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    My 1989 525 E34 Auto and keeping it on the road !

    I am an OAP and I find it and my aim is to keep my car on the road, that is why I rely on this site ! it has helped me so much to keep the costs down.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    1989 Schwarz (Black) Black, E34 525i Auto, M20 Engine B25

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  1. Hello, The electrician came (he is the guy who fitted the alarm over 15 years ago) he said it was faulty so he removed it, it is going in the bin. I have got my car back again. Jim. P.S. the alarm is a Gamma, the company no longer exists so it is obsolete.
  2. Thanks for your advice, I have a auto electrician coming to look at my car tomorrow (Tuesday) I hope he can fix it. Jim.
  3. Hello, Hi Collin thank you, No my battery dose not have a cover. Jim.
  4. I tried that a few times it did not work !
  5. Hello All, Help please. I cant stop the alarm going off. My battery went flat so I disconnected it to charge it when I connected it up again the horn went off and the hazard light flashed. Now when I turn the ignition key to position 1 the horn sounds and when I start the engine the horn stops but the hazard lights flash therefore I cant use the car. I dont know where the alarm unit is so that I can try to disconnect it' Will I be able to use the car if I disable The alarm ? Help Jim.
  6. Will they fit on a 1989 525 e34 that has standard 15 inch wheels ?
  7. Hello. How much to send to Glasgow ?
  8. Hello Piper, Will these fit a 1989 525 E34 that has got standard 15'' wheels ? Regards Jim.
  9. I have bought a new patern wing it was about £35.00 I am going to wait untill the weather is a bit warmer then I will get it sprayed and fitted.
  10. Hi, how did you get on ????
  11. Thanks Colin, Why am I not surprised that you know about this. Thanks again for your help. Jim.
  12. Hello everyone, I have been away for a while but now I am back and in need of some help. I am still keeping the old girl on the road but I have a problem with the auto box, I cant put it in park and sometimes it goes into reverse, What could be causing this ? Help Please. Jim.