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  1. E39 Saloon Black Parcel Shelf with Electric Blind

    Hello mate, can i have the centre console switch please, but I am in Malaysia. Can you quote postage please. I can do paypal.
  2. Pre-Facelift M5 Interior Door Handles

    Whats the difference between facelift and prefacelift door handles?
  3. E39 washer pumps - fully working - cheap

    You can have them if piper replies. I've got mine
  4. M5 mirror rubber gasket part number

    From what I gathered from the forums (US included) they only come with the mirror themselves and does not sell separately. Why are you selling your M5 mirrors? Tempting, especially since they are the correct colour for me! I'm on genuine M5 mirrors now, but they are LHD and I got them for practically nothing.
  5. E39 washer pumps - fully working - cheap

    Hello mate, can you price a postage to malaysia for both items? I'll take them both.
  6. in dash obc display, probably a stupid question

    nope once you remove it the ribbon is spoilt, just buy a replacement silver ribbon and fix the current cluster you have. The LCD is normally reusable, its the ribbon that has gone bad over the years.
  7. E39 530i Sport - Breaking

    hi mate...are the M kick plates still available or is it sold?
  8. in dash obc display, probably a stupid question

    hello mate, what are you trying to do, replace the whole cluster or swap the display only? Might as well send them to Rudy in Southampton for £120 i think and get your current one fixed no hassle. you can try to repair it yourself for about £20. I'd recommend drilling method over needles-off method to avoid headache. I do the pixels as a side job here in Malaysia, I am the only one doing it in the country.
  9. This is a post from another site, I have the same question but too lazy to retype. Anybody have an answer? I can not find a part number for this seal. It sits directly under the driver side mirror. Realoem only shows the insulating foam that sits in the door behind the mirror (51328163019 IS NOT THE PART I NEED). I went to the dealership and they couldn't find a part number for it either. They suggest that it might only be available as part of the mirror!! That cant be right. I mean, what if a body shop is doing some work, removes the mirror like I have and the gasket crumbles. They arent going to buy a whole new mirror.... The dealership took pictures of the part and said they would get in touch with tech support to get an answer. The only part number on this piece is 32 289 L. Not enough to get a part number hit on. Help please!
  10. supercharger set up??

    I don't see why would you attack a person who takes time to reply to a post, being as helpful as Dennis is (always a long post by the way!) Experienced or not does not matter when the advice is sound. I myself learned a lot just by lurking around in the forums all these years reading all the threads that come up. More often than not I had solved issues on my car and friends locally here in Malaysia by recalling stuff I read in the forums over the years, when the problem came out.
  11. supercharger set up??

    Back to the topic, if you want some cheapo way of building yourself a SC kit, this guy have a know-how to install a toyota-based supercharger into our M52-M54 engines. https://m52supercharged.wordpress.com He basically sells you an instruction kit and plans for you to cut your own brackets for those supercharger to fit snugly into our engines. I have a 530i too and I understand exactly what you want and contemplating the same thing. The more complete and off the shelf solution (and of course expensive!) I would say the ESS TS2 Stage 2 kit: http://esstuning.com/m54b30-twin-screw-stage-2-ts2/
  12. BM24 £40 posted

    looked at parcel2go, not sure about size and weight but seems expensive. Neilb can have it. cheers
  13. Looking for M5 Heritage Rear Bench Leather

    Thanks all for the reply guys. As I said in the original post, colour will not matter as I will be recolouring them to Light Silvergrey with Gliptone. Just trying my luck on here really. Was hoping somebody has bought a set just for the fronts somehow. The electric seats and electric steering column are in and working now by the way. I have just realised the seats have heating functions in them, contemplating finding the correct centre switch for them and get them to work, not really needing them as its hot as hell in Malaysia most of the time! But its cool to have them working though!