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  1. pt530i

    2002 E39 windscreen washers not working

    First step is to see if INPA gives any clues before spending hours stripping bits down It might narrow the fault down
  2. pt530i

    5 40 or 5 30?

    Thinner oil flows better and will reach components quicker after a cold start Thinner oil causes less drag so will make the engine (marginally) more efficient Thicker oil however will probably result in a quieter engine However when we're talking about 20 year old cars it makes next to no difference - I wouldnt worry too much as the differences are small. If it seems to run better on 5W40 then just use that
  3. pt530i

    How to check if turbo still working?

    That is normal
  4. pt530i

    How to check if turbo still working?

    This isn't right If the brake pedal (not peddle btw) sinks that means a hydraulic problem. If anything, if vacuum is leaking away, there will be less servo assistance so the pedal would become harder.
  5. pt530i

    540i Injector voltage ?

    Ideally use an oscilloscope to measure the voltages whilst the car is running before you remove them Most ECU related stuff seems to be 5V but that's just a guess
  6. Sounds like its flooded. My old 530i (M54 engine) was very prone to this Remove spark plugs and put in oven, crank engine without plugs to dry out, replace after 20 mins. Or if you can disconnect injectors and crank over for a bit with throttle wide open that might do the trick.
  7. pt530i

    Btw e39 525i cuts out....

    You say it is a 525i which implies facelift, ie post 2000, yet you say it's a 1997 car. Or is it a Japan import as I think these were marketed as 525i in Japan but 523i in Europe If it's really a 1997 it's possible that it has a ADS interface which I think needs a different interface cable. I know when I had my 2002 530i my modified vag.com cable worked fine yet definitely wouldnt work on a friends 1996 car.
  8. pt530i

    SE Saloon quiet tyres - some feedback please.

    Michelin Primacy were good for me. Expensive but last 30,000 miles as well Generally tyres of all makes are quietest when new and get noisier as they wear
  9. pt530i

    How easy to change control arms?

    I used a blowtorch to heat the hub around the ball joints and a good knock with a hammer and they popped straight out Wont hurt to soak in wd-40 for a few hours as well
  10. pt530i

    Houston we have a (CCV) problem

    That doesnt look right When I did mine (many years ago now) I do remember getting the hose to click onto the CCV was very fiddly but it did go on in the end. I certainly dont remember the top end where it connects to the cam cover being at that angle I think the BMW recommended method is to remove the inlet manifold as that makes everything much easier. I didnt but mainly because I didnt want to buy a new IM gasket. I think something is misaligned, I'd take the pipe off and start over
  11. pt530i

    Wheel speed sensor - OEM vs eBay?

    I bought a sensor for my F30 here and had no problems http://www.bavariandominator.co.uk/pages/bmw_e39_abs_sensors_132871.cfm Not OEM but seemed to fit OK so was very happy for the price.
  12. Spray a bit of WD-40 on the silicone and it is surprisingly slippery and pliable. My pipe was broken in two so slid it along the straight section, then back up over the break.
  13. My old M54 had a broken hose just like yours although I cant see if the break is in the same place on yours I used some silicone hose (cant remember the size) slid over - worked fine and was probably better than the original pipe I got mine from ebay but I think most motor factors will sell it by the metre, I only used about 10cm
  14. pt530i

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Under IM would suggest throttle body to me
  15. When I looked at WDS some years ago I could only get it to work using Firefox as various bits were no longer supported in IE or Chrome. I'm sure if you search all my posts you'll be able to find it. But the online versions mentioned above are probably all you need