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  1. just looked up that Arizona sunshine on youtube, looks a laugh, although not sure about the point n click to move. I quite fancy a playseat with vr and driveclub too! ill prob leave it till later in the year then buy a full set up, ive only just got back online after a couple years off ( crap internet at the house, just brought fibre to the area ) so im currently blasting away at ghost recon
  2. yes mate, arrive on the Wednesday, few days in the garage in chiba preparing the cars, 6 plus a couple spares I think, then drive them to the circuit Saturday night, twin ring motegei about 2-3 hours into the mountains, prepare for 8am race start then 12 hours of racing mucking in with anything and everything, the drivers don't just drive, they do pitstops, repairs, whatever needs doing during the race. some cool vids of the previous years...
  3. excited but also shitting myself a little bit! been long long time since was involved in anything to this level, and first ever endurance, staying awake ,the heat n humidity is going to be a killer! not to mention I don't know any of the team other than the boss himself n a little text chat with few others!
  4. hi mate, looks like you had a fun trip! awesome cars and really good pics you've managed to get!
  5. how do you find the VR? I keep looking at them n thinking I want one, but I haven't seen any decent games other than res evil and so ive put it off waiting for better ones to come out
  6. thanks for the tips keith! yeah I expect it to be very busy which is why ill be down all 4 days, can take my time and not have to rush about try cram it all in. also booked some choppa rides so hopefully get some nice pics from up high. not sure ill make the revival, im supposed to be at SEMA so will prob need to keep cash and holidays aside for that, and also excited to have just confirmed going racing with RWB at Idlers 12hr in Japan in july, 2 weeks after FOS... cant wait!
  7. I haven't been down in like 15 years or more but happy to say ill be there this year Thursday to sunday ive rented a cottage about 5 miles away, going to make a nice long weekend of it. give me a shout if anyone wants to catch up down there
  8. Cool but don't think I'll pay 450 for it!
  9. Lol yeah I put some of those absorbent spill pads on my undertray to soak up all the coolant and oil leaks
  10. I get a coolant leak from my 545 every year. I've replaced expansion tank, numerous hoses, the radiator... and now it's leaking again n I suspect the valley pipe. Topping up same as you every 50-100 miles. Gonna take it off road shortly and try that bimmerfix thing cos I'm not paying 2k or whatever to replace the pipe
  11. Nice collection Dennis! I have a bottle too, keep it with a peice of the rear arch extension that he trimmed off about half way through the video Duncan yeah I wondered about that too but he does sand them down and treat and seal the cut edges and screw holes. I'm not aware of any cars that have had any rust issues so far.
  12. Yeah the testarossa is nice, he's sold it now to a guy in Australia. Never mind though, he's got a Koenig wide body one also in black too
  13. thread revival... they just released the official build documentary video thing if anyones interested and got a spare 18 mins caution : ugly bloke close up about 2 mins in and appears few times throughout!
  14. and another
  15. went down to London at weekend, a photographer friend is bidding on a job for BMW Russia to do their next ad campaigns anyway they gave him a brief of they style of images they want, if you've picked up any recent brochure youll know what theyre like, something like this so anyway he asked to use my car to do some test shots to present to them, he done 2 so far and I think theyre quite cool!