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  1. E39Man

    Switch and Seal

    Hi, Payment made via bank transfer with the above ref number. I spoke to someone around 12:30 who said payment has been received, please can you confirm?
  2. E39Man

    Switch and Seal

    Thanks! Payment sent today
  3. E39Man

    Switch and Seal

    Hi Can I get individual quotes for the following part numbers Chassis - CE61637 1. Switch - 61319119057 2. Windscreen Seal - 51318159784 (Not 100% certain on part number, please can you check) Thanks
  4. E39Man

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Door moulding sounds good. Have another part I need: Rear driver side bumper rubber strip (see pic)
  5. E39Man

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Hi, Need a couple of bits (see pic for both) 1. Window base strip thingy 2. Passenger side rubber door strip Can pop round whenever you're around Thanks
  6. E39Man

    Price for puncture repair

    I paid £15 a few months back which I think is an ok price
  7. Interested in Headlights, will send you message
  8. Interested in mk4 drive and bm54. Will send pm shortly
  9. E39Man

    E39 washer jets

    I'm thinking about tackling a similar job by replacing the entire hose (bmw sell the hose as one piece instead of individual bits). It looks like you have to remove the wheel too for better access. Is there a method to to this job with wheel in place?
  10. My windscreen seal is looking a little tired and thinking about replacing it. I've noticed on realoem 3x rubber buffers (no. 2 in the pic) - what are the buffers for and where might they go? Hopefully it'll become clear once Im replacing the seal but I'd like to find out before I start it p.s is protective glazing also known as double glazing? Thanks
  11. E39Man

    Right lads...get your tips out!!!

    I realise you're sticking with your twin pipes but I couldn't help myself and have a quick go at a very quick mock up:
  12. E39Man

    E39 parts quote

    Hello, Please can I have a quote for the following please: Chassis: CE61637 1. Registration plate light (drivers side - if it makes a difference) 63267165646 2. CCV Kit (Oil separator plus all associated hoses) Are these sold in a kit? 2a. Pressure regulating valve 11617501566 2b. Vent pipe 11611432559 2c. Connecting line 11617504535 2d. Vent hose 11157532649 2e. Return pipe 11617504536 3. Set of profile gaskets for cylinder head (rocker cover) 11129070990 3b. Cap x2 11121726089 4. Carpet clips Grey x4 51478183027 4b. Circlip x4 51471881521 5. Dipstick O-ring 11431740045 6. Intensive cleaning system hose (Windscreen washer hoses) 61608364209 6b. Cable holder x4 12521733330 7. Throttle body Profile gasket D=79,5MM 13547504729 8. Disa valve seal (Adjuster unit on intake manifold) 11617544805 9. Expanding rivet x4 (front drivers side inner wheel arch) 51478166992 9b. Hex head screw x3 (front drivers side inner wheel arch, (ST 4,8X18 SW8) 07147129161 Thanks!
  13. Price? are you open to offers?
  14. E39Man

    Aluminium headlight adjuster

    Aluminium headlight adjuster please, both sides Post or can collect within London +25 miles radius Thanks!