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  1. pt530i

    Bmw e39 530i thrust arm replacement questions?

    My experience is that you wont find free play by just jacking up the car What happens is that as the suspension drops, the balljoint is in a position that isnt worn and therefore wont show up any play I diagnosed mine by getting somone to wiggle the steering wheel whilst I was underneath feeling each joint. It soon became apparent there was wear in the thrust arm balljoint - this hadnt shown up when doing the uaul check with the front jacked up. Alternatively some MOT garages have a wheel shaker, this moves the wheel up and down but with the weight of the car on the suspension.
  2. pt530i

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    There's no way individual car's test results will be used to determine exemption (or not) - the computer systems behind the scenes will check whatever record DVLA hold for the vehicle It's a difficult one as obviously the standards and tests for E39s are 15 years behind the latest regs - I can see all sorts of anomalies as DVLA data isn't as accurate as you'd think in many cases
  3. pt530i

    Cost to repair jacking points

    To re-iterate what others have said, you need to strip all the plastic panels off and have a really good appraisal of the condition of everything. My old E39 was beginning to rust on the wheel arches, it looked superficial but there was definitely the beginnings of major rot in the rear quarters. My jacking points seemed fine though. Once you have the full picture then you can make a decision on what'll be involved as you really want to do it all at once if major stripping down, fuel tank removal etc is required
  4. pt530i

    Wrong size rear wheels !!

    Doesnt the 'J' refer to the shape of the wheel rather than anything to do with the size ? Having said that I've never seen any road car wheels with anything other than a 'J' profile
  5. pt530i

    OBD Adaptors - which work with the E39 ?

    Bug a vag.com KKL line cable from Amazon and this will work with INPA for the basic engine and transmission modules. Modify it by linking pins 7 and 8 I think and all modules will be readable Or get a fully supported solution from Jimmy if you're not technically inclined
  6. pt530i

    New A/C aux fan not running.. condenser?

    I believe the older pre facelift fans have a simple resistor type speed control (the later ones have electronic control) - I'd check that the resistor circuitry is all OK as well as checking fuses. Also you can probably turn on the fan using INPA - you definitely can with later cars using electronic control like my old 530i so would think it's possible on the prefacelift type as well Then at least you can seperate the electrical side from the refrigerant side of things
  7. Is CCV OK ? Very common cause of air leaks At the very least check for vacuum at the oil filler cap
  8. pt530i

    Lowering Advice for summer time

    Trust me your shocks will be worn out if they really have done 152k miles
  9. pt530i

    Silent block rear, what instruments are needed?

    Silent block ?? Think you need to come up with a slightly better description
  10. pt530i

    Intermittently loud engine and exhaust

    Are you sure there's not an air pump fitted ? Some models have these in some markets, the idea is to pump air into the exhaust to keep things burning, thereby lowering emissions. Usually fitted to US spec cars, maybe Alpina has a more exotic setup than run of the mill stuff
  11. pt530i

    Lamba test in inpa

    I would say O2 sensor is the favourite although I wouldn't want to guarantee it I'm pretty sure that in the BMW service schedule it says they should be replaced at 100k miles so it seems they do have a finite life. I think there are multiple sensors though, pre and post cat, so how you would decide which one to replace first I dont know, or just replace all of them. I lived with mine and just made sure I drove straight off after a cold start, annoying in icy conditions as I couldn't let the car warm up whilst scraping the windows
  12. pt530i

    EML Warning Light?

    Need to read the codes There will be a stored code but one that has not been present during the last three start / stop cycles so the EML light is off Get INPA set up on a laptop, one of the cheapest and best investments you can make as an E39 owner
  13. pt530i

    Lamba test in inpa

    The cold start misfire was always a problem with my old 530i One thing to try though is to disconnect the MAF and see if it starts and runs properly from cold If it runs OK then the problem is closed-loop operation, so either O2 sensor MAF or cat (disconnecting the MAF breaks the loop but the engine will still run OK) Very common problem and I ended up just living with it
  14. pt530i


    I would think the important thing is to get a matching pair That said, E39s are notorious for having varying ride height at each corner, various (probably urban myths) suggest that it's designed to be level with the weight of a german businessman in the drivers seat but only if LHD etc etc The different codes are supposed to reflect different cars having different options However I wouldnt worry too much, I'd think the differences would be insignificant in practice I'd pay more attention to ensuring the shocks are in good condition as these will affect the ride height being gas filled
  15. pt530i

    180k M54 3.0 litre

    Suspension is the main area for concern Usual checks for gearbox and clutch Engine should be sound but vanos may be noisy and or need new seals CCV might need doing (fiddly job) - as a minimum check for vacuum at the oil filler cap Check air suspension Check for rust especially around rear jacking points and wheel arches (not sure if tourers affected same as saloons) Other than that just make sure everything works OK It's an old car so expect at least some work to do