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  1. Quick update on this, changed the MAF today for the Bosch part: Happy to say that after the EGR blanking kit, full service including filters and replacement MAF, the power is back as I expected it to be! No smoke and accelerates nicely, it's finally fun to drive. The only issue now is that at low revs when flooring it I can hear a loud whooshing sound - can't tell if it's coming through the vents or outside.. I have googled and found a couple of possible causes, the main job is to check the hoses but it could also be the exhaust manifold that may have a split or even something to do with jacking point rubbers being perished. But at least I have cured the slow acceleration and clouds of black smoke P.s I managed to get the lower MAF bolt out by using an allen key I had that luckily was the perfect length.
  2. Someone's swapped the new wipers for their old ones and returned them for a refund whilst obviously getting to keep the new wipers. The staff should check all returns but some just put them back on the shelf. I used to work for B&Q 5 years ago and loads of people tried it on. Most popular was kitchen doors.
  3. I wasn't, I was using 2 different lengths of the standard L shaped allen key. I've almost bought a set of hex sockets many times over - wish I did now as having the right tools make the job a lot easier! The extension for the hex bit would have to be the perfect length though as there is pretty much zero room to manoeuvre with the fan in the way.
  4. All up for ideas on the solution, glad I didn't pull it off now.
  5. That's the first pipe I tried removing - the top bolt is easy but I just couldn't work out how to get the one underneath out! I'd love to hear how you did it because I tried loads of ways and gave up in a huff
  6. Thanks for that, I was going to rip it off but can see what you mean about the heat. Will have a go at sorting when I'm back next week.
  7. Cheers, BMW came to the rescue! Ordered it in the morning and it was delivered by dinnertime. I picked it up after work - £31 all in so not too drastic, it came with all the gaskets too. So this evening I changed the oil filter, oil and air filter. The oil was easy, there's a little flap built into the cover that protects the underneath of the car - this was really handy as I usually spend most of my time undoing loads of screws to get the covers off. Obviously the oil filter was a nightmare but only because it had previously been overtighted. The air filter was a bit of a mission! 6 screws to take the left engine cover off, you need to remove the cabin filter lid, then the pipe that connects the cabin filter to the interior, then lastly remove the whole cabin filter housing. It was easy enough just seems a bit long winded for an air filter. I also sorted the leaking egr pipe where the mesh had blown out under pressure. This job took ages, mainly because the two torx bolts were blocked in by various pipes and the egr pipe itself. There was no way of getting a ratchet in there so I improvised with an 8mm spanner connected to the torx bit and slowly managed to get the bolts out. One thing I don't understand is where that bracket goes now - it was connected to the egr pipe and now there is nowhere for it to go. Can't pull it off either. So I have completed the service and blocked up the leaky egr pipe. I took it for a quick spin and it seems to drive smoother but a bit rough but that will be to do with having the maf unplugged. My new maf was despatched today so should be here tomorrow. Hoping it will be sorted when that's fitted.
  8. Ah right, that's that then. Was only round the corner too. I've messaged a few other breakers, wonder how much BMW will charge - the only one on ebay ships from Latvia so I doubt that will come tomorrow...
  9. I have spoken to a guy who has one for a 2001 530i - he says it won't fit as it needs to be from a 525d or 530d m57 engine. They all look the same to me?
  10. I thought that, seems a stupid design to be honest, will ring the dealer tomorrow.
  11. Started doing the service, tried taking the oil filter cap off with the correct tool I just bought and this happened - The hole is where I have had to drill into it and crack it in half to get it off - it was on ridiculously tight and the plastic hexagon nut sheared straight off. So now I'm left with no car. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement oil filter cap asap as in tomorrow?? Going on holiday on Friday and don't want to leave it like this - I drained the oil so can't move it off the ramps! Well annoyed.
  12. I did plan to but went out Friday and had stuff to do Sat and today - definitely doing it next week, my maf should arrive tomorrow all being well. I was going to do an engine flush but have read it's not advisable..
  13. Yeah I thought about it more and couldn't see any real benefits to fitting a part that wasn't supposed to be fitted. Just hope the Bosch maf cures the problem.
  14. I've just ordered a brand new Bosch MAF, at least I know it will work properly - bought a full service kit too, oil, air filter, oil filter etc so going to get that fitted this weekend. Had to put my alloy refurbishment and paint issues to one side. Will update the thread when I have fitted the new Bosch MAF.
  15. I see you commented on that thread chicaneuk and you seem to be the only one disagreeing....people had good results even after a few years. I can't see a negative in doing this swap....