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  1. Caliper Painting

    http://www.paints4u.com/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=5021 Monte Carlo blue - WB05 paint code. The 2k clear was painted with a spray gun/compressor. But I'm pretty sure paints4u sell clear in can as well.
  2. Caliper Painting

    Its not caliper paint, just normal 1k out a tin. The clear was 2k though.
  3. Greatest Movie Scene.

    This scene is superb, sticks out in my mind.
  4. Which 3 cars - lottery win

    Nismo GTR Latest M5 porker 911 turbo
  5. Caliper Painting

    Thought I would try a different colour on my Calipers. Original - painted with smooth black hammerite.... image_zpskhrmgmut by Carl Evans, on Flickr New.... Monte Carlo blue and clearcoat. not liking the silver clip, think I will paint it gloss black at the weekend....... image_zpsfdzvesst by Carl Evans, on Flickr
  6. speed sensitive volume??

    Unfortunately you can only minimise how sensitive it is, not switch it off completely. Annoying isn't it. Turn the radio off Turn the radio on Press and hold the 'SEL' key. Use the < and > buttons to scroll through various settings. When you get to GAL, use the number keys to set the level. When done, turn the radio off and on again.
  7. Leather/vinly Scuffmaster Kits

    Good Afternoon, Are you still supplying the kits through the forum? I was looking sort out part of my door cards.... The colour is the E39 Aegean edition 'silver light grey'. Lastly could the dye be sprayed through a 0.8 mini spray gun/compressor? Thank you Carl.
  8. Legal pressed plates

    Got mine from elite car care
  9. Ps4. I think my sons disappointed!

    I've just upgraded to a ps4, been addicted to destiny since getting it. Being a cod fan waiting for next Monday to play that....but was a little pissed off to find I HAD to join ps+ to play certain games online! they certainly kept that quiet.
  10. The angle grinder polisher you refer too are rotary polishers, that have adjustable speeds and run much slower than angle grinders an are specific to the job of polishing paint work. As a new comer to paint correction I would suggest a DA -dual action polisher to start with and see how you get on. There is plenty of information on detailingworld.com to get you started, but be warned it's a slippery slope into obsession....lol.
  11. The coating on the lights is a UV protection for the plastic, nothing to do with glare. If you remove the coating by sanding/polishing they will just yellow over time and need re-polishing to keep then clear.
  12. Today's task

    The rear was just as bad. A black rubbish bag, 3hrs and half a bottle of megs APC later..... I give it a week and it will look the same
  13. I am planning on putting some goodridge braided hoses on my car and have been searching threads about brake fluid. From what I can see DOT 4 is a recommended accompaniment like this http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/auxiliary-fluids/brake-fluid/?130339010&0&cc5_179 Without having any knowledge what fluid is currently in my car, is the fluid worth changing as well?
  14. MOT advisory help

    Are trw as good as lemforder?
  15. MOT advisory help

    I looked at ecp but didn't list them, I assume bmw oem would be lemforder? I Might try Cotswold