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  1. Manchester Arena blast reports

    Absolutely terrible...them poor kids
  2. Tell me about the F10 520d/530d...

    I'm considering this one: http://www.evanshalshaw.com/search/vehicledetails/used-car-bmw-5 series--automatic-diesel-blue-saloon-yc11tzv/ thoughts?
  3. Iv just sold the Mercedes and although im considering a 2012 Mercedes E350 CDi Sport, im also looking at an 11 plate 520d/530d M Sport for circa £13500....... My preference is for the 6 cylinder three litre unit but whats the two litre four pot like? I know the 525d became a four cylinder twin turbo...is this any good? My preference is an auto..... Are they pretty reliable on the whole? I cant find much about particular faults on these cars and they appear very reliable. Im looking for a car with less than 80k on the clock and it has to have the larger 19" wheels on it.. Any advice or guidance would be most helpful..
  4. Diesel car values.

    I'm thinking my 2007 Mercedes CLK 320 CDI Sport is going to be worth next to nothing in the next year or so but it's too good an all rounder to let go on the cheap..
  5. Itching for a new car

    C63 AMG...all the car you ever need though more expensive than an E92 M3...
  6. Pre facelift, silly smoked rear lights, poor interior....you can keep it lol
  7. 535D LCI

    Over priced. You can get a nice F10 for that money.
  8. 25 k miles a year dilemma

    For overtaking it's got much more punch whereas the 4 cylinder is pretty gutless. Drive both and then decide.
  9. 25 k miles a year dilemma

    Has to be the V6 diesel...much more torque when you need it for the motorways..
  10. 25 k miles a year dilemma

    How about a 2009 E320 CDI Sport? All the car you need for the mileage you cover.
  11. No wonder cyclists get hurt

    I'm a bus driver and the idiots have no road sense whatsoever. For example at traffic lights, instead of waiting behind you they always have to come alongside you....they should be made to pay insurance and road tax...all of them.
  12. Nissan 350Z

    Id happily give up my partner of 10 years to have a C63 lol
  13. Nissan 350Z

    Isn't it a Renault engine in the 350Z??
  14. It could quite well be made a scheduled service. All these that want Sharia law as well...send them on the back of the plane too. Think of all the millions saved that could be put towards improving schools, hospitals etc.
  15. What I'd do is all these under suspicion or those that are hiding information, round them all up put them onto a Hercules or similar. Then fly to 38000 over the North Atlantic and open the back and let the buggars fall to their death, drown or suffocate, I'm not particularly bothered as they won't be missed. What concerns me is that this country has allowed over 400 Jihadis bank into the country after going to Iraq, Syria etc, training in camps. These animals are now walking our streets. Why the hell were they allowed bVk into our country???