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  1. 2003 530i Sport to B10 V8S 4.8L engine conversion

    Funny you should say that, the engine was originally bought by a friend with the intention of putting in in his Touring, but I bought it off him
  2. Just finished the conversion work...took us about 2 weeks to complete it. Nice way to have 375hp Car was originally 530i Sport Aegean Edition imported myself from UK 8 years ago to Malaysia and had done 360,000km (about 224,000miles). It started sounding rough so decided to convert it to this. I don't really want an S62 since this is a daily driver and traffic where I live are horrendous so cant really drive it with the manual box. Most other stuffs are already M5 though (interior, cluster, mirrors, etc etc). The 'halfcut' came from Japan, I only took the engine, gearbox, undercarriage and the brakes from the E39 B10 V8S breaker unit.
  3. 2003 530i Sport to B10 V8S 4.8L engine conversion

    Its the steering wheel taken from E46 M3 SMG. Quite easy to retrofit on dual stage airbag cars. Had it for 8 years, one of the first things I did when I got the car. You need the paddleshift steering, new slipring and some simple wiring job. Only 2 wires to run from the slipring to the gearknob area.
  4. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Nothing, it was just me wanting to use some sort of oem set up first to get a feel before I do anything else.
  5. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Just got hold of a V8S halfcut here in Malaysia, came from Japan but missing its exhaust after the cat. Is there anything special about the Alpina exhausts, or am I better off doing a custom one?
  6. 2003 530i Sport to B10 V8S 4.8L engine conversion

    Undercarriage, suspension and brakes are all swapped too of course
  7. 2003 530i Sport to B10 V8S 4.8L engine conversion

    Nothing major, the original body harness stays, apart from needing few new wires. Its mainly the harness from the engine to the new ECU thats different. Those were completely swapped. It helps that my car is 2003 and already have DSC.
  8. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    I'm happy to report its all up and running now! Took us about two weeks to complete the conversion. Everything works, it helps that most stuff from my car can be reused again (body harness, DSC etc). The MAF that came with the halfcut was dead, ordered it from ebay and borrowed one from a friend for a couple of weeks before it arrives. I end up sourcing a 540i exhaust, it'll do for now.
  9. Seat Heating Retrofit: Open Circuit

    check under the leather fold at the back? mine is connected near the leather edge
  10. Japanese Import E39s

    I think Alpina never limits their cars anywhere. Just stating in the Japanese scene.
  11. Japanese Import E39s

    That said, japanese Alpinas doesnt have the electronic limiter, so they goes all the way. Just got this B10 V8S 'halfcut' from Japan to transplant into my car. 284kmh (176mph) top speed. Will be starting the swap in a couple of weeks maybe. I'm in Malaysia by the way.
  12. Japanese Import E39s

    The reason they changed the final drive/diff is that their BMWs are electronically limited (ECU) to 210kmh (130mph) so they would not need the extra ratios as in a 155mph limit UK car. Better make use of the gearing ratios for a better acceleration.
  13. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Supposed to be something like that, but its been in place for so long nobody remembers why. And the government can't let go of it since its a massive source of income now.
  14. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    The 'halfcuts' IS the way around it I'm afraid..its the same story in the neighbouring countries, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Some even more than us in Malaysia.
  15. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

  16. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Not sure, probably will when I'm done. Major work on the car throughout 2017, retrofitting sunroof, M5 seats, electric steering, etc etc. Basically most of the car has genuine M5 parts apart from the engine and brakes, but I hate the manual to drive around Kuala Lumpur which is always in a massive traffic all the time. So the auto 4.8 Alpina fits fine into my requirement, and available at a right timing too!
  17. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    That was why. Langkawi is a tax-free haven, and cars on the island dont go to the mainland often and vice versa due to rules about import and taxes etc. People buy Lamborghini and Ferraris on the island to avoid tax and use them for a maximum of 3 months a year on the mainland. But they are mainland people and keep the car in storage on the island.
  18. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    It all have to do with import taxes. It is imported as 'parts' and not a 'car'. They are in a very different tax brackets. The requirement for a 'parts' unit is that they have to be chopped up so they cannot be used as a complete unit. But both the front and rear cuts can come in together. The tax for a 'parts' unit is very cheap. You can bring in a whole car, if you are prepared to pay the taxes. For example, I got my 530i Sport Aegean Edition in 2010 for £5300 in UK. The import tax alone was more than the car at £8000.
  19. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Its quite normal to buy a 'halfcut' and do a conversion of cars here in Malaysia as new car prices are very high. (An F80 M3 is about MYR 780,000 / GBP142,000 brand new). Most of our halfcuts come from Japan, sometimes from UK too depending on models. Japan is preferable due to the high mileage and rust on UK cars.
  20. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Not many compared to other makes, but still plenty around. My E39 was imported from UK though when I left after I finished my studies in 2010. Its an Aegean Blue Edition.
  21. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    I got the manifolds up to the cat. after that its missing. high probability would have to custom a backbox
  22. E39 Saloon Black Parcel Shelf with Electric Blind

    Hello mate, can i have the centre console switch please, but I am in Malaysia. Can you quote postage please. I can do paypal.
  23. Pre-Facelift M5 Interior Door Handles

    Whats the difference between facelift and prefacelift door handles?