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  1. Fezzy16v

    Run flat repair

    I paid the handsome sum of £210 for a new Bridgestone Potenza....just what’s needed before Christmas. However running a premium car, you have to pay up when something such as this goes wrong..
  2. Fezzy16v

    Run flat repair

    I found a huge screw in my NSF Bridgestone Potenza runflat tyre on my F30. The tyre is like new. I heard some hissing from it when I got home last night and found the screw. Can run flats be repaired or will I have to shell out for a new one?
  3. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    It was the 2007-2011 6.2 engines that were affected Jay. You can buy the updated head bolts as a preventative measure but Iv heard it’s about a £2500 job fitted to have them replaced. Im considering an E63 but may have to wait until prices come down on the later 2011 models. I don’t think their is a nicer sounding engine out there.
  4. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Again all subjective. How is the F30 interior rubbish? I’ve driven a number of newer make Mercedes and seriously it feels cheap and plastic. Have you seen the head up display on the C Class? Talk about a cheap plastic iPad like screen. The leather seating is less comfortable than bmw. The F30 feels solid and very well put together, the I drive system is miles ahead of that of Mercedes.
  5. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    With all the congestion on the roads you are right with that one.
  6. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    You could say that about any 3/5 Series or Mercedes C/E class to be fair. I had a test drive of an F10 before I bought the F30 and I genuinely felt it was too big and pointless seeing as though it’s mainly only me in the car. I’m 6’0 and I find the F30 has more than enough space. And what an engine the 3 litre diesel is...super smooth
  7. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    The rear on the touring looks much nicer than the saloon. The rear of the saloon with the small lights looks awkward
  8. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    I had one of them as a loan car last year whilst my E350 was having work done under warranty. Drove lovely though I found the 4 cylinder diesel a tad agricultural for my liking. Looks wise I do like them but I don’t like the rear to much. The interior was a nice place to be as well, very comfortable with a great auto box. But if I’m honest, I wouldn’t swap my F30 330d for one, I think the F30 is a nicer all round package. Totally subjective though I know.
  9. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Some truth in this, obviously I’d rather have a C63 AMG but pretty much pointless when the F30 does everything the AMG can do...noise and performance aside. Cheaper to run, in the real world the 330d is just as quick, tax is cheaper, mpg much better, cheaper insurance, just as spacious.
  10. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Didnt they have loads of problems with turbos failing on these though?
  11. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    I do no more than 100 miles a week so I’m more than happy. We do go to the south coast a couple of times a year, the last visit in July the F30 was more than comfortable. I alwYs think unless you are carrying 2-3 adults most days the F30 is more than big enough
  12. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Iv nothing against an F10 530d by the way, it’s a sublime car. But ultimately why would you take one over an F30 330d when the F30 ticks all the boxes and is a more sporting drive...
  13. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    I think that maybe subjective? Mine is very well put together, smaller yes but why do you need the space of a 5 series when the F30 is perfectly adequate? The F30 is a sportier drive, better on fuel, cheaper tax and insurance and quicker. Why the need for a 5 series?
  14. Fezzy16v

    F30 330d M Sport...

    All the car you ever need? As you guys know, I tend to go through cars quite often. I bought my Estoril Blue 13 plate saloon from Williams in Manchester in June. It had 61k on the clock when I bought it and now its coming up to 64500. Normallly at this stage, I start looking on Autotrader for a nosey whats out there and to look at possible replacements. Iv recently been looking at 15 plate 135i M Sports, F30 335i M Sports, E92 M3's, various Mercedes C and E Classes and even if I was to spend upto £18k on a replacement, I really dont think anything is better than what I currently have. I think possibly the only car id consider replacing mine with is a 2009 Mercedes C63. Id love one but £500 plus road tax, 12MPG etc makes me think why? Also, the M156 V8 engine in the earlier C63's had the dreaded 'headbolt issue' which if these bolts fail, its a new engine job. Iv looked at F10 530d's but again no better than what I have currently..... So there we have it, my F30 330d is potentially all the car you will ever need. £120 a year road tax, 40+ MPG, 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, extremely comfortable car to drive with loads of space to boot.....
  15. Fezzy16v

    Really liking this, but....

    It’s had it’s day, move with the times I guess