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  1. Just check the dimensions of the boxes, the litreage is just the easy way of telling how big it is. Practical use for example is more important. If i remember mine is 45cm in tallest point, my holdalls and usual gear run at about 40cm, so it fits fine, if say you get one at 50cm, yes it will be taller, but unless you actually use the extra space ontop of your holdalls then its wasted space, if that makes sense...
  2. I have an Exodus (halfords) 580 litre one, for my F10 i had it for my E60 and just used it on the F10 Itis fine and works well, i cant comment on whats good or bad, but like you, i thought thule were over priced, and this was the biggest you could buy at reasonable cost at the time, (£270) i was advised to get the biggest i could afford and it fits fine on the car. here it is on the E60 not got any of it on the F10 sorry. http://
  3. Mine is wired into the socket under the glove box and i can confirm it does "turn off" after approx 15 minutes. see my post bellow, no piggy backs of fuses required
  4. New Shoes for me as well today, finally the sun shows its face!
  5. If you mean the electric one, then i am not sure. But if its just the standard removable type, then its quite common, most if not all garages that fit bars will be able to supply or fit.
  6. Hi I currently have a roof bar system from BMW for my older F10 and I have transferred it for my newer F10 car. I have a few parts request if possible Bars are 82 71 2 150 092 I have lost 2 of the bolts and 1 of the cams off the original, so can I purchase these separately or do they come as a full set. Also I have misplaced the cleaning tool for the holes in the roof, can this be purchased, or if not do you know the size of the hole/thread so I can buy a generic tap off the net. Cheers
  7. E60 space saver fits fine, dont buy the 3x more expensive F10/11 one. All you need is a 15mm hubspacer and longer bolts.
  8. Space saver wheel from my older E60. Jack kit inside a wheel bag. Rachet strapped to the floor using the two anchor points in the boot, the bonus is it presses up against the rear seat and stops the annoying rattle i have there...
  9. I nearly bought the top ones!! Zito z5's? Not sure they would suit our car, so went for the boring csl style
  10. Steve I have gone for Zito 935 in 20's Not on the car as yet, as its a balmy 9 degrees at the moment, and winter tyres are needed!!!! only in 9.5 but they look quite good. nothing original about them, but they do look amazing in the deeper 10.5, i was just concerned about rubbing, so chickened out as my mileage is quite high. here they are on my old car. all be it in 19"
  11. I like others have a largish bunch of keys, including the car key, I hated the pocket/door/cupholder ideas so i just got myself a key ring with a big soft plastic loop on it and now as soon as i get in the car, i "hang" them from the windscreen wiper stalk by the door. perfect in my opinion, its like it was in the ignition switch as it used to be, the only niggle was they used to rub slightly on the steering wheel cover, so i just put a small black piece of foam where they touched, and now, no noise or rattle
  12. Finally got around to putting my new winters on, i quite like the look of the wheel, but i think the CSL style will look better in 20" so at least that has made my mind up. The ride is amazing by the way, i hadnt realised how hard and crashy the runflats on 19" were, this is like a different car, and atually handles quite well as well.
  13. I had this numerous times on my E60, a quick on and off usually sorted the error. In the end i changed the battery and i never saw it again, stealers advised me to do this as well.
  14. No Mate, sorry. I had the same for my E60, and had to sell them and get some 17" ones. 17" is the minimum to clear the std brakes, i was gutted lol On the plus side i had an excuse to buy some new wheels and tyres
  15. No worries happy to help. As for the 15mm spacer, you will need to clean up the wheel hub, and the spacer ring sits on the wheel hub, use some antisieze or copper slip and make sure its "knocked" on square so it sits tight to the back of the brake hub, add space saver wheel and use the long bolts supplied, i have some pictures if you need them.