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  1. 525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    Sure is Dan. Situated between no 3 and four inlets on the inlet manifold.
  2. Style 5 tyre choice

    I am using 225/50 Zr16 Goodyear tyres, for a while my thinking was german car german tyres hence using Contis but the Goodyear tyres are far superior and are much of a price.
  3. Steering wheel swap

    There you go, never let it be said the forum doesn't look after you!
  4. Steering wheel swap

    The coarse splined steering wheels fetch more money than the fine splined wheels, they are earlier and rarer. Best thing to do is sell this one and buy the required one. Kind regards, Taffy 1
  5. Return of the Donkey

  6. Wheel and tyre help please

    I'd have the existing wheels refinished, it looks very nice.
  7. 518i Not starting. Any advice very welcome

    I would disconnect the fuel line from the injectors and turn the engine over to see if fuel is getting through.
  8. E28 bonnet lining and........

    The other two items needed are described as "air guide sound insulation" part nos :- 51481904313 Left 51481904314 Right All parts are available from Cotswold BMW and are in stock in the UK
  9. 518i Not starting. Any advice very welcome

    Listening to the video,it does sound like fuel starvation.
  10. E28 bonnet lining and........

    The bonnet lining part nos are:- 5141881592.......................... Centre 5141881593...........................Left 5141881594...........................Right The other items you require I think are possibly described as being "gaskets" some research required. The one piece I believe was also fitted to the diesel variants.
  11. E28 bonnet lining and........

    The tree piece linings should be available from the stealers, S/H no good.
  12. M30B35 Engine (Prefer E24)

    I have a M30B34 engine, which was the correct engine specified for E24 manual plus a Motronic engine loom.
  13. E28 Head Lights Removal question?

    Good stuff, I went through all this a couple of years back.
  14. Lop sided rear

    I thought it might have been caused by my over weight ex-wife hiding in one side of your boot!
  15. E12/E28 right front door

    Hi Chris, Please PM me, Kind regards, Ivor Evans.