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  1. Hey, you gotta has some fun with em now n then . I don't often get much above 5k rpm these days. Your right, the f10/f11 is ~100kg heavier. Someone on here mentioned that the design doesn't have a lighter ali front end like the E60/E61, partly due to the cost of production and accident repair. What amazes me is that the f10/f11 are slightly longer and wider but optically they look smaller (to me).
  2. Yes, I'll have another peek at the codes again soon, last time seemed ok. Crappy economy is mostly due to a short 2x 10 mile daily commute (mostly urban), either accelerating or braking, so will hardly ever get into stratified burn conditions. If the fuel computer is correct then I'm geting the same mpg as the old E39 2.5i with an extra 1/2 a litre more and quite a few more horses to play with, which is not too bad really. Normally cross country the computer reports 33 to 36 at prolonged 'swift' motorway speeds (after an mpg reset). Pretty sure it could achieve 42 mpg if sat at 65mph continuous. I still need to fuel fill brim to brim mileage test to verify the computer's numbers. If the price of Petrol were dropped 11% lower than Diesel (in line with Petrol's lower energy density) then the situation would be more fair . No never examined old oil filters but might try if I get a chance. The oil consumption is likely due to ring to bore clearance wear but could be contributed by an old malfunctioning CCV/breather in the valve cover. Time will tell on that one. Probably weighs ~1800kg with fuel and my fat butt , indicates 1620kg here but I haven't verified anywhere else. Lighter blocks than the Diesel lumps etc. +10kg for an Auto box +100kg for Touring reinforcements +120kg for 35d twin turbo Roughly speaking: E60 Saloon 520d LCI SE manual 1510kg E60 Saloon 530i LCI Msport manual 1530kg E61 Touring 530i LCI Msport manual 1620kg E61 Touring 535d/550i LCI Msport Auto 1760kg E61 Touring M5 V10 1880kg
  3. Update: First MOT today after a year of ownership, passed without issue . Yes I know it really needs a rear tyre, front brake discs/pads and a wheel bearing or two, plus early oil n filter... not yet though. Other than the cost of petrol (@27mpg) and the essential budget audio upgrade , a pretty cheap motoring year. So, lucky so far. I've noticed that this 530i N53 is consuming ~1L of oil per 3k miles, after 126k miles, 11 year old motor (5w-30 Synthetic in there so I am led to believe), more than I'm used to but can live with that rate of burn (interesting vids). Other than the noted rattly injector noise at idle, it's all running pretty smooth and consistant. Gearbox n clutch are fine, throttle response is immediate . The low rpm torque could be a little better but get the revs +3k for some action to start, for a big old exec estate weighing +1600kg it still shifts very well when needed. The M Sport suspension on 18" RunFlats means I'm actively dodging potholes where possible. Haven't curbed anything or smashed up the front bumper parking but something you need to be aware of with these 5s. Beige interior? Well you can't have everything, more like a coffee latte.
  4. E60 starting issue's

    Hi n welcome . Sounds like the battery is soft/flat, check the voltage with a multimeter which should be +12.4v or better for a newish charged battery. Also check that the battery terminals are making a 'good' connection and not failing/sagging the voltage under starter motor loading. You'll need pretty long arms to press the start button whilst monitoring a volt meter in the boot ... or try monitor the voltage at the cigarette lighter socket.
  5. Good to know, thanks. I got scared off coding after my last near miss and recovery. Expect curiosity will return and get the better of me one day...
  6. Yes it might be worth a fiddle with the clutch switch (the most likely candidate). Will also monitor the battery voltage at the cigarette socket with a voltmeter, reckon it is a bit soft, yet it didn't fail to start after being parked up for 5 days during the recent freezing weather. Just in case (from my previous motor) I carry a small Lithium pack (3.2Ah 300g) with a high discharge rate (150A burst) and some crock clips, which is just fine to lift a voltage sagging soft main battery and plenty enough to then fire up the starter motor.
  7. Normally the opposite, tend to leave the clutch on the floor, wait for all the dash lights to go out, select a gear and pull off.
  8. A few times a week (daily use) I am noticing that the Push Button Start intermittently fails the first time I try it, attempts to crank over a little and bails out. Then the second time (after repressing the manual clutch) the cranking will last longer and start the engine. Initially I thought it was because I am too quick to hit the start button before the clutch has gone down far enough or the car's systems have fully woken up or changing gear during the process might hault the cranking (not sure). Normally I have to lift the clutch up and push back down again to allow the Push Button Start to re-arm for a retry. Could be a battery undervolt as systems wake up (but I've had this after putting fuel into a warm car) or may be the clutch pedal sensor is a bit flakey. I'll try pressing the brake instead, hard instinctive habbit to change though. Do "Push Button Start" E60s generally start first time all the time?
  9. Post a photo pls

    The forum action is a bit quiet today, hence this shameless thread bump... I missed these juicy images the first time around, such photography is worth a look : There arn't that many M5 Tourings about.
  10. E61 520D - Resonance Sound

    Ha, I also have a front wheel bearing noise (OSF), tricky to pinpoint as it sounds a lot like tyre noise that comes in at +50mph. Not got bad enough yet and doesn't yet change with load when cornering but annoying , as it's just above background noise, a whine even with the clutch pressed in (manual). I will eventually replace, one day... Glad yours has now revealed itself.
  11. Dynamic stability control

    Yeah I agree, too harsh (but safer I guess). I found this E60 DSC related info (Thanks to Horsey for posting docs): 2008 5 Series Owners Manual.pdf See page 92 E60 DSC seems to have quite a bit of brake intervention, just not for balancing the diff torque power. After googling, the 'e-Diff' feature, known as Active Differential Brake (ADB), which only seems to be on the later Xdrive systems or M3/M5s. There are quite a few other features within the E60 DSC/DTC: 05_E60 Chassis Dynamics.pdf See page 10: Drive stabilization by DSC is performed in all driving situations,... The system comprises the following functions: • ABS Anti-lock Braking System • ASC Automatic Stability Control • MSR Engine drag-torque control • DSC Dynamic Stability Control • DBC Dynamic Brake Control • CBC Cornering Brake Control • ECD Electronically Controlled Deceleration (with ACC only) • EBV Electronic brake-force distribution • FLR Driving-performance reduction • DTC Dynamic Traction Control • BTM Brake Temperature Model • RPA Tyre defect indicator • BBV Brake-pad wear indication
  12. Dynamic stability control

    Old thread bumped. Does the basic E60 DSC implement any rear e-Diff like tricks, by applying braking a heavily slipping wheel to put torque back to the non slipping wheel? I think that simulated LSD behaviour would be a useful feature on a E60 RWD setup (particularly in the snow). Or does the DSC/DTC only cut engine power when any rear wheel slip is detected via wheel speed sensors?
  13. Opinions on Feric Grey MV2s on Space Grey E61

    I reckon the E61 looks better with 128 style wheels (not the smaller 246s). No idea how practicle they are though. Some pics/vids in this thread.
  14. Opinions on Feric Grey MV2s on Space Grey E61

    All the 'wrap n black' should have a better impact, for the money.
  15. Can’t get aux to work

    Sadly no USB here, as the option is missing on my early LCI. I just brun MP3s to the 4GB -R DVD (as I rarely need the SatNav) and another 700MB of MP3s to the single shot CD. Both allow iDrive and steering wheel controls, just the MP3 track seek control (forward/rewind) is much slower compared to a regular audio CD track seek speeds. Plus with the 6 CD interchanger loaded, there's plenty of runtime. Burning MP3 CDs has to be the correct Joliet format, I use free "Image Burn" which guids to enable the correct options. It's easier for me than fiddling with a phone and the cops getting all up tight and way too trigger happy to issue fines for accessing mobile devices these days.