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  1. Afraid the seats have sold, they sold within an hour of posting them on the forum!
  2. I'd arranged to buy a memory seat loom from a guy breaking a 540i touring in Bradford. Was also going to buy an electric steering column and switch from him. Price was £75 for everything, think the loom was £30. Anyway, communication was a bit difficult, but I understand his dad was ill. He text me to say the items had been removed and I could collect, I replied but didn't get a response and didn't have his address. Couple of days later I text again but was about 3 or 4 days before he replied, by which point I'd sold the seats to you!. Upto you if you want to contact him, item number on eBay is 253143529272. Cheers Mike
  3. Does it have to be a sport or would you consider an se? I have a very good condition 2001 530i se auto that I will shortly be advertising.
  4. Evening, Some of you may know, from the thread in 'wanted' items, I picked up a pair of really good grey leather contours. Now, firstly I openly admit I only paid £100 for them (can't deny it as I've already posted that!!) but I think we all know they are worth quite a bit more and I was just lucky! Anyway, I had full intentions to put them in my e39 530i. What went wrong? I bought a lovely e38 728i Sport Individual on a bit of a whim! and can't justify having the e39 and e38 so i'll be selling my e39 shortly. In the meantime, I'm selling the 'Sport' parts I bought for my SE (see other listing) and now these Grey Leather Contours. These were removed from a 2000 e38 735i. In really good condition, some wear to drivers seat as expected, very little wear to passenger. Car that they came from had only done 120k miles. Couple of photos attached, I'll take some more and post them. Due to their popularity and condition of these particular Contours I'm looking for £350.00. Collection from Leeds. Please note these are not heated but this can be retrofitted.
  5. I'm selling my grey leather contours........check out 'Parts and Breakers'
  6. Hi, yes they're still available. I'll send you a pm. Cheers Mike
  7. It's not too bad actually, just some paint has come off on the lip. No rust. I've just bought a chrome trim from a breaker that I'll have resprayed to match the colour of the car. This will hide the damage without having to spray the boot
  8. Old man machine! You kidding, looks better than the E39 As for the GB sticker I've found out there is a reason it's there.....
  9. Will be listing all the items on eBay this weekend...
  10. Just going by what the guy told, no reason to doubt him. Apparently his dad bought the car from Damon Hill and it was his personal car. Plan to write to DVLA to request vehicle history...
  11. Ok, I'm cheating a bit as this is in my e38 not my e39. Had no sound but did have a display. Removed amp from boot, had to remove nav unit, tv unit and cd changer first. Soldered dry joints on amp, connected it and had sound! Put everything back together but now no screen, looks like it is backlit. Red light is on nav unit, taken out and reloaded cd, disconnected and reconnected battery, after about 5 mins, but still nothing. Any ideas?
  12. Ah right...just looked that up and you're right. Explains why he had a very nice e38, though
  13. Forgot to add this pic.....
  14. Thanks guys, looking forward to getting it cleaned and polished, will post some more pics when done. Keeping the 530i as well, can't have too many!