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    My 1989 525 E34 Auto and keeping it on the road !

    I am an OAP and I find it and my aim is to keep my car on the road, that is why I rely on this site ! it has helped me so much to keep the costs down.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    1989 Schwarz (Black) Black, E34 525i Auto, M20 Engine B25

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  1. Will they fit on a 1989 525 e34 that has standard 15 inch wheels ?
  2. Hello. How much to send to Glasgow ?
  3. Hello Piper, Will these fit a 1989 525 E34 that has got standard 15'' wheels ? Regards Jim.
  4. I have bought a new patern wing it was about £35.00 I am going to wait untill the weather is a bit warmer then I will get it sprayed and fitted.
  5. Hi, how did you get on ????
  6. Thanks Colin, Why am I not surprised that you know about this. Thanks again for your help. Jim.
  7. Hello everyone, I have been away for a while but now I am back and in need of some help. I am still keeping the old girl on the road but I have a problem with the auto box, I cant put it in park and sometimes it goes into reverse, What could be causing this ? Help Please. Jim.
  8. You have a masive air lock ! Wait untill the engine is cold overnight if pos, Jack the front of the car up about 12 inches top up the rad with cold coolant start the engine and run for about 5 seconds the coolant level should drop. turn the engine off top up the rad again and run the engine again level should drop again. Keep doing this untill coolant level stays constant this may have to be done again if the engine gets warm ! only do this when the engine is cold, dont let the engine get too hot that may damage the head. do this again the next day to make sure all the air has gone. Good luck with this.
  9. I like this car ! But I dont have enough cash.
  10. I posted this before and found it interesting so in case anyone missed it here it is again. I hope it helps someone, Jim. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheaper-fuel?utm_source=MSE_Newsletter&utm_medium=bignote-four&utm_term=13-Jan-15-v1&utm_campaign=travel&utm_content=4#petrol
  11. Hello, Thanks for your reply, I just remembered that I got a pipe replaced there about 2 years ago. I hope it just needs to be tightened, fingers crossed.
  12. I got my N/S/rear Brake fixed on Friday, The new caliper was £66.00 and £40.00 to get it fitted. WoooHooo. Jim.
  13. Finally I got my Brake fixed on Friday, The new caliper was £66.00 and £40.00 to get it fitted. WoooHooo. Jim.