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  1. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    I do no more than 100 miles a week so I’m more than happy. We do go to the south coast a couple of times a year, the last visit in July the F30 was more than comfortable. I alwYs think unless you are carrying 2-3 adults most days the F30 is more than big enough
  2. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Iv nothing against an F10 530d by the way, it’s a sublime car. But ultimately why would you take one over an F30 330d when the F30 ticks all the boxes and is a more sporting drive...
  3. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    I think that maybe subjective? Mine is very well put together, smaller yes but why do you need the space of a 5 series when the F30 is perfectly adequate? The F30 is a sportier drive, better on fuel, cheaper tax and insurance and quicker. Why the need for a 5 series?
  4. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    All the car you ever need? As you guys know, I tend to go through cars quite often. I bought my Estoril Blue 13 plate saloon from Williams in Manchester in June. It had 61k on the clock when I bought it and now its coming up to 64500. Normallly at this stage, I start looking on Autotrader for a nosey whats out there and to look at possible replacements. Iv recently been looking at 15 plate 135i M Sports, F30 335i M Sports, E92 M3's, various Mercedes C and E Classes and even if I was to spend upto £18k on a replacement, I really dont think anything is better than what I currently have. I think possibly the only car id consider replacing mine with is a 2009 Mercedes C63. Id love one but £500 plus road tax, 12MPG etc makes me think why? Also, the M156 V8 engine in the earlier C63's had the dreaded 'headbolt issue' which if these bolts fail, its a new engine job. Iv looked at F10 530d's but again no better than what I have currently..... So there we have it, my F30 330d is potentially all the car you will ever need. £120 a year road tax, 40+ MPG, 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, extremely comfortable car to drive with loads of space to boot.....
  5. Fezzy16v

    Really liking this, but....

    It’s had it’s day, move with the times I guess
  6. Fezzy16v

    Mercedes E63s

    Very sensible. That 55 engine is bullet proof. I’m yet to hear any horror stories about it
  7. Fezzy16v

    Mercedes E63s

    Well mine is Estoril Blue with the xenons so he had obviously clocked me lol. I bet he thought I’m not chancing this and being shown up by an M3, off we go haha.
  8. Fezzy16v

    Mercedes E63s

    Yep i know that feeling well. For my budget, I could have bought an 08 plate E63 or CLS 63 AMG. However, these 6.2 V8 engines suffer with a 'headbolt issue' and knowing my luck i would buy one with such a problem. Obviously, its a new engine should these fail...
  9. Fezzy16v

    Mercedes E63s

    Hi Dave, i recently did an 800 miles round trip to Cornwall and the car performed perfectly. I can still hear a rumbling noise above 70 though but I’m having to put it down to the Bridgestone runflats. I had it back in Williams and they said it had been road tested and they couldn’t find any such fault with the wheels. So, to cut a lot my story short I’m having to take their word for it. As for that E63, I’m not sure whether it was the 6.2 lump or the 5.5 bi turbo. Either way it left me for dead lol and made me look a bit silly lol
  10. Fezzy16v

    Mercedes E63s

    There is a lovely one for sale on a Merc forum I’m on. Lovely looking car as well. I think it’s up at £9200
  11. Fezzy16v

    Mercedes E63s

    Well at a set of traffic lights on a dual carriageway. I pull up behind an 11 plate Mercedes E63s. Now, my F30 330d is know slouch as people know. I pull up behind him, stick mine is Sport mode. The lights go to green, I give mine everything it has and he has absolutely left me for dead.... I wasn’t expecting to keep up really but it just goes to show how a pretty quick car is not even close to that of a performance car. I’m not into racing, I just wanted to see how mine would fair against an AMG.....those cars don’t half go and what a noise.
  12. Dont worry about the interior, it’s a very very comfortable place to be and the driving experience is spot on. As I said before SBC Pump (foot brake), airmatic suspension and electrics are things to check out as expensive to put right. Engine and gearbox are bulletproof
  13. I’d take the CLS55 but for your money you will be struggling unless it’s an absolute dog. How about a W211 E55? £8k will get you one but again may not be the nicest example.
  14. Fezzy16v

    Update on the 330d F30

    Thanks lads, I’ll certainly put all of this to them. I’m gutted as I really like the car, it’s a stunning looking vehicle but I’m not prepared to take it back unless the alloys are replaced or at least repaired so that the vibration goes. As a family we are going Cornwall the end of July, will be a 900 miles round trip, I’m not looking to put my family’s safety in jeopardy at any cost....
  15. Fezzy16v

    Update on the 330d F30

    So I dropped my F30 330d into the local main dealers yesterday. As you know, there was a noise from the turbo that didn’t sound normal, I could occasionally smell fumes on a cold start and at motorway speeds there was a rumble/vibration. So I had a voicemail from them today regarding an update. They had to replace the EGR cooling pipe. The vibration is down to a slightly buckled OSF alloy wheel and NSR alloy wheel which is what is causing a vibration, they balanced the wheels and this is what they found. The technician said the loud blowing noise from the turbo was normal yet the technician last week said it wasn’t right and had to be looked at. They finished the voicemail to say the car is ready to be collected. Now Iv had the car 3 weeks tomorrow, covered about 250 miles in total. It’s obvious to me that the car hasn’t been fully road tested before it was put on sale otherwise the vibration would have been obvious. So what do I do and what are my rights? I’m going to tell them that they need to replace the two buckled wheels, from a legal standing do they have to do this?