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  1. pyro225

    Moving from CCC to CIC

    did you look into not retrofit instead of cic? I have a full kit for sale out of my m6 if anyone is interested with emulator as well..
  2. Bump getting desperate £50 to anyone that can help
  3. pyro225

    Two tone parcel shelf

    Don't use a rattle can! It goes brittle I know I did it in my 323ci... in my 535 it came out the best - get on amazon and google black dye and dye it black very easy
  4. pyro225

    E39 540i Misfire Rough Running

    I might be poking in the wrong place here but how old are your coils? in my old 535 it had rough running issues over 120k as did my m5 and my e46 328. I bought new coils from the us(much cheaper than genuine) and problem solved. If you see they all say build date of 98 I would be changing them asap.
  5. Hi guys, sorry that reads like a Reed job description I'm really struggling I actually no longer have my e39 I have an e63 and a Range Rover l322... the l322 shares its infotainment system with the e39/53 (sorry you probably knew that) anyway... I have done the nbt retrofit and it was going well except my audio randomly dropped out... turns out I needed to recode the dsp from boardmonitor to mid basis... problem is ncsexpert refuses to communicate with the Range Rover it is littered all over the web it can't be done... so as a test to see if it would work I bought another dsp from an e39 with no nav it works fine but sounds horrible as it's setup wrong. what I would really like is for me to bring my amp to someone they unplug the three plugs to there's and plug mine in code it, I stick some cash there way and that be the end of it or if your miles away I post and pay return post and send some money... anyone able bel to help this desperate guy? thanks!!!
  6. pyro225

    Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    Hey Richard - couple of questions - Is there anyway you could have an option to disable bulb warnings? More importantly - I am looking at upgrading the Range Rover to the NBT/iBUS setup that seems to be a bit of a thing now mainly because the nav is getting so dated. My problem is some f the extras on the intravee are priceless - door locking/unlocking, welcome lights, see me home light, and most importantly DRL ad triple turn signals... My question is this, if I go with the NBT setup and unplug the kca420 and leave the intravee connected to the ibus will it still work for those things? I know it won't be configurable but will have to live with that...
  7. pyro225

    M5 in limp mode permanently can anyone help?

    Unfortunately i went to the M5 board 3 weeks ago they had some ideas but now none I used the same spec wire to join and it was only the signal that was damaged which is working fine on the computer... just the heaters even thouh i have 12v and ground to them??? Also they are giving weird reading all 4 are about 0.1-0.2v on idle or low load accepeation, under load it goes up to about 1.1-1.2v??? that cant be right any idea of a cause?
  8. Right these problems began when i notice one of the o2 sensor wires had melted and shorted against another... strangely enough it was working floorlessly, however being the sensible guy i am i sorted the wires out and stopped themshortig. I started her up and it went into limp mode. I then got a copy of the wiring diagram just incase something i had wired wrong... all 16 wires to the dme are wired correctly. Next im thinking had it been done deliberately by previous owner, so i took my car to BMW to have the DME wiped and updated (eve though its only 18months old) they did this for me but alas, there is still the limp. They read the codes and i'm getting a lambda heating fault (not the signal) which is weird ans the sensors are only 3 months old and the wiring is correct. I am also getting and i get this when it goes into limp mode "Catalytic Converter protection function due to empty tank or lack of fuel" A bit of googling pointed out the fuel regulator, so mem being me got that and did a fuel filter at the same time. So so far i had 4x New o2s DME 18 months old Fuel filter and regulator MAFs are just over 12 months old.. tried running them disconnected to get nominal values and it still happens. disconnected temp sensor with no gain new thermostat and now im really stuck and any advice would be great... thanks
  9. pyro225

    pa soft codes help

  10. pyro225

    pa soft codes help

    Hi guys, got a bit of a misfire and read the codes witth pasoft but it just gives numbers, they are 230 144 39 37 38 Any ideas? thanks
  11. pyro225

    Bypassing BM54 audio

    Hi, I followed this thread as i had a BM54 unit with the left channels gone. i got one of the tda chips and soldered it in as suggested... two issues, first and mainly the left chaneels still dont work? any ideas what else could be the issue? second issue is its very quiet since changeing the chip? any help would be great thanks in advance Dan
  12. pyro225

    over heating when standing in traffic

    My M5 did the same when i had my AC on in statianary traffic, i got out and the electric ac fan was not working, if your ac was on it was probably this, when i turned ac off it was fine
  13. pyro225

    Bypassing BM54 audio

    Sorry to kick this off again... but i have done this and both speakers on my left hand channel stil dont work.... any ideas?