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  1. Free PDF Bentley Manual for BMW E39

    Is this a true PDF ie searchable, or a scanned copy saved as a PDF ? I have a scanned copy which is OK but you cant search for any text
  2. Bl**dy handbrake adjustment

    When I had my E39 I never had a decent handbrake, at least not one I'd have any confidence in being able to stop the car from a moderate speed I found roughing up the shoes with 80 grit wet and dry and adjusting as described previously through the disc would be good enough for MOT purposes
  3. Different oil brands - condensation issues?

    I always had this in cold winter on my 530i Seems pretty typical and nothing to worry about - will clear itself after a long run or when the weather warms up
  4. Think it's GSF's own brand I'd avoid I bought a front lower arm from GSF (their cheapest part, cant remember if it was Vtech or not) Within a year the bush had worn out If you're keeping the car for any more than a few months I really cant emphasize enough that you'll be better off with branded parts (Vtech is not a brand)
  5. Unfortunately decent quality and cheap do not go together, as with most things in life you get what you pay for Definitely avoid cheap ebay kits, they're rubbish and within 6 months they might well have worn out. Anything Lemforder / Meyle / TRW should be fine, My advice - learnt the hard way
  6. Autobox erratic when cold

    I used to find an occasional reset of the adaptations improved things considerably on my old 530i You can do with INPA or just disconnect the battery overnight which seemed to do the trick, you will of course lose any trip meter data if you use this method No harm in trying and wont cost anything.
  7. The generic parts that GSF and Eurocarparts sell - usually with own brand names like Q-Drive or the like I now only ever buy OEM branded parts because usually it's less hassle and cheaper in the long run
  8. An old adage but... You get what you pay for. I learnt that lesson with suspension parts but it holds true for pretty much everything.
  9. Please help hesitation no codes!

    Have you replaced coils ? On my old 3.0 they all went eventually and not actually that expensive for OEM quality Bosch units
  10. Should I worry about soot build up on valves?

    Walnut shell cleaning is used on later petrol engines that use DI (direct injection) - a few videos on Youtube if you search. The inlet manifold is removed and the engine turned so each valve is shut in turn and blasted with walnut shells, then vacuumed out. The idea being that any walnut residue wont harm the engine if ingested into the cylinders A petrol engine using DI will tend to build up clag on the back of the inlet valves due to exhaust blow back and the fact the inlet air does not contain any fuel which on a older port injected engine will have a cleaning effect A diesel engine clags up mainly because of EGR - whether walnut shell blasting will be effective on this type of buildup I don't know.
  11. 18 - Pulse Gear Fault

    Sounds like the wrong bearing was fitted if the reluctor ring is part of the bearing - sending wrong number of pulses per revolution
  12. 99 523i not coming to life...

    Check around the engine ECU for moisture / corrosion on the connectors Think it's accessible if you remove the passenger side pollen filter
  13. Pictures might help with a sensible response
  14. What makes front suspension "crashy"?

    When you replaced the shocks were they new ? Crashyness is usually due to worn out shocks. When I replaced mine, once the spring had been removed there was hardly any resistance and could easily push the rod in by hand. Once replaced the ride was massively transformed
  15. Have you looked on realoem.com ?