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  1. Premium rear speakers

    Hi Dan, Sorry to have been so late in replying but I've been a little unwell over the last few weeks. Please find enclosed images of the rear of the "Premium" L.S. as you will see the crossover is actually part of the L.S. which comprises of a BMW unit with the coil glued to the chassis and the capacitor soldered in. I bought mine from the U.S. and they arrived with immaculate cabinets but with one bass/mid driver faulty. A good tip is that the original bass/mid unit can be sourced from BMW as used in e38 7 series, swop the coil and capacitor over and voila. The coil can be removed carefully with a Stanley knife to cut through the glue and re-glued on to the fresh unit. I happened to have a couple of spare units, one of which helped repair the "Premium" shelf speaker and the other one replaced faulty unit in my e38.
  2. BMW 1996 e38 part required

    Yes Dan
  3. BMW 1996 e38 part required

    Hi guys, I am in dire need of a rear right hand plastic sill kick plate/cover part no 5147 8 125 938 - must be from a pre 1996 car (design changed that year)
  4. Premium rear speakers

    Dan, I do have a brand new rear shelf in black ordered by mistake. I wonder if this might be the answer to your problem. As you can see from Mick's pics the "premium" LS holes are ready scored for cutting and offer the alternative shape required. PM me for further info. kind Regards, Ivor
  5. Knocking noise

    My teeth do that thinking about my ex wife.
  6. E28 steering box

    Handy to know mate. Kind Regards, Ivor.
  7. E28 steering box

    Mister Auto have recon boxes quite reasonably, the others are available by googling. Kind Regards, Ivor
  8. E28 steering box

    Yeah, onwards and upwards. Having said what I said, there are a few firms that might do it after googling the subject and ready re-built for about £450 very approx per unit. Kind Regards, Ivor
  9. E28 steering box

    Yeah, I have a spare that needs rebuilding - parts that normally wear are no longer available. There is a firm somewhere in the UK that has a process to "augment" the worn gears and re-machine them but I couldn't find them. Apparently a very expensive process. I even have the exploded diagram from ZF from when I researched the subject.. Hope you're keepin well, Ivor
  10. E28 steering box

    Is it any good Gary?
  11. E28 steering box

    'tis for a M535i, 535i Gary.
  12. My e28, 525e's engine keeps cutting out.

    Yes the "front" sensor is to show TDC but is for diagnostic purposes only.
  13. Can any member help me out by changing the rear axle carrier bushes on my E28? Suitable remuneration would be arranged! I have a pair of OEM BMW bushes at the ready....... Kind Regards, Taffy 1
  14. The BMW5 random picture thread

    Cath says more, more.
  15. How disappointing that you were unable to show yours.