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    BMW E61 530i black M Sport LCI 2007 6s manual. (prev E39 525i SE 2001 manual)

    Hi n Welcome , good that you got the car to start, frustrating. Diversity antenna connections could be corroded? Check out the info and images in this recent related thread. More tailgate Diversity antenna access video here.
  2. ECP Black Friday - OIL

    Get in! Edit: Huge stocks to get rid of before the Electric car effects sales volumes, soon to ban internal combustion engines.
  3. Connecting iPhone to CCC Professional Nav

    Not sure if this is applicable to your 2005 hardware but burning MP3 CDs has to be the correct Joliet format, I used "Image Burn" which guided me to enable the correct options. If you get the MP3s working, the steering wheel controls work but the track seek (fwd) is quite slow. Otherwise MP3 CDs are a simple solution and a lot less hassle that the other options.
  4. Interesting. Good that you got the software tools working to allow diagnosis to fix the problem. Jimmy set mine up also ;).
  5. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Some related vids in this recent thread here:
  6. Back in a Five!

    Hi there n welcome back . I think your post got lost some how, pretty sure some more detailed answers to your questions will be posted soon. - Service indicators can be reset with ingnition and button combo's, search forum/youtube. - I've not herd that DVD-Rs damage the drive. Using a 2016 verson -R burn in my 2007 dvd drive on -R, only use a few times a year though. - Weak Remote locking, yes could be corroded Diversity antenna connections. Not failing so not likely to be tailgate loom breakdown. Otherwise weak key battery(?). - No Bluetooth, could be a few things. Check for water/moisture in spare wheel well. That's a lot of waypoint flags, maybe the previous owner was an Uber taxi or a dedicated Dominos driver.
  7. High Pressure Fuel Pump

    eeek! That's just savage. What mileage would you say they are failing? Or were you just unlucky?
  8. What is LCI?

    See LCI Detailed Changes.PDF Most important changes from March 2007 were probably the LCI engines, more power with increased fuel efficiency . More shared on Google Drive thanks to:
  9. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Frost tommorow... Rain X (cleaner spray bottle on) front and rear screen. See what all the fuss is about (or not). Update: Film barrier helps reduce frost removal effort. Rain beeds more readily, increase speed causes wind to clear windows. An improvement. Longevity not yet known...
  10. Thanks. Yes it's hard to tell, I think I've lost a small amount of coolant and the steam has so far only occured on cool damp days, where water is on the bonnet. I initially thought it was water dripping down onto a hot rad... or there is a small flaw somewhere. I doubt it will be long before the problem fully identifies itself one way or another and I'll be posting an update back here. Nice to get a little bit of a warning so if the worst happens, a catastrophic cooling system failure won't be a total surprise. Edit: Found quite a few similar threads on this common subject: Thread1, Thread2, Thread3, Thread4
  11. I've noticed some steam venting on 4 occasions this past few months, normally after a few miles (up to temperature, after dual carriageway) and then comming to a stop in a traffic queue. Often thought it was the exhaust car infront of me but then reailised it is more central and in front of my bonnet grill area. Today I noticed venting and was able to park, rushed around and saw the space between the rad and grill full of steam and smelt like mild coolant (appeared maybe to be more from the drivers side UK). Popped the bonnet open and nothing to see, all the steam had gone and could not repeat the venting event today. I inspected the under tray and reservoir looking for any white coolant deposites or steam venting but no clues yet. Waited 3 hours for the car to cool down and checked the coolant level, lost about 100ml since August (of daily use). RealOEM - 5 Series E61 LCI 530i Cooling system coolant hoses. Anyone seen this type of fault before? Maybe a leaky joint, something slightly hidden away at the radiator, likely candidates?
  12. BMW 530D E60 2004, GOING IN TO LIMP MODE?

    Hi n welcome . Reckon you'll need to get the error codes scanned to be sure. ...and your caps lock seem to be broken ;).
  13. Idrive screen/new battery help please!

    Thanks for the info update. I thought it was a light sensor for auto screen brightness adjustment between day/night conditions. Probably be fine without it.
  14. Where to find these grilles?

    LOL plus we can be such a purist bunch on here, hey. When you first get a BMW you might also find yourself imagining lots of tri colours and 'M' badge ideas, don't worry it normally passes. There's even a playfull side of me that entertains a tasteful Decepticon badge on it somewhere . Just noticed the bumper on the OPs pic has no fog lights, looks like the smiley faced M5 bumper.
  15. Where to find these grilles?

    @JASON530D Don't listen to us ;). Here's a UK supplier but out of stock, maybe email and see if they can get a pair in and when: https://www.carpartstuning.com/front-grill-bmw-e60-series-5-2003-2009/4979735-10/ Also found another related thread from 2011: Black kidney grilles on carbon black. Yay or nay?