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  1. Supercharged 540 Touring

    I am so gutted I couldn’t make it down. As you say, however bought it got a bargain.
  2. Supercharged 540 Touring

    Anyone here buy this? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-5-series-e39-540i-sport-touring------------2002/8461939 Was going to see it this Sunday but couldn’t get down any earlier. Bargain.
  3. Dakar Alpina B10 V8s Touring.

    This featured a while back. From Japan.
  4. 2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    That will be for sale for a very long time
  5. 2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    All these prices are making me think about selling mine!
  6. 540i Champagne II

    Seller is a wanker (from personal experience). Plus they never did a 540 Champagne.
  7. New member 540i tourer

    Good choice of car. I tried to buy that exact car on Saturday but the seller was a bit of a timewaster. Glad you managed to sort a deal in the end; looks great.
  8. Jap 540i

    I’ve seen some 540s with well over 100k up for £9k! You are having a laugh!
  9. Jap 540i

    Seems really good value compared to the other prices I’ve seen here.
  10. My old sepia e39 back up for sale

    Interior is awesome, pricing is by someone on crack.
  11. E39 M5 vs F31 330xd in the snow

    Hills were no problem in the M5 at all, other than starting halfway up. It’s just that the xDrive made a massive difference.
  12. I had the chance to drive two of my cars, back to back, in the snow last week. One is the E39 M5, the other an F31 330xd. Both on winter tyres. Whilst the M5 was very good, and clearly much better than that other RWD cars on summer tyres, the F31 with xDrive and winter wheels was utterly superb. Overall, very impressed with both.
  13. Choosing an E60 M5

    To add, if the car has full BMWSH and is below 100k, you can add the BMW warranty.
  14. At that price it will gather dust forever.
  15. Choosing an E60 M5

    Personally, I wouldn’t get an E60 M5 without a warranty. The bills they can throw up are utterly massive. Facelifts are better but as always, buy on condition and proof of servicing rather than miles. I’d rather a well sorted, higher mileage car than a low mileage one with a less careful owner.