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  1. It's interesting that lots of people slate the 323, and I know the fuel injection is from the arc but it's a lovely engine to drive ... really smooth. I like the fact it's a lot rarer than the 325 and my 2.5 red car is great but Iv messed with it so much it's lost its cheeky character the 323 has
  2. My first e30 was a diamondshwarz 2 Door but it was a bit of a rot box, but it gave me the bug and I have had these two ever since
  3. I thought I would share some pics of my 323i , I am the second owner and the car has a genuine 25,000 miles with a main dealer history ( other than when it was dry stored for 15 years) and everything was done at the supplying dealer. Some bird crap had got on the roof and bonnet so they have been attended too over the last week or so which leaves the wheels to be painted , the mirrors split and bases painted and the new rubber strip to be fitted on the rear bumper Pics so you can see below ... my other e30 and e39 are also still being well used
  4. Bump ... I am the OP on this
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  6. Cheers , nipped euros and chucked an alternator on it... charging nicely now
  7. Hi I had all the trans fail safe messages come on but it's all down to low voltage luckily , only got 11 volts and dropping at the battery with that car running and the same at the alternator Do these have a bolt on voltage regulator or is it a case of a new alternator? I have checked the live on the alternator and the other small plug and both connections on the battery and they are all toght and clean
  8. Have to have a look around the forum to see where we can get them
  9. If it was me I would leave the wheels as they are, suits the grey perfectly I think they would get lost in the arch in black Just my opinion of course
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  12. I'm sure when I first got a e39 7 years a go I had a forum5 sticker in the rear window. Are these still available ? I would quite like another two
  13. Perfect, thanks appreciate that
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