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  1. Lol yeah I put some of those absorbent spill pads on my undertray to soak up all the coolant and oil leaks
  2. I get a coolant leak from my 545 every year. I've replaced expansion tank, numerous hoses, the radiator... and now it's leaking again n I suspect the valley pipe. Topping up same as you every 50-100 miles. Gonna take it off road shortly and try that bimmerfix thing cos I'm not paying 2k or whatever to replace the pipe
  3. Nice collection Dennis! I have a bottle too, keep it with a peice of the rear arch extension that he trimmed off about half way through the video Duncan yeah I wondered about that too but he does sand them down and treat and seal the cut edges and screw holes. I'm not aware of any cars that have had any rust issues so far.
  4. Yeah the testarossa is nice, he's sold it now to a guy in Australia. Never mind though, he's got a Koenig wide body one also in black too
  5. thread revival... they just released the official build documentary video thing if anyones interested and got a spare 18 mins caution : ugly bloke close up about 2 mins in and appears few times throughout!
  6. and another
  7. went down to London at weekend, a photographer friend is bidding on a job for BMW Russia to do their next ad campaigns anyway they gave him a brief of they style of images they want, if you've picked up any recent brochure youll know what theyre like, something like this so anyway he asked to use my car to do some test shots to present to them, he done 2 so far and I think theyre quite cool!
  8. Lottery - funds from me.

    Hi Tris, am fairly sure my credit balance is gone, sorry bit vague re this but struggling bit at moment.

    So suggest I put £60 across via pay pal and we see how long that lasts

    Is that ok?



  9. Sorry sold already
  10. Same here vlady I've been using them for over a year now and they're great especially for the price, you won't find better at that money
  11. I guess a mixture of that and me thrashing it about. The car has been set up by a race engineer for hard fast road driving ( to the limits that standard suspension and coilovers will allow ) and they went through a Modball last year. Think I'll replace them with polybushes and see how they hold up. The subframe bushes are a bitch to do so that'll be a job for him in new year.
  12. It's a pass but advisories for front arb bushes, inner track rods, drag link bushes and rear subframe bushes. Most annoying as all these were changed last year and not with cheap crap either. Oh and the standard advisory I get every year.... tyres gettin low loo
  13. Jay you'll never get you're arse into that! Stick with your fugly 4x4s lol [emoji12]
  14. Test day for mine. Has a rattle up front that I just can't pinpoint so hoping the test finds it. Getting the tracking and alignment looked at too as it was set up for fast road driving but the rear squeels like a bitch under compression. I've already changed the front brakes back to oem as the ear old mtec c hooks were shagged. Fitted new mtec v3 angel eye bulbs as one of the old ones connections came loose off the pcb. Can't complain as got 4 years out of them. And also got a set of winter rubber to slap on my old miro rims. Never used winter tyres before on the car but thought I'd try them. Michelin pilot alpin pa4 for the back and Pirelli sottozero upfront.
  15. I just swapped brakes to ATE 2 peice discs with hawk carbon ceramic pads. Did have mtec c hook discs but theyre majorly shagged after 6 months use. I'd stick with oem type unless going for the higher end aftermarket stuff