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  1. My windscreen seal is looking a little tired and thinking about replacing it. I've noticed on realoem 3x rubber buffers (no. 2 in the pic) - what are the buffers for and where might they go? Hopefully it'll become clear once Im replacing the seal but I'd like to find out before I start it p.s is protective glazing also known as double glazing? Thanks
  2. Right lads...get your tips out!!!

    I realise you're sticking with your twin pipes but I couldn't help myself and have a quick go at a very quick mock up:
  3. E39 parts quote

    Hello, Please can I have a quote for the following please: Chassis: CE61637 1. Registration plate light (drivers side - if it makes a difference) 63267165646 2. CCV Kit (Oil separator plus all associated hoses) Are these sold in a kit? 2a. Pressure regulating valve 11617501566 2b. Vent pipe 11611432559 2c. Connecting line 11617504535 2d. Vent hose 11157532649 2e. Return pipe 11617504536 3. Set of profile gaskets for cylinder head (rocker cover) 11129070990 3b. Cap x2 11121726089 4. Carpet clips Grey x4 51478183027 4b. Circlip x4 51471881521 5. Dipstick O-ring 11431740045 6. Intensive cleaning system hose (Windscreen washer hoses) 61608364209 6b. Cable holder x4 12521733330 7. Throttle body Profile gasket D=79,5MM 13547504729 8. Disa valve seal (Adjuster unit on intake manifold) 11617544805 9. Expanding rivet x4 (front drivers side inner wheel arch) 51478166992 9b. Hex head screw x3 (front drivers side inner wheel arch, (ST 4,8X18 SW8) 07147129161 Thanks!
  4. Price? are you open to offers?
  5. Aluminium headlight adjuster

    Aluminium headlight adjuster please, both sides Post or can collect within London +25 miles radius Thanks!
  6. Identifying parts from MOT advisory

    ^^ That's me, I prefer a clean mot
  7. Identifying parts from MOT advisory

    Thanks for the replies. To be honest I've lost faith in this Mot centre after they've come under new ownership. In previous years I've only ever had 1 maybe 2 advisories max. Suddenly its 8! 4 are listed above the other 4 include 2 child seats being fitted, indicator bulbs 'slightly' whitening, oh and they said i had a nail i the tyre but they listed the wrong tyre - hmmmm
  8. Im reading over the Mot notes and trying to decipher the advisories. Im planning to buy the parts from ECP/BMW but some of the parts are tricky for me to identify (Notes taken from Mot) 1- Suspension arm ball joint dust cover deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt Rear (top, both sides) (2.4.G2) 2- Exhaust downtake pipe bolts wearing thin 3- Anti-roll bar linkage has slight play has a slight play in a ball joint rear (both) (2.4.G2) 4- Brake pipe slightly corroded Rear (both) (3.6.B.2c) I've attached a couple of pics relating to the suspension Thanks!
  9. E39 Road Presence

    Suspension refresh you say - is this a kit, if so what's included, did you do front and back?
  10. Pcn challenge failed, time to appeal?

    It was definitely me but from the cctv you 'can't tell it was me' but Im not going to contest that. There's video footage of it too. Apparently this particular junction is notorious in giving out fines The road traffic manual is pretty useful! Im sure there's justifiable grounds for an appeal but I think I'll end up paying it However I'll continue with and take it up with someone like the local newspaper/watchdog etc. I think all I really want is to make the road sign more visible and place it in the correct place
  11. Pcn challenge failed, time to appeal?

    I don't know the reasons for making it a 'no right turn' I'll look into trying to find out… I sent 3 pics from street view. In their rejection letter they also sent two pics showing road signs from both sides of the road. Curiously though they've changed the position of the sign from when they first installed the sign on the right. In the news article you can clearly see the sign on the black post but now it's moved further away?!
  12. Pcn challenge failed, time to appeal?

    Hi Slam Google link here. When the link opens turn around (Annoyingly the maps are old and doesn't show the 2nd sign on the right. But if you move away from you'll see the 2nd sign from a distance) Also attached news article links to the same issue from 2016 The road is called Bolton Gardens (turning right from Chamberlayne Road)
  13. Was issued with a pcn recently because I took a right turn where I shouldn't have. Honest mistake, lived in the area for 7 years and never noticed the 'no right turn' road sign. When I later checked google street view and cctv footage it turns out the the road sign was obscured by a stationary bus waiting at the bus stop! So I challenged the fine, saying the bus blocked the sign and there should've been a 2nd sign on the opposite side of the road. I thought it'd get cancelled based on that argument alone… Well it didn't, my challenge was rejected because there IS a sign on the opposite side of the road, however this sign on the opposite side of the road isn't exactly at a location that'll be viewable when making a right turn. It's not in line with the sign on the left, it's sort of staggered and nearer the road before it which suggests 'that' road is a no right turn. But it does have the name of the road in question on the road sign. Im thinking about appealing - my new argument is inconsistent and confusing road sign positioning. The road sign is positioned before the actual road. Other road signs in the area are positioned at the entrance of those roads so there's no confusion. Further research shows this is a cash cow for the council and in the past raised £500k in fines. Is inconsistent and confusing road sign positioning a strong enough argument to take to court?! What a boring post, taken me longer to write this than to pay up, but I honestly think the council's wrong!
  14. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    I've owned mine for nearly 7 years. Bought it with 103k now showing 122k. Approx 2.7k per year! Does that mean I win the 'least used' award?!