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  1. Thanks guys, it's time consuming going back and forth to the main dealers and the biggest thing now are the bumpers I have a decent condition front to go on but need to source a rear, it's £570 from the dealer so hoping a decent used one will come up
  2. Took her out for a run this evening New genuine BMW tail pipe covers fitted Rear seats and door cards out to remove the window to remove the pillar trim New trims fitted
  3. New pillar trims, which means removing the rear window and riveting the new one back in on the e30
  4. Wheels back on
  5. Few teaser pics of the wheels from the guys doing them
  6. The nearside lights backing had gone yellow so went very reflective and it looked very yellow, a friend had a set of correct 'hella' lights for the near side so I swapped over my brackets and metal surround rings and now the front of the car looks much better ( I think anyway)
  7. I had a weekend in and around the new forest and saw this e28 and 2002 in the Haynes museum.. it was immaculate
  8. Oem gear surround fitted New wiper arm fitted, the other one came damaged to isn't fitted yet and new blades to follow Cars sat on some old bottle tops while I get the steels refurbed, it will stay on steels
  9. Time has come to get the wheels sorted and new period tyres fitted. I have the original steels which are on the car but I also have a set of bottle tops... Do I make the car a bit jazzy and fit the bottle tops or just keep it on the steels???? Answers on a postcard I'm torn
  10. Any good news on this yet?
  11. How do you mean about getting rid to a dealer?? Don't sell it you mean? I don't use social media but I do have a login to the zone, if it ever gets on to Tapatalk I'll have a look at positing it on there as well As I say, it is NOT perfect but it is straight and it does present well It's imperfections are pretty minor for the age of the car and it's been a balance between having the bare minimum paint and keeping it original and I think I have found it, or at least I'm happy with that at this point once the bumpers are complete Just looking for shows to attend now
  12. New bumper rubber fitted on the rear today, along with mirrors and grilles Windscreen wiper arms to follow
  13. Well you would never believe what it actually was, once I looked at it In daylight I found the original cigarette lighter jammed in the mechanism The previous Owner told me he lost it and had recently purchased a new one, so I assume it must of called out in the closed position So that was good news
  14. It's running through my head
  15. Urgent help needed, I'm off to the Nurburgring tommorow and the car ( e39 530 auto) won't shift pass neutral so it's stuck in either d or n, I can't push it into r or p which means the keys are also locked in the ignition I assume the issue is with the mechanism that is connected to the the trigger on the shifter but I really need to get this sorted to catch my ferry tommor Any advice greatly received and appreciated