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  1. shakeym35


    Anyone experimented with nitrous on there e28? Been looking into some kits available from wizards of nos a uk based company.
  2. shakeym35

    Shifter rebuild kit

    Who does a full shifter rebuild kit for a 1987 m535i dogleg sheet metal console? Have the prop stripped out ready for a rebuild so thought I’d sort out the floppy shifter while I’ve got access. Thanks
  3. shakeym35

    6 branch manifold

    Anything available from other suppliers? Anyone fitted a e30 325i manifold with some fabrication? Just wondering
  4. shakeym35

    6 branch manifold

    Hi guys is there a 6 branch manifold available for a e28 525e right hand drive? Thanks
  5. shakeym35

    Knocking and vibration

    Thanks have checked mounts. Gearbox mounts are good. The near side engine mount is weak with some movement.
  6. shakeym35

    Knocking and vibration

    No haven’t checked engine mounts yet. What would be a ideal way of checking them? Thanks
  7. shakeym35

    Knocking and vibration

    Guys replaced x3 guildo doughnuts and x2 prop shaft centre support bearings in a space of a few weeks. The prop vibrates really bad and knocks like crazy. The gear stick swings side to side violently during accelerating.... Not sure what to look for next. I suspect a bad prop shaft uj joint so may need to have the prop rebuilt and rebalanced. What else could cause such a problem? Any ideas ? Thanks
  8. shakeym35


    Been through 3 Propshaft guilbo/doughnuts in just a few hundred miles.. initially the Propshaft centre bearing failed so both the centre bearing and guildo/doughnut where replaced. All was fine for a couple of hundred miles until the knocking noise returned and the doughnut failed again with fractures in the rubber also gearstick began shaking again. So again replaced guildo. Now it’s failed again... also all the new replacement guildo’s used where from euro car parts and slightly thinner compared to the original failed guildo? ... could it be that the standard guildo isn’t compatible with a dogleg gearbox as the replacements where thinner? any tips and advice would be highly appreciated. Thank. E28 m535i dogleg.
  9. shakeym35

    Gearbox mounts

    there almost 50 quid each from the dealers so was wondering whether theses are available after market brand like febe bilstein ? Thanks
  10. shakeym35

    Gearbox mounts

    Would anyone know where to buy x2 rubber gearbox mounts for a e28 m535i dogleg? Many thanks
  11. shakeym35

    Knocking noise

    Thanks it's the same as the e28 so just ordered the bearing. Also would you know what gearbox mounts I need the ones connected to the gearbox bracket as I've discovered they are split? Thanks
  12. shakeym35

    Knocking noise

    Thanks for the link. Just out of curiosity that bearing in the link is for 635csi so are there same as the one on a m535i ? Thanks
  13. shakeym35

    Knocking noise

    Got the car on a ramp today and gave the prop shaft a wiggle it felt loose and floppy... it is the centre prop shaft bearing. Would anyone know where I would be able to buy a new replacement? Thanks
  14. shakeym35

    Knocking noise

    Hi some advice and recommendations would be highly appreciated. Guys i have a BMW e28 m535i manual dogleg. A couple of days ago i began hearing a knocking noise from the osr passenger rear while accelerating from standstill first gear. It's horrible and loud. My gear stick shakes as well while accelerating. The knocking and shaking then goes away when car picks up speed and begins to smooth out. Thanks guys
  15. shakeym35

    fuse box 87 m535i manual

    Thanks gary.. managed to find some pictures on the internet... So hopefully it's sorted.. Will find out tomorrow when I'll try starting her up... Thanks