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  1. DarkHorse

    Is it worth it?

    Pretty tragic .
  2. DarkHorse

    Track Rod End

    LOL oh yeah wrong car, will correct my post. Thanks for correcting.
  3. DarkHorse

    Track Rod End

    You can get the tracking close enough by eye or with the aid of a long piece of wood held across the one wheel/tyre and then compare with the wood held across the other tyre (looking for parrallel observation), though more fiddly to estimate due to the wing, bumper and sill design on the E60. Should get you close enough to save scrubbing out your tyres. Otherwise I use steering weight and steering rate of unwind, as a guide when driving off with the steering on a good amount, eg. when you turn out of a 'T' junction and observe the steering centring behaviour. In my limited experience I noticed that when the front allignment is towing 'in' the steering doesn't return to straight ahead as readily and wil need some extra input (E60 rack design being infont of the front axel, so needs to be made longer by unscrewing a tie rod). When towing 'out' the steering will more rapidly centre and can often feel heavier (screw in tie rods to make shorter). Trying to do this and keep the steering wheel centered and true is possible but probably not worth the hassle, hence get the front wheels aligned properly at a local garage.
  4. Just found this video (dated May2018), seems to be fair comment, should be informative for most potential newbie E60/E61 owners. Buying a used BMW 5 series E60, E61 - 2003-2010, Buying advice with Common Issues There's a few other BMW vids by the same guy (yet to watch them): Buying a used BMW 5 series F10/F11 - 2010-2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8v58QiaWYI Buying a used BMW 7 series F01 - 2008-2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVV1isHe4hg Buying a used BMW M5 (F10) - 2011-2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geoivnl1QrY Buying a used BMW M5 E39 - 1998-2003 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqYtJ4XWTpM
  5. DarkHorse

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Good to see you are enjoying the weekend with the E61 again . Looks like something that could have fallen off an old Soviet capsule during reentry, that then emitted maggots/rice crispies on the ground.
  6. DarkHorse

    Which e60/61 would be best?

    Hmm, tough to recommend, personally not an auto fan either. My 11 year old E61 N53 has been ok this first year+ of ownership and a bit cheaper than some others (rare manual?). Otherwise I just hate the tappy injector noises at idle with the windows down in the driveway, though the chatter is a little less with the AC on. At that mileage you could consider stretching your budget to the the LCI 550 4.8L V8s on AutoTrader... (2 are manual boxes) .
  7. DarkHorse

    X5 for my 530d?

    I had to work it out: 10L/100km is roughly 28mpg 07L/100km is roughly 40mpg
  8. DarkHorse

    How the hell..

    Why is this, potholes on 19"s or just age and mileage?
  9. DarkHorse

    How the hell..

    Yeah, like he wants to hear that mate.
  10. DarkHorse

    Newbie questions

    Possibly someone most likely missed a bent wheel, re-check for inner rim damage/buckle. Edit: otherwise maybe check drive shafts and rubber doughnut coupling.
  11. DarkHorse

    E61/LCI audio upgrade - advice needed pls

    With the HiFi option coding (low volume outputs), does the bass and trebble in the iDrive still effect the sound as before, just with the overall basic factory colouration removed? Are you now planning to Amp all the speakers in the car (supporting the iDrive fader) or just the floor subs?
  12. DarkHorse

    E61/LCI audio upgrade - advice needed pls

    Hopefully the subs sit and seal correctly to drive the air in the chambers or the low frequency response will be poor but I don't know about the specific fitment issues here. I've not done or heard the same upgrade that you have. Though, with the addition of crossovers the under floor subs should get more power than the basic OEM setup (which wasted half the power sharing directly with the old mids without any crossovers). Plus moving from 6.5" to 8" I would expect a noticable quality and performance gain with extra depth. Maybe double check the phasing wiring polarity of all speakers, especially the new floor subs? Could explain the big hole in the frequency range. I would investigate this further, it may indicate some sort of speaker/crossover wiring problem, especially if it wasn't there before. As for the over 'brightness', this is a known issue with the factory Head Unit EQ compensation (for the initial no tweeter $hite setup). I did find this a noticable characteristic when I first added tweeters but as time has passed (after more than several months of daily use), found that I tend to run the trebble at around half way between flat and max (obviously track/source dependant). Maybe my tweeters have 'softened' up over time, they are not burnt out as I don't ever clip/distort the factory HU setup (old style CCC) and which I find that it is plenty loud enough personally. So maybe the tweeters will change over time or mine were just a cheap option for a reason (ref: Hertz DT 24.3 80w) or I've gone def. Otherwise, leew88's plan would be relatively straight forward with an Amp that handles high level inputs.
  13. DarkHorse

    E60 gearbox slipping

    Sounds like you got one of those Friday the 13th builds. Or just unlucky to have all that maintenance/repairs land in the same period of ownership, on a 13 year old motor. Sadly seems that it can happen a bit too often with the E60s.
  14. DarkHorse

    Option 761- SPG

    For reference I was sold 'dark' 15% VLT LLumar tint/film (E61 7x peices £200) on carbon black, recommended for lighter coloured interiors, see pics here and some here. Can still see out the back window at night and drive safely in the winter. The next darker tint was Limo, which looked very dark with a more reflective gloss shine. VLT is the percentage of visible light the tint allows to pass from the exterior of the window to the interior.
  15. DarkHorse

    Top tips

    Thanks, I don't normally try anything more than a wipe down with water, in case I do more harm than good. I'll give my steering wheel the "magic foam" treatment soon, just a gentle wipe / mild scrub with water and see what happens .