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  1. Spray a bit of WD-40 on the silicone and it is surprisingly slippery and pliable. My pipe was broken in two so slid it along the straight section, then back up over the break.
  2. My old M54 had a broken hose just like yours although I cant see if the break is in the same place on yours I used some silicone hose (cant remember the size) slid over - worked fine and was probably better than the original pipe I got mine from ebay but I think most motor factors will sell it by the metre, I only used about 10cm
  3. pt530i

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Under IM would suggest throttle body to me
  4. When I looked at WDS some years ago I could only get it to work using Firefox as various bits were no longer supported in IE or Chrome. I'm sure if you search all my posts you'll be able to find it. But the online versions mentioned above are probably all you need
  5. pt530i

    Traction Control (DSC) MOT fail !

    If you have an E39 you need INPA Search the forum
  6. pt530i

    Traction Control (DSC) MOT fail !

    No need to take the cluster apart to check for lights working - use the test in INPA to check all the dash functions.
  7. pt530i

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    My gut feeling is that it wont be a fuel filter. Problems would be more likely seen at high revs, not low if there was a restriction. Id run the vanos test in INPA, at least you'll be able to see if the camshaft timing is changing or not. You could disconnect the vanos solenoid and see if anything changes, if it runs exactly the same then that points to a vanos or cam sensor issue My old 530i had a cam sensor go, would only very occasionally throw a code. Once changed the car ran much much better even though no code or EML so would agree with previous posters Also, just because youoverhauled the vanos or replaced the boots dont assume the problem is not there - try and keep an open mind. Have you done the oil filler vacuum check ? If excessive vacuum when engine idling this can point to ccv problems Good luck
  8. pt530i

    What controls the auxiliary fan

    Also comes on if aircon turned on
  9. pt530i

    Noob question

    413110187 is the ECP part number if you have a M54 (525/530) Make sure you use the discount code if you get it from there
  10. pt530i

    Noob question

    Also, make sure you get the right ones, the older M52 engines had different connectors compared with the later M54.
  11. pt530i

    Noob question

    I used Bosch with no problems - think I got from ECP about 25 quid each although that was a few years ago now
  12. pt530i

    Rust e39 no hope?

    That's pretty bad. If it's got to that stage on the sills I reckon they'll be loads more rot elsewhere. Could easily run into thousands. Personally I wouldnt bother unless it's an M5 or Alpina - realistically it would be far cheaper to buy another car (there are relatively rot free examples around still) and break your car for any good bits It's a shame but there's really no point throwing good money after bad, it's not that the E39 is particularly rare or valuable although as each year passes there's less and less of them around.
  13. pt530i

    E39 Buying Guide

    Yeah, reckon it's been scrapped It had plenty wrong with it although was still perfectly driveable. Would love to have kept it somewhere but no space and no time to work on it meant I needed something dependable so decided to let it go. Although I was perfectly happy with the spec (a base SE,)it actually had everything I needed but was pretty worthless as it seems only sport models have a following, Dont get me wrong, a F30 328i is a very capable car, far better technology wise than the E39 but just feels flimsy compared with the E39. I suspect a F10 5-series would be a better comparison though
  14. pt530i

    E39 Buying Guide

    Still miss mine, would love to know whether it's still around (I suspect not) A 530i SE (RX52NXE) which was traded in for a F30 328i. Better on paper in pretty much every respect but does it have that solid E39 'feel' ? Not a chance
  15. pt530i

    E39 differential advice

    You're saying it's too low geared with a 2.81 diff ?? Putting a 3.46 diff will make it even lower geared Or is this not what you mean ?