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    e39 530i se 2001, e38 728i Sport Individual 2001, 1992 Range Rover Tdi

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  1. e34-535ise

    Which e60/61 would be best?

    Sounds like the one to go for! Thanks
  2. e34-535ise

    Which e60/61 would be best?

    Do you have the N52 in the E60? Which model is it and how do you find the mpg, any better than the m54?
  3. e34-535ise

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    How do you avoid the timing chain issue?
  4. e34-535ise

    Which e60/61 would be best?

    I agree, although my e39 530i was a good engine. But none beet the e34 535i I had, what a car!! It's all in a quest to reduce emissions, improve mpg and reduce costs. All understandable but why can't they seem to get it right!!
  5. e34-535ise

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    I know the petrol ones don't have dpf etc but I'm put off diesels because of this, and particularly the 2 litre BMW due to timing chain faults.. The 330i does seem nice on paper but must admit not actually been in one.
  6. e34-535ise

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    It's a beaut! Avus blue sport individual. No decision yet whether to sell..
  7. e34-535ise

    Which e60/61 would be best?

    Morning all, Currently have an e38 728i sport. Previously had e39 530i and e34 535i. Looking to change and would like an e60/61. I do about 7-8k a year. Looking to spend upto about £7k. Would consider petrol or diesel but looking for something that's going to give me the least amount of potential problems. Not a speed merchant but nice to have something with a bit of go! My favourite one is a post 2007 petrol but put off by the injector & coil pack problems. Is this well founded? Thanks
  8. e34-535ise

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    Some nice cars there. I like the look of the e60. Would have a post 2007 but put off by all the injector problems, shame as it would be ideal.
  9. e34-535ise

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    I'd be too worried about all the timing chain issues and dpf!! I only do about 7-8k a year.
  10. e34-535ise

    Thinking of returning to an e39...

    It's a shame BMW don't produce the quality of cars they used to. With the never ending quest to reduce emissions and improve mpg, this has resulted in a downturn in quality and reliability. If I were to have an e39 again I'd stick with a 530i, plenty fast enough for me!
  11. Evening all, I sold my e39 530i se auto to a friend last year and bought an e38 728i sport. Thinking of selling my e38 and buying back my e39. The e38 is great and comfortable but lacks some of the spark of the e39 and I don't need such a big car. But both these cars are now 17 yrs old so maybe I should look at newer models but don't want something that will cause me grief. What newer bmw models would you consider? Has to be petrol and upto about £6k. Thanks
  12. e34-535ise

    EML anyone know what this means??

    Thanks for the replies. Will try again using INPA. If no success will try the others, but always seems to go wrong with them!
  13. First off, this is relating to my e38 728i, but I'm hoping you don't mind too much I'm actually missing my 530i.... EML on but car runs fine. It's showing this on INPA: API - Job - Fslesen: job status error Any ideas?
  14. e34-535ise

    E38 728i Sport front springs

    Hi, Can I please have a quote for both front springs for an e38 728i sport 2001. Reg is A1 XLU, chassis no. DL79518 Thanks Mike