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    BMW E61 530i black M Sport LCI 2007 6s manual. (prev E39 525i SE 2001 manual)
  1. Hi from London

    Hi n welcome, nice E60 and 10 years old @47k, nice .
  2. Changed my seat at the week end

    Gave me a headache though. I tilted the seats forward and proped up.
  3. Clunking on take off?

    The noise in the video (by Wabby Nov2016) (creaking like an old bed) was part #2 on my old 2001 E39, refered to as the rear lower ball joint. Required a puller to get the old one out but couldn't remove the other side, the mechanic recommened removing the hub and heat up or cut out (wasn't squeacking even with 10mm of play... I left it alone for a further 5 years).
  4. The extra information was useful to me, appreciated thanks .
  5. TCU Module

    Maybe just temporarily remove a critical pin from the OBD port (or add a switch). A theif attempting to steel your motor won't have the time to diagnose problems with your port interface.
  6. Replaced the A/C blower motor today

    Congrats, I bet your glad to have the blower fixed for the winter. It looked a pain of a job, can't locate the 'how to' links/vids I saw for the hamster whee replacement.
  7. FOR ALL E60/E61 OWNERS WITH N53 Engine

    Duggs, sounds like you got the frog under the floor pan all sorted out now, sadly after many months of frustration. Thanks for posting the info back on the forum. For some more context, here is the other thread.
  8. Tyres - Recommendations

    Can't really contribute to the OP. Currently on Firestone FireHawks r18 RunFlats (with stock engine power levels), I have no idea how they compare to other brands. I'm thinking of trying the front axel on the same tyre but the cheaper non runflat versions and see how the ride comfort changes. Interested to hear anyone's opinion or any other useful information? £115 - Firestone FireHawk 245/40 r18 SZ 90 Run Flats £94 - Firestone FireHawk 245/40 r18 SZ 90 non Run Flats
  9. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Been busy. I'd just smother the corrosion in the old oil, that would hault/slow further corrosion for a couple a years.
  10. To LCI or not?

    6 months into owning a 530i manual Touring LCI. I like it! Definitely where I need to be as it suits my engineering brain that likes having full control of the gearing and the power delivery, with the extra flexibility you get with a manual clutch. I drive mixed urban (20 miles a day, 25.7ish mpg) with pace but don't run the high end of the rev range that often, though it might be a good idea once in while to blow the soot out. Consuming less than 1.0L of 5w30 oil every 3k miles (CCV or passing ring/bore) yet to accurately confirm. Tail pipes are blacked up more than a non direct injection setup but the engine runs fine and smooth across the rev range, though has the more noticeable Peizo injector clatter at idle. 3.5k+ RPM starts a nice smile whilst pulling very well, though you can't hear much inside unless you put the windows down. I notice when stopped at traffic lights (650 rpm) after about 30 seconds, the ECU seems to hunt around for the leanest tick over and just bobbles a little, it's nothing much really but I can tell. The previous owner had injectors replaced around ~2012 (according to BMW). In INPA there is a screen that allows injectors to be shut off with a click of the mouse, hopefully it should help identify injector related issues. Still so much I don't yet fully understand and how best to use the software tools (safely). No proof yet that the NoX setup is running correctly and enabling lean burn operation when conditions allow or the Desulfurisation regen is ever occurring correctly. How much is a lot? I guess I need to clean the tail pipes out and see how long it takes to recoat. Having 6 gears is a new experience for me and have had a couple of interesting down shifts, further than I wanted, hitting 3rd instead of 5th once , was below the red line anyway LOL. Just me being a bit dozy but 6th to 4th originally seemed most problematic. Also with a 6 speed box I find I'm more often skipping gears, mostly due to speed limits and traffic conditions, shifting 2nd to 4th, 3rd to 5th, up and down etc. The 2nd gear noise winds up a bit like a hoover (as it did in the E39 manual). I used to notice feeling clutch pedal clicking (annoying), as if catching the floor matt when lifting but I think it was the plastic pedal cover shifting around, which seems to have gone now. Edit: Fussy? yes maybe. @Lilsandy Hi n welcome
  11. To LCI or not?

    Good info when you put it like that, I wasn't aware of the possible MOT changes, thanks. That's harsh, wouldn't have expected that either. Edit: Lets hope your luck changes to .
  12. To LCI or not?

    £7k BMW 5 Series 3.0 530i M Sport, 2007 Saloon (silver/black) 130k miles Automatic, Petrol, Comfort Seats.
  13. E60 LCI Tweeters?

    Well I had a go coding in NCS-Expert. Freaked out as I trashed my i-Drive joystick and was unable to drive the menu system . Eventually managed to find the correct starting point file (my mistake) and got functionality back. Will try again some day soon...
  14. To LCI or not?

    It's going to take a while to find 'the one' for you, which is fine, I waited ~12 months to get what I specifically required earlier this year, admittedly with some compromises for £6k. No other similar combo's have come up in the last 6 months at that price but one could pop up tomorrow. > it had no DPF and a tune That's what makes it a good one . Do people actually declare such mods n remaps when some are not even legal? I doubt an insurance assessor is going to put your written off 535d on a rolling road or try to interrogate the ECU map or even bust open a DPF. I guess an LSD would be useful in the snow (once or twice every few years), otherwise what kind of driving are you planning to be doing with a stock engine setup to require an LSD?
  15. To LCI or not?

    Sounds like your gonna need an F10/F11 or G30/G31, what is your max budget?