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    My 1989 525 E34 Auto and keeping it on the road !

    I am an OAP and I find it and my aim is to keep my car on the road, that is why I rely on this site ! it has helped me so much to keep the costs down.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    1989 Schwarz (Black) Black, E34 525i Auto, M20 Engine B25

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  1. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    P.S I also would like a windscreen washer jet and the little valve that fits on the washer pipe ! Thank you Jim.
  2. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    Hello, help please, I am looking for a OS rear door lock actuator the early type, The small square trim panel that has got the sunroof switch in it near the interior light, not the switch just the panel ! it is a grey colour. do you have them and how much for them. Thank you Jim.
  3. E34 cluster differences (blue / white backs)

    My 1989 is grey ! Jim.
  4. Instrument cluster issues - Capacitors?

    Thank you for this info. Jim.
  5. Instrument cluster issues - Capacitors?

    Hello, Can you please tell me the name of the company and where they are ? Thanks jim.
  6. I think the actuator is the early type.
  7. I am looking for 2 small parts :- O/S rear door lock actuator, the panel on the roof that has the sliding roof button in it, not the button just the panel. If you have got them can you give me a price please. I may need a few other bits. P.S what condition are the wheels ? Thank You. Jim.
  8. I need some bits. Please let me know if you are breaking it . Thank you.
  9. Creaking/grinding noise while driving

    Hello, Did you find out the problems you had. Did you get them fixed. My car creaks as well. Thanks.
  10. I need a bit of help again.

  11. I need a bit of help again.

    Hello, The electrician came (he is the guy who fitted the alarm over 15 years ago) he said it was faulty so he removed it, it is going in the bin. I have got my car back again. Jim. P.S. the alarm is a Gamma, the company no longer exists so it is obsolete.
  12. I need a bit of help again.

    Thanks for your advice, I have a auto electrician coming to look at my car tomorrow (Tuesday) I hope he can fix it. Jim.
  13. I need a bit of help again.

    Hello, Hi Collin thank you, No my battery dose not have a cover. Jim.
  14. I need a bit of help again.

    I tried that a few times it did not work !
  15. I need a bit of help again.

    Hello All, Help please. I cant stop the alarm going off. My battery went flat so I disconnected it to charge it when I connected it up again the horn went off and the hazard light flashed. Now when I turn the ignition key to position 1 the horn sounds and when I start the engine the horn stops but the hazard lights flash therefore I cant use the car. I dont know where the alarm unit is so that I can try to disconnect it' Will I be able to use the car if I disable The alarm ? Help Jim.