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  3. Thanks , will do
  4. Hi I want to keep my OEM DVD based nav in my 2003 e39 but would like to add the facility to stream music via Bluetooth and also the option to add Digital TV so it actually works. What's the best way to do it? If anyone has any modules ext for sale in looking to buy so all advice welcomed Cheers Matt
  5. Did these sell?
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  10. Hi Dennis I'm currently searching for a set of wheels... open to ideas on that As for mods I'm just going to put a black grille on, possibly some mud flaps and get some Bluetooth connectivity for my phone using the existing head unit . And then just enjoy it
  11. Cheers mate, and a fellow 666'er!!
  12. Just need to find some paras for it now and sort a bit of a squeek under the bonnet
  13. They do drive and look well
  14. So after a long search through the classifieds recently I have been looking for another e39 and found a nice looking E39 530i sport for sale and hournor so away so I went to look today and came away with it It's done 119k ish miles, sat nav, leather and sunroof and just had 4K spent on it at Bmw for a new abs pump. Full service history and other than the usual brake wobble drives great Advert pics are all I have at the moment but it's just another silver sport
  15. Looking for a set of genuine staggered e39 fitment paras. Can travel to collect Let me know what you have