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  1. inkiboo

    nice rare spec M5 E39

    It’s also a 1999 so I think given the seller can’t even tell what type of car it is, or what year it is from, something is clearly wrong with it.
  2. inkiboo

    Scottish newbie

    Welcome. F11 is a great car.
  3. inkiboo

    2001 E39 M5 for sale - £8250

    You've got me missing my old LMB one! Good luck with the sale, looks a corker.
  4. inkiboo

    Finally got uk registered

    Just looked up the spec; individual audio is a nice option to have. Looks a great car.
  5. inkiboo

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Update 28/07/18

    Well this is mega. Well done!
  6. inkiboo

    New wheels

    Love the plate!
  7. inkiboo

    PDR & detailer herts/ beds border

    Can recommend Detail My Car. Did this with my M5.
  8. inkiboo

    How much to ask?

    That would have been mine! I think the main reason you thought it was overpriced (which it's not) is that you placed no value on the winter wheels (Style 65 so worth a fair whack by themselves) and that it had the NBT retrofit from the F10. As for the Imola Red M5 in the OP, there aren't many Imolas to pick from (79 in fact). Spec is fairly standard and if the service history is good then I think £18k private is achievable but then, who knows? I'd be tempted to stick it up for £20k and see what happens. You can always reduce in price, you can't go up! Pricing for BMWs of this age is always tricky.
  9. inkiboo

    E60 545i

    Nopey McNopeFace
  10. Really want to fit those to my M5
  11. And having owned a FFRR, being built by communists in Birmingham is not something to be proud of!
  12. Go and buy a Nissan then. Or a Toyota. They are just as English.
  13. Obvious troll is obvious. And buying a Jaguar, owned by Indian company Tata, as some anti EU protest makes no sense.
  14. inkiboo

    540i Touring Auto sale/purchase prices

    Three tuns in Slough?
  15. inkiboo

    Anyone bought a car abroad and driven home?

    Jersey is not part of the UK and is not part of the EU either. I think the OP just got the wrong person at Adrian Flux as I did this on Wednesday!