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  1. £12,800. Let’s see how long it takes before the relist.
  2. It’s from High Wycombe and looks average so no.
  3. All that money and the M5 badge is in the wrong place!
  4. The seller is clearly a massive C
  5. Most recent MOT. £2500? £250 would be closer to the mark.
  6. There really is something satisfying absolutely cleaning your car.
  7. Driveway is ours so not much of a problem there. And never run out of range. It won’t work for everyone but when it does, it’s great. 0-40 very little will touch it. Faster than an M4.
  8. Big fan of our i3. Glad we went blue but should have gone for the wheels of its “friend” we spotted.
  9. Bidding over £10k; amazing
  10. Doesn’t have: comfort seats Tow bar Child seats Individual audio
  11. That one was originally Carbon Black and I don’t think the MOT history is great reading.
  12. I hadn’t spotted that. It will be completely fnuk fnar'd then.
  13. Also looking at the MOTs, it had two broken springs recently so be interesting to see how/where they were fixed. Plus the brake lines have been rusting for two years now. And that’s before we talk about the rust and the “easy to fix” power steering leak.
  14. I think if it’s still for sale that says quite a bit. Can’t see it being worth more than £2k
  15. Also, I've bought many cars that were advertised at a ludicrous price and then we reached a deal everyone was happy with.