisma's creations. That Gold TVR was mentle.
  10. Those seats look amazing, good luck with the sale
  11. I don't mind it, sure I've seen it featured in Fast Car or Max Power in the past?
  12. Prefer them lookswise
  13. Prefer R33
  14. Thanks for the reply, I made a post in the E39 section which I updated yesterday - got the right alternator and the car is alive again
  15. Changed the alternator today, wasn't too bad a job. I made a tool to lock the waterpump whilst hitting a 32mm spanner to get the fan nut off. Then had to disconnect a few pipes and bits to get better access. Went to Eurocarparts to pick up an alternator, I was looking for a 120A. Strangely the one I took off my car was a 150A which was the original. My car doesn't have heated seats. Another confusing thing I found when looking is that some alternators had 2 pin plugs and some had 3. The one I took off had 2 pins and the one I have bought has 3 - the guy at ECP checked the part numbers on my old one and the one they recommended and he said the 3 pin version was correct and 1 pin must be either a blank or so it can fit other models. Old Vs New I fitted the part and all is well again with the car which I am more than happy about. Just wanted to share this info incase anyone was searching for an answer re which part to get for the 03 E39 525d. I spent ages researching but couldn't find the right answer without taking the alternator off to compare. Anyway the one I went for came with a lifetime warranty and cost a total of £114 after ECP promo discount. It was this one: Cheers