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  1. DarkHorse

    Misfire when starting for a split second

    Manual? Mine sometimes cuts the starter off and fails to start (when pressing the Start Button), I think its a dodgy clutch pedal switch that triggers the safety.
  2. Some things to try: Poor tyre manufacture? Jack up each wheel and give them a spin, take note of the tread pattern whilst rotating. Look for any oscillations (left to right or buckles), I once had a pair that were not formed true and put the car effectively in a constant skid, at speeds +40mph when cornering the handling was very scary and the car easily broke away. Whilst jacked up, stand/push hard on the lower rim, push in toward the car looking for any movement (lower ball joint slop). Plus go to an empty carpark, from a distance Eyeball the wheels and look for any odd alignment or camber angles between the front and rear wheels. Maybe do the same at full lock, you might identify a difference compared to another E60. Could have a 'wrong' parts fitted or a parts fitted incorrectly. Pull off, stop then reverse. Do it a few times then get more agressive, pull off then hard stop then sharp reverse n stop. Try various speed bumps and small curbs (careful if you have lower or M-sport body work). Open the door, stand next to the car, get hold of the roof and give the whole car a good shuv n shake, try not to damage the kick plates by standing on/off them. Try and see if anything starts knocking/squeaking that could give any more clues to investigate. You get the idea, might help....
  3. DarkHorse

    Door Handles Keep Disconnecting/Not Working

    Sounds like the locks are sticking in a deadlocked burglar proof state, likely caused by the dissassmbling process. Only stating the obvious, as sadly I'm not that familiar with the mechanism. Edit: From the outside of that car, can you turn the physical key onward a little more to dis-engage the dead locks?
  4. DarkHorse

    '07 E61 530i - exhaust recommendations

    It was a bit fiddly under the rear bumper, top side of the tail pipes, there's a butterfly valve set back about 8 inches. Just find a way to hold the valve open against the strong spring holding it shut. 10 minute job, easy to undo. Looks like these pics (very similar but I used a plastic cable tie):
  5. DarkHorse

    '07 E61 530i - exhaust recommendations

    Yep, I know what you mean. I just forced the back box muffler valve open, held with a cable tie. Easy to try . Helped a little bit but nothing like as good as the notes from a 3 series setup.
  6. DarkHorse

    Oil consumption e60 525i se

    Hi n welcome :), Yes, 1L/1000m is not unheard of. CCV malfunction is often a likely candidate. Petrol engine (normally aspirated), the oil either leaks or burns with the fuel, so check for: - Oil leak(s), valve cover gasket and oil filter housing are commonly visible. 1L/1000m would be a pretty big leak. - Oil getting sucked in the intake, CCV (Crank Case Ventilation) malfunction etc. Can lead to large white smoke plumes at various times (not the exspected blue). - Valve stems worn (may smoke more on startup). - Piston rings/bore worn, blue smoke noticable at high revs (could also be CCV though).
  7. Ah good. As a future precaution you could get a cheap £10 Water Detector and/or drill a small drain hole in the lowest part of the boot (and never drive through deep flood waters). I use similar detectors in the home to alert when the kids flood the bathroom etc. batteries last years. yep, I'm in the Glawster area, hey someone's gota live there .
  8. Hi n welcome . It could be that there is still a restriction in the cassete drainage to pipe junction or you poored too much water in and overflowed the cassette channel. If the front drains are working better then maybe try parking facing down hill. On other cars with sunroof issues, I have applied vaseline around the seals and just left the sunroof closed .
  9. DarkHorse

    E61 530i - newbie questions

    Yeah my gear selector is a bit heavier and notchy-er than I'd like when cold (1st/2nd). I haven't yet seen a quick fix that might reduce this, I'd have thought a bit of lube in the right spot would help, though gaining access might be too much hassle. The Clutch Delay Valve restricts the max clutch closing rate, to help take the transmission shock out of rapid clutch pedal lifts (along with the Dual Mass Flywheel stress) or incase your foot slipped off the pedal with a high rpm difference to the drive train. I think of it like those old tape decks with soft open doors with the built in drag so the door didn't rattle out too quickly. I only notice the CDV when powering into gears at higher engine output levels, where you tend to get a little more clutch slip than you might want but is reducing drive train stress (by design). Apparently they can be bypassed/removed/drilled out relatively easily.
  10. DarkHorse

    Power loss

    Yes, the software is fun isn't it. Connect the cable to your car and laptop, figure out how to configure the COMM port settings, and use INPA to read the error code history (made easy being in German). Or get as far as you can and try to get someone to remote setup whilst connected to the car etc. Good luck. Sadly I'm not familiar with your engine type but I'm sure a few others will post a list of the usual suspects.
  11. DarkHorse

    Front Heater Not Working

    Maybe try pushing the centre of a 'cooker' dial to cycle through the iDrive preset climate settings. I use and override with the 'Individual' setting (2007 LCI). The iDrive can be such fun: Edit: Just noticed your pre LCI, settings may be different?
  12. DarkHorse

    New front suspension arm failure

    Agreed, I'd drive it back and say "sort it out!"
  13. Glad you got it sorted Error 42 strikes again! Error 42: Insufficient User IQ.
  14. Search wider on Google for "bmw No voltage terminal 15". Terminal 15 (ignition controlled), could point towards: - faulty ingnition switch. - faulty OBD2 diagnostic cable. Edit: by no means obvious or clear cut, sadly.
  15. DarkHorse

    Petrol Engine thermostats.

    N53 3.0i I6, my temp limit lines never move from this: This video illustrates the extended cold rev limiter production built into the latest versions of our E9x M3 and E6x M5 performance software.