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  1. Do any of you against the cyclist know what a 'fixie' is? Some of the comments on here suggest the cyclist had no way of stopping his bike. This is incorrect. A fixie is a type of bike that has a 'fixed' wheel gearing connected to the pedals. A short definition is: when the rider moves the pedals the bike moves and when the rider stops pedalling the bike stops or slows down. When I used to ride my bicycle pretty much all of the fixie riders I saw were impressively skilful and they had the ability to lock their legs/pedals/wheels. This made them slow down and stop incredibly quickly. The other comment about his bike being illegal isn't clear to me because I've got a fixie bike and I bought it from a well known bike shop.
  2. Do you have a passenger side rear door moulding and one associated clamp/grommet. Pic below, item numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and maybe 8 In black, no chrome Thanks
  3. Haha ^^ In the end I went for the Ctek 5, I've had it trickle charging for about two hours. The lights on the charger has reached '3' apparently when it's on 4 I can start driving hopefully !!
  4. I'll probably get a charger and Im looking at the CTEK 10 Definitely a dumb question - When Im charging the battery should I remove the battery from the car or can I use the + & - locations under the bonnet?
  5. Im just browsing and currently looking at the CTEK MX3.8, what's the difference between this and the CTEK 10? Im in NW10, London
  6. As you can probably tell from the title Im a bit of a novice to say the least! But I haven't driven my car for a week whilst my ABS module was being repaired, the ABS module came back today, installed it, then went to start the car and… Nothing, the lights on the dash blinked, heard a tapping sound from somewhere but the car didn't turn over at all. Can a battery charger cure what seems to be a flat battery, or is it time for a new battery? (On a slightly separate note - Before any of this happened I've noticed the battery strength does seem to be on the low side because if I left it for a day or two it would take a little longer to start up) If a battery charger can fix the issue, does anyone have any tips/recommendations/what to look out for?
  7. Another recommendation for the master lock smith. A few months back my key had similar symptoms, went into the shop and around 20min later the key was back to normal!
  8. ^^ Very useful link!! As Im reading through it Im wondering if the problem could be linked with the work done to the car recently? Am I just being paranoid? A few months the car had- Brake fluid renewed Front pads Rear pads Rear Discs Front/Rear wear sensors I know the Abs module is a weak link so it could be pure coincidence?
  9. The lights come on only after driving. When I start the car first thing in the morning there are no lights, they only come on after/whilst driving. I'll get in touch with BBA Reman as a backup in case the pressure switch doesn't fix it, thanks for the contact!
  10. Hmm what? Here's me thinking it's a simple case of disconnecting the existing pressure sensor and replacing with another? Its early days and I'm still researching the process so I didn't figure I'd have to deal with brake fluid/bleeding it. Typical timing because I had the brake fluid renewed a few months back
  11. Dave Ett - That is an epic offer, very kind of you! Will pm you
  12. Currently I have TC, ABS and Brake light illuminating the dash. The lights come on/off intermittently while driving. So today I had the codes read and apparently I need the 'Abs pressure sensor' replaced. Has anyone ever replaced one before, seems easy enough but its always nice to hear how easy it is from someone who's actually changed one They're a bit pricey to at £175 (from ECP)
  13. If you decide to split the sale then I'd be interested in the booster seats (as long as the seats fits into a saloon car?)
  14. I'm interested in the black grilles. Im looking at the pics from my phone so can you please confirm if it's matte/gloss. Are all the tabs intact?
  15. Basically Royal Mail are crap. From the postman to the overall service it's all crap. I once ordered an item where the seller sent it via 'RM Signed for' service and RM managed to lose it at the depot. I did get a refund from the seller but RM we're useless